TLC’s Dr Pimple Popper Jokes About Starting An OnlyFans, Says Your Zit Exploding Video Makes Her Nervous

As a young and hopeful girl, Dr. Sandra Lee started her career as a dermatologist many years ago, colloquially known as “Dr. Pimple Popper” is not on her bingo card.

But today, Lee is very happy with that moniker, as it has earned her millions of followers on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube, where her fans can whirl in awe and delight when she’s dealing with bulging cysts, swollen bumps, and the painful appearance of pimples. The nickname also inspired Lee’s very own TLC reality show, Dr. Pimple Popperdebuted its seventh season last week.

As the story goes, Lee accidentally found her popularity in 2010, when she began uploading photos and videos of various cosmetic procedures, such as Botox and fillers, due to her dermatology office offers. But she soon discovered that her audience was inexplicably drawn to videos of blackheads, pimples, and other confusing content.

Lee told The Daily Beast: “It came by accident. “But other than that, it almost felt like it was destined. It fell into place. I didn’t know everyone would enjoy having pimples, but this is a really great opportunity to demonstrate how amazing dermatological health is. ”

On the reality show and on her social media accounts, Lee gives a close-up look at the range of skin conditions seen in her office. One day, she might be able to remove someone’s “nipple” from someone’s foreheadanother afternoon spent extract the horn-like growths from the patient’s faceand she may end bend over to cover when shooting out a particularly juicy cyst. And to please Lee’s audience, they get a seat in the front row to perform the bloody action.

Lee understands that some viewers may initially watch her acne video out of sick curiosity — she considers these obsessive addicts “smoke addicts” —but she finds that many Her fans have gained a better understanding of different types of skin conditions and have even helped diagnose others.

Plus, Lee prides herself that her work has helped remove the stigma surrounding lumps and bumps, reasoning that the more people are familiar with different skin conditions, the more open they are to finding out. appropriate treatment.

“It makes it a lot more manageable, emotionally and mentally,” says Lee. “I know that I have patients, or I know people who have seen people on the street who might have something, and now they realize. I mean, a 9 year old would know what a lipoma is. This is crazy! They also know not to judge that person, not to panic and pull away.”

And when asked about the community of people who find these explosive zit-zit videos pornographicLee laughed, saying that although she’d heard of the fetish, she didn’t think it was a terribly famous kink.

“Maybe I thought it wasn’t that common,” she said. “I mean, honestly, I guess if I lost it all, maybe I could start an OnlyFans. Just kidding, just kidding! But I think if it was a fetish, maybe there would be a group like that on OnlyFans. So if we don’t see it there, I’ll guess it’s not a cult. “

I think if it was a fetish, there would probably be a group like that on OnlyFans. So if we don’t see it there, I’ll guess it’s not a cult.”

While none of the human cysts or suspicious growths were too painful for Lee to deal with, she admits that she couldn’t consider animal extractions herself. She also had trouble watching fan-submitted videos of people trying to pop their friends’ random abscesses.

“I didn’t want to see that — sorry, I was scrolling,” Lee laughs. “I am not saying what I am doing is a better way, but it is a clean, sterile, painless way of cleaning. You know, in a civilized way. When you see people drop into their garage, or they’re drunk, or they’re working [it] with dirty nails and tissues — it makes me shiver. ”

“I feel a lot of the time, even when I’m a surgeon, it’s like a dance,” Lee added. “It’s beautiful. It sounds weird to people, but I think that’s part of what I try to show, that it has so much beauty and elegance, it can be painless – it does. can be a really cool thing to watch. And it really makes people happy to have something out of order again.” TLC’s Dr Pimple Popper Jokes About Starting An OnlyFans, Says Your Zit Exploding Video Makes Her Nervous

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