Tips to play Omen like a pro with 100T b0i

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Omen is one of the most powerful controlling agents in VALUABLE.

His kits are filled with incredibly powerful skills that are invaluable for controlling a game. His support potential is rivaled by some agents in VALUABLE. Also, Omen has the potential to do a lot of solo plays and round wins as a controller.

Here are some tips from the newest member of 100 Thieves’ VALUABLE list, b0i, to help you fine-tune your Omen gameplay.

Use your smoke

Omen’s signature ability is Dark Cover. These smokes are some of the best in the game for a number of reasons. They are very large and allow precise placement in one dimension. Each match lasts 15 seconds and Omen can start the round with two of them. They also recharge every 40 seconds, meaning Omen can get a smoke back in time to recapture or boost defense. Finally, Omen’s smoke is completely clear inside, allowing him to penetrate and teleport through them.

“If you know how to use your smoke, you can make your teleport, flash, and ultimate even better,” b0i said.

However, Omen’s smoke isn’t just for denying space. They are extremely useful in isolating duels and helping you fight. Diem Hinh should often use his smoking phase to have unexpected angles and create favorable situations to find and kill. Usually, players will see these clouds of smoke and do not expect that Omen are stalking them. Throwing them as a dummy cover is useful to catch your opponent off guard.

Of course, Omen players should also know the basic smoke points. Having them in your directory will help ensure a successful website execution and strengthen its defenses. Sometimes, the simplest gameplay is the best.

Blur your opponent’s eyes

Omen’s Paranoia ability is the best support flash skill in VALUABLE. Throwing it causes a very wide and high blind sphere to fly forward and near all enemies in its path. It appears instantly and is almost impossible to dodge if aimed in your direction.

While using it for scrims with your teammates is always a good choice, it’s also important to learn how to use Paranoia for yourself. If you want to preview to find your timing options, click it first. When possible, always try to emphasize using Paranoia in conjunction with peeking.

Tactical retreat

Omen’s Shrocted Step is often associated with prominent plays. While teleporting is certainly great at this, it’s sometimes much more valuable in helping you escape. If you get pushed up and your position suddenly turns into a bad spot, always use the Covered Step to sustain life instead of relying on teammates. Omen is one of the few agents capable of moving quickly, so there’s no reason to stay stuck in one place.

Flashy Flexinja plays

Omen’s kits have a lot of synergies built in allowing him to have extremely flashy and aggressive levels. The Flexinja part involves throwing a plume of smoke down, gliding through it, and attempting to teleport behind any blinded enemies. While this is popular for a reason, it’s best used as a hybrid from your more standard Omen play. It’s high risk using all your abilities and then dying, so the condition for the enemy to expect that is a no-go. Keep Flexinja in your back pocket and only use it if you read that it will work.


Omen shouldn’t feel like he needs to be an intruder. His assist ability makes him a lot more adept at supporting teammates’ goals rather than doing it all on his own.

Also, if Omen is the main smoke character on a team, his early death will make the round much more difficult since there’s nothing to block critical line of sight. Don’t be a liar, but try to save your life and finish the round. Your team will thank you later.

Last mistake

One of the worst feelings about Omen is using your maximum to find information, not destroy information when you are discovered and die without gaining anything. Avoid this disaster at all costs. Searching for information is a basic use that may not yield the most value.

However, if you are going to do this, make sure to ping the opponent you see. After pinging them, you don’t need to be in the teleport animation. Instead, you can cancel it early and continue your hunt for new knowledge.

Difficult teleportation

Omen’s ultimate makes a different sound when he uses it. But no sound was produced when he canceled it. This means the opponent has no idea what Omen is actually doing when he starts From the Shadows. Omen can use this to fool his dying enemies.

“When you make the signal sound, people get really paranoid about Omen’s location,” says b0i. “I think it adds another level of mind games.”

By going into the teleport animation and then returning to his original location, Omen will fool any nearby players into thinking he’s gone. In fact, he was there waiting to strike.

Study the fundamentals, practice creativity

Omen is one of those By VALORANT The most unique and powerful agent. His kit contains a lot of precious abilities that are difficult to master. The freedom Omen has in supporting his team from anywhere or hitting the big game on his own makes him a worthy agent to play. Knowing the basics is important, but creativity and a sense of gameplay will separate the average Dipper from the master.

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