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Shin Megami Tensei 5 has typical RPG elements when leveling up. Find a demon, fight it, gain experience points and repeat. Leveling up increases stats, but players can also assign their stats as a bonus. For example, Strength increases damage dealt by physical attacks, and Vitality can increase HP.

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Get in SMD 5 and creating a stronger party takes more than experience points Shin Megami Tensei 5. In addition, players should consider what demons to recruit, what spells to equip, and some other key elements. This list contains tips on how to do this climb up fast Shin Megami Tensei 5 as possible in this long RPG.

Updated September 11, 2022 by Michael Llewellyn: Shin Megami Tensei’s main games are among the most challenging JRPGs. The series has evolved into what are arguably mainstream games Persona and Devil Summoner. However, SMT remains the toughest and most strategic in the Megaten series. As a result, leveling up is never easy, as playing by default requires tactics to target weak spots and create openings. Nevertheless this Leveling aid for SMT 5 has been updated to provide more tips and tricks on how to become a formidable warrior in the dark and mysterious world of SMT 5.


8th Purchase the Mitama Dance DLC pack.

Controversially, several popular JRPG series offer DLCs purchased with real money as EXP boosts. That stories of series, for example, allows players to purchase EXP packs that will boost their characters by 5 or 10 levels in-game.

Now, Shin Megami Tensei 5 has a DLC pack that increases the spawn rate of the Red Macaw Mitama and the Silver Kushi Mitama. These forms of Mitama drop large amounts of EXP when defeated. In contrast to the stories Packs, however, this DLC still requires the player to work for it. Mitama’s weaknesses are random and their appearance is not always certain.

7 destroy abscesses

The abscesses in Shin Megami Tensei 5 act as obstacles in the open world. They emit a purple mist that makes vision and navigation difficult. They must be cleared, but the player must be prepared for a fight.

To defeat the abscesses, the protagonist should approach the monstrous creature and slash it open. A gauntlet of demons will attack and must be defeated to free the abscess area. The attacking demons cannot be recruited, but will be Emit a lot of EXP to level up SMD 5.

6 Switch to security

Three difficulty levels are pre-installed Shin Megami Tensei 5. There is a fourth option called Security, and it’s a piece of free DLC. It makes the player almost invincible. Enemies are taken out in a single hit, or at most a few. Set it back to default though as this makes boss fights too easy.

Using safe mode might feel like a cheat, but this mode helps save time while grinding. Activate security, use auto-combat in battle, and the experience starts rolling. Battles shouldn’t take more than ten seconds from start to finish. Experience points are the same for each setting, so playing hard mode doesn’t reward players with extra in-game currencies. It’s a simple but effective way to rise quickly SMD 5.

5 attain fame

There are three currencies in the game. Experience points increase the level of the main character and his demons. Macca is the source of money in this series and can be used to buy items, summon demons from the Compendium, or trade demons. Then there’s Fame, which is used to give passive boosts to the main character, such as: B. increasing the number of demons they can befriend at one time.

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The easiest way to get fame is to find Miman. This is a quest given to players by Shopkeeper Gustave. These little red devils are hidden all over the world. Make sure you explore every corner. For a little help, the Diet building has a demon outside ready to share miman locations. The trick here is to pay him the Macca, get the hints, take a screenshot, and then reload the game. It will save money.

4 Complete quests

Side quests are an invaluable source of experience. Most of them aren’t that challenging either. Usually, players have to kill a certain number of enemies or get some items. They’re fetch quests, so unlike some other RPGs, they won’t provide players with deep narratives.

Each side quest rewards payers with rarer items in addition to experience points. Where are side quests located? There is no central hub to collect requests from a board or anything like that. Demons will randomly have them in the Tokyo Garbage. Look for their icon on the map.

3 Make friends and merge demons

Be sure to talk to every demon in the game. Their variety is so widely spread that it shouldn’t be that difficult to make friends with any of them. It’s like a darker version of Pokemon without balls.

Having a strong main character is one thing, but he needs the power of demons behind him to be successful. Level up demons, gain their abilities, then merge them to create more powerful mashups. Make sure you diversify the elemental skills as well. A wide range of spells to choose from in any given battle should allow players to exploit enemies’ weaknesses. This is especially useful for bosses.

2 Look for statues

If players are diligent enough, they will come across towering statues. These giant stone demons glow towards the underside of their base. This indicates they have it Experience points to reward players who jump in quickly Shin Megami Tensei 5.

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Before using these statues, make sure each demon in the party can benefit from leveling up. That means making sure they have the skills to learn. If it doesn’t, remember to come back to the statue later as these are one-off events only.

1 understand mitamas

Mitamas are closed Shin Megami Tensei like Metal Slimes are dragon quest. Metal Slimes are the easiest way to level up in this series, but they are difficult to hit. Also, they walk away easily. The same is true of the four mitamas in Shin Megami Tensei 5. For example, Saki Mitama is the golden one. Defeating it will reward players with items that grant Macca.

Kushi Mitama is the red demon, and her items give players experience points for one character. Ara Mitama is the gray one. Its items reward all characters in the party with experience points. Finally, Nigi Mitama is blue and the dropped items are related to Glory. There is no trick to hitting or finding them as their placement and weaknesses are random. It takes a bit of luck or, as mentioned above, real money. For $3, players can purchase spawn boosters for all four Mitama from the eShop.

Shin Megami Tensei 5 was released on November 11, 2021 and is exclusive to Switch.

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