Tireek Hill by the numbers: The frontman widely makes the case for the Hall of Fame after the first 84 games of his career.

Tireek Hill arguably the most addictive player in the NFL, demonstrating his ability to break through defenders and catch the ball long in every game. Hill isn’t just a major threat, ranking among the league leaders for catches (75), yards (855) and touches (eight) – all of which are top 5 in the league. .

Hill has been the dominant player since he was chosen in the fifth round by Chief of Kansas City in 2016, scoring five Pro Bowls and three All-Pros for the top team in five seasons. He even earned a spot on the 2010 All-Decade Team despite playing only four years out of the decade, showing his impact on the league in a short span of time.

Hill had 443 tackles for 6,246 ball receptions and 55 touchdowns in 84 career games, having had one of the best starts for a wide goalscorer in league history. In this week’s “By The Numbers,” let’s see where Hill comes together with the greatest figures of all time.

Most scenario yards – first 84 games

  1. Julio Jones – 8,071
  2. Randy Moss – 7,329
  3. Blue AJ – 7,160
  4. Holt Truck – 7,149
  5. Odell Beckham Jr. – 7,104
  6. Antonio Brown – 6,955
  7. Anquan Boldin – 6.952
  8. Tireek Hill – 6,930
  9. Calvin Johnson – 6,806
  10. Mike Evans – 6,765

Most scenario grounding – first 84 games

  1. Jerry Rice – 80
  2. Randy Moss – 64
  3. Tireek Hill – 61
  4. Marvin Harrison – 57 years old
  5. Terrell Owens – 54 years old

Most of over 25 hits – first 84 games

  1. Randy Moss – 85
  2. Tireek Hill – 73
  3. Julio Jones – 73 years old
  4. Calvin Johnson – 64 years old
  5. Isaac Bruce – 63 years old
  • Stats tracked since 1991 (ignore Jerry Rice and Tim Brown)

Hill being in the Hall of Famers chat after five and a half seasons is an impressive feat, showing the dynamics of a player he has shown since joining the league. During his rookie season (2016), Hill became the first player to score a rush touch, a receive touch and a return touch in a single game since Gale Sayers made a miracle against Minnesota Vikings on October 17, 1965.

Hill’s big play carried over into his second-year campaign, scoring a fifth straight game in the regular season with a 60-yard run or more to become the first player in NFL history to accomplish the feat. He led the NFL in yards per double touchdown and remains the league’s active leader in yards per return (11.7) – even though he only scored two returns in the past three seasons.

Not only is Hill the company of the all-time greats, but he’s also one of the best players in the game today.

Most touchdowns – since early 2016

  1. Todd Gurley – 69
  2. Derrick Henry – 68
  3. Tireek Hill – 66
  4. Alvin Kamara – 66
  5. Ezekiel Elliott – sixty four

Most metrics from scenario – as of early 2016

  1. Ezekiel Elliott – 9,172
  2. Derrick Henry – 7,643
  3. Melvin Gordon – 7.107
  4. Julio Jones – 7,055
  5. Todd Gurley – 7,042
  6. Alvin Kamara – 7,004
  7. DeAndre Hopkins – 6,974
  8. Tireek Hill – 6,930

Get the most yards – since the beginning of 2016

  1. Julio Jones – 7,031
  2. DeAndre Hopkins – 6,962
  3. Travis Kelce – 6,891
  4. Mike Evans – 6.615
  5. Davante Adams – 6.503
  6. Tireek Hill – 6,246

The most number of touches received – since the beginning of 2016

  1. Davante Adams – 61 years old
  2. Mike Evans – 55 years old
  3. Tireek Hill – 55
  4. DeAndre Hopkins – 48 years old
  5. Antonio Brown – 45
  6. Adam Thielen – 45

Hill doesn’t just find himself in the widest recordings conversation in the NFL – he’s one of the best players in the league. Of the top five players in total touchdowns since 2016 (Hill’s rookie year), Hill is the only one to get multiple points on the list. Hill is one of only three wide receivers in the top eight from the script, behind longtime veterans like Julio Jones and DeAndre Hopkins. (Jones entered the tournament in 2011 and Hopkins in 2013)

Hill needed 775 yards from script in the final eight games to break into the top five of wide receivers after six seasons, alongside Randy Moss (8,534), T’ Holt (8,211), Jerry Rice (8,155) and Calvin Johnson (8,003). Julio Jones is fifth with 7,704 yards. He needed eight touches to get past Marvin Harrison (62 years old) and enter the top five players with the most touches in six seasons. Hill needed 833 yards to break into the top 10 of the players who received the most yards after six seasons (Harrison was 10th with 7,078).

Finally, let’s take a look at Hill’s ability to play big through the first 84 games of his career.

Most touches over 40 yards – since early 2016

  1. Tireek Hill – 21
  2. Tyler Lockett – ten
  3. Robby Anderson –ten
  4. Amari Cooper – ten
  5. DeSean Jackson – ten
  6. Tyrell Williams – ten

Most touches over 50 yards – since early 2016

  1. Tireek Hill – 13
  2. DeSean Jackson – 9 years old
  3. AJ Brown – 7
  4. Amari Cooper – 7
  5. Tyler Lockett – 7

Hill was clearly the leading mega-recorder of his time, having entered the conversation among the greatest of all time. He finished sixth all-time with a score of more than 40 yards with Mel Gray, Homer Jones and Del Shofner (21) for the players before they turned 28 and one man behind DeSean Jackson in fifth place. all-time list (22). Lance Alworth had 34 points over 40 yards before turning 28, the most in tournament history (Hill didn’t turn 28 until March 1).

Hill ranks 23rd of all time when touching the ball more than 40 yards, only seven Stanley Morgan and Mel Gray made the top 10 (28). Jerry Rice has the most points over 40 yards with 54 and the most points over 50 yards with 36 (Hill has 13 of those, good for a 30th draw on the all-time list).

Hill may not even be at the peak of his career, so there will be more touchdowns at 40+ yards to come. He’s got two points over 40 yards this year with eight games to play after having five in 2020.

Establishing a legacy as one of the top major collectors to ever grace the field, there’s no telling what will happen to Hill over the next few seasons.

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