Tips on how to farm Macca

Shin Megami Tensei 5 just launched on Nintendo Switch, and fans around the world are scrambling to discover as much as possible about Atlus’ new entry into the world. Shin megami tensei series. With a vast world stretching out to explore and more demons than ever to recruit and merge, a lot of trial and error is needed to find the best combinations and builds.

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With all this testing going on, players will need a lot of Macca to fund. However, it can be quite difficult to collect the necessary Macca just by playing normally in the game. Here are some tips to help players earn Macca quickly.

Fight with demons

SMT 5 The main character fights a demon

At first, the only way the player could earn Macca was by fighting demons. Earning money by fighting regular encounters is a common way to earn money in most JRPGs, so players will quickly default to fighting demons for some cash early on.

However, most players will quickly notice that The macca they earn from fighting demons is very little. While players will need to rely on this method in the early game, they will soon find more effective methods of earning Macca.


Selling surplus items

SMT 5 sells Gems at Cadaver's Hollow

As players travel around the world of Da’at, they will collect a variety of consumables. While many of these are useful in battle, players may find themselves hitting surplus on some of their less-used items.

Since some of these items have fairly low max levels, such as elemental shards and gems, it can be beneficial to sell off some of the items to avoid hitting the limit. However, it is important not to oversell as they can still be useful in battle. Always stick to a few.

Searching for relics

SMT 5 main characters get relics from vending machines

The most common way players expect to earn money is by collecting relics from the various vending machines found throughout Da’at. The relics have different values, but since they often respawn, it is possible to collect and sell a large number at once.

Get the Miracle Hand of God in the early game will allow players to occasionally receive more relics each time they collect them, increasing the number of relics they receive. Relic collecting trips will be a regular activity for players who plan on using a lot of Macca.

Treasure hunting

SMT 5 main characters standing in front of the treasure box

Large treasure boxes are scattered around Da’at’s landscape, and hunting them down will be one of many activities the player will undertake. Shin Megami Tensei 5. ONE Classic role playing game, these treasure boxes often contain many useful items, including essences.

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The treasure box can also hold a large amount of Macca, which can be a great boon for players struggling with cash. Even if they don’t give Macca, these boxes occasionally give out items that can be sold for a decent amount. Unlike relics, treasure boxes don’t respawn, but they can be good for a one-time Macca boost.

Demon Hunting Mitama

SMT 5 a group of Ara Mitama appeared

Occasionally, the player will encounter one of the Mitama demons in battle, alone or in a group. Killing one of these demons is extremely beneficial, as they can give a large amount of Macca in addition to rare items and experience.

However, slaying these Mitama demons was much more difficult. Mitama is only weak against a specific element and will block any others. Moreover, their weakness is constantly changing and they are easy to run away. Luck is an important factor when hunting for Mitama.

Talk to the recruited demons

SMT 5 main characters talk to Cait Sith

One of Shin megami tenseiThe characteristic mechanism of is the ability to talk to demons. By talking to them, the player has a chance to recruit the demon to their party.

Players can also talk to demons they have recruited and have on their party. In this case, the demon will acknowledge their presence and leave the battle, providing an easy way to end the fight in the event of an emergency. Occasionally, the demons will leave the player with a parting gift of Macca, which makes this a risk-free method of making money. It depends a lot on luck, but it can be a good way to earn some cash while exploring.

Do repeat quests for gems

SMT 5, the main character talks to Andras who is assigning a mission

There’s a lot here Side quests dot the landscape of Da’atand implementing them will bring players various rewards. As players go through side quests, they’ll sometimes come across quests that are actually repeatable. These quests usually require the player to obtain a certain item by hunting a specific demon.

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Although the initial reward for completion is only once, the devil will still reward the player with gems each time they complete their quest. These gems can be used in battle with various effects, but they can also be sold for a small amount of money. Consistently completing these quests can be a quick way to earn substantial Macca.

A demon’s corner in battle

SMT 5 Anahita stares down an isolated and defeated Basilisk

After obtaining the Deathly Aura Miracle I & II, the demons have a chance to feel cornered as they become the only demons left in a normal encounter. When this happens, they can choose to beg for their lives, thereby the player can choose to claim Macca from the demons in exchange for letting them go.

The main drawback of this method is that it is very rare for a demon to feel cornered, making quick money inefficient. However, players can get a decent amount of Macca if they happen to corner a demon while exploring.

Using Skill Magatsuhi Omagatoki: Luck

SMT 5 Eros using the skill Magatsuhi Omagatoki Luck

Various demon species can acquire special Magatsuhi skills based on their specific race. The Demon race that can use the Omagatoki skill: Luck Magatsuhi, Double the experience and money earned from a battle.

While using this Magatsuhi skill can be a good way to increase profits from a battle (especially the battle with Mitama), there are a few things to keep in mind, such as the effort required to recharge. Magatsuhi again. The important thing to remember is that the battle must be decided in the turn that Omagatoki: Luck is used for this method to work.

Search with Mission Navigator

SMT 5 main characters talk to mission navigator Amanozako

Companions have been an important part of many RPGs, and Shin Megami Tensei 5 is no different. After a short amount of gameplay, players will receive their first Mission Navigator. The mission navigator helps to indicate different mission objectives, but their main role is Search and discover various treasure spots around the world of Da’at.

Whenever the player interacts with one of these treasure points, they can find items, Macca, or even relics. The Navigator can also get players into a fight at times, but those fights can often be with Mitama, which makes it a prime opportunity to earn extra money.

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