Tips for Halo Infinite’s stronghold mode

Halo Infinite’s The multiplayer arena has several new modes, including Strongholds. Seasoned vets will remember the old territory ranking mode from Halo 2 and 3. The basics of this Halo Infinite The mode is simple and the strategies to win are even easier to understand. That being said, there are some more advanced tactics possible work in rated modes to control all strongholds and ensure a faster victory.

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In standard 4v4, there are a total of three strongholds, basically classic Halo territory or king of hill points. Teams will need to secure these points in order to score and ultimately win the match.


Score two out of three points

The hilarious Halo infinite match intro shows Spartan standing alone, staring at a wall

The main goal in new stronghold mode in order to keep at least two out of three points. If a team has two out of three, they will start scoring. If one side captures all three points, the scoring timer will double the score for that team every second.

Kills are irrelevant in Stronghold mode, so focusing on points is essential. Obviously, players should try to take down enemies, but only if they are defending or capturing the target.

Sprint to the next point

infinite halo spartan assault rifle

Speed ​​and efficiency are key when trying to win the game of Stronghold. Typically, the team that captures the most pieces wins the match. This means that going from the captured point to the next and getting the second should be the team’s number one priority.

Devices such as dash and grappling hook can make traversing the maps even easier. Players who use their resources and focus on getting A, B or C will win the majority of matches in this mode.

Contest or rotation

Infinite Ghost Battle in Halo

The player has the option of competing for a point being captured or turning to the next target. The exact choice will depend on how many enemies the point has and how many targets the team has:

  • If the opponent is capturing their first point, rotation is the best option.

  • If the score is 1-1, fighting for points can guarantee a score.

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Gamers also need to pay attention to the movement and presence of teammates. With help, fighting a point of contention makes sense. However, 1v3 combat on a point of contention rarely goes well. Another important consideration is what points are available to capture. If two points are available and one shows up in the center of the map, select the other.

Movement communication

Shroud says he doesn't like Halo Infinite

If the other team is moving to C, the player needs to point that out to his teammates. If there are enough Spartans, they can compete for point C. The other option is to move to B or A because the opposing team will no longer have a place to compete. Don’t worry about being active in this mode. Communicating and destroying strategy is more valuable than using 2.0.

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The Spartans should also indicate which point they are moving to, that way their teammates can choose to assist or disperse. A Spartan can capture a spot fast enough, so a teammate covering during the chase is a good idea.

Get Power Weapons and Grenades


On some maps, power weapons and armor will be the difference in the game. These weapons are capable of killing Spartans in one shot and can turn the tide of battle in seconds. Similarly, Active camo and overpass shield can make a big difference in the game. Listen for the warning that these items and weapons will be played to get the jump on opposing teams. Everyone should grab as many grenades as possible while moving around the map.

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Spartan enemies will be revealed and can be hit by grenades from capture points. Try your best Save at least one grenade to capture or defend a stronghold.

Using the device

infinite thrust halo

This applies to all modes. Wall drop, dash and grapple will give teams a bit of an edge when in a vulnerable situation. These items are found on the ground on every map. New players should try each one and figure out how to optimize their use in this mode specifically. Many points located in the protected area can be penetrated when using the device.

Drop walls provide cover while catching and grappling provides the player with mobility in hard to reach areas. Combine the use of these special items with classic radar will cause trouble for the opposing Sparta.

Halo Infinite releases on December 8 for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC. Halo InfiniteThe multiplayer beta is currently available on these platforms and is free to play.

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