Tips For Gamers In Utilizing A Timeline Template

Many gamers have come to realize, especially after playing many story-driven video games, that writing a good story is not an easy task. A great deal of pre-production planning needs to be done before even starting work on the first draft of the script because any errors made at this point will haunt you down the road. Some developers try to skip steps in order to get their product out faster only to find themselves having to re-do everything later which ends up causing them more time and money because they didn’t bother doing what should have been done first which was creating a timeline template.

Make up your own event timeline template for your game 

If you choose to use an existing one, then you should do some research into it first before deciding whether or not to go with it. Some of these templates are outdated and will be missing details that you need while others might have things in there that shouldn’t be. Some levels have been omitted from the original script because they were too difficult to implement so just using a template from another developer isn’t always going to give you what you need. Make sure that whoever wrote the timeline template knew exactly what they were doing when they put it together or else something is bound to get overlooked which could result in a glitch in the finished product.

Ensure completeness and preciseness in a project timeline template 

If there is nothing on your timeline template, then there’s no way that you will be able to create the game script. Scriptwriting would come down to jumping from one scene to another without any sort of planning which will cause you to end up doing a lot of re-writes when you find out that an event or scene doesn’t work with what happened before and after it. There is also a chance that many parts of the script could get left untouched because they simply don’t fit in anywhere and they’ll most likely never see the light of day. If somebody has already made a timeline template for their game, then they should go over the details with you to make sure that all of it is correct.

A project management timeline template should be well organized

You’ll want to make sure that the information in your game’s script is easily readable for others, especially if they are making changes or additions to any parts of it. The structure needs to be uniform and easy enough for anyone who reads it to follow without having to waste much time trying to figure out what everything means because these people will most likely not have the know-how when it comes down to creating a video game story. If you don’t give good instructions on how something should happen, then there’s no way that someone else could do what you need them to. Keep everything neat so anybody working with your management timeline template can create an impressive based on what you have done to the best of your abilities.

Create a well enough blank timeline template to allow easy additions and changes

If your timeline template is too vague, then it could lead to having work being redone for no reason, or if people are left out arbitrarily then their input will be missed which could result in a flawed product. You need to design the script so that all of these factors are considered because you’re not writing just one game but many games down the line. If something was overlooked at first, then it’s better to take the time to make a checklist to monitor now instead of finding out later on that you made a mistake somewhere along the way.

Make sure that the free timeline template has plenty of room to write things down

You don’t want to be searching through a lot of lines and lines of writing just looking for an event! If you’re not able to see anything happening on the screen, then what’s the point in moving forward with the game? The more space that is available for each event, the easier time you will have when adding new events or scenes. Each part of the script should only take up as much room as it needs so less scrolling is involved during creation and editing tasks. If there is no way around putting many different scenes on one line, then at least try to leave some blank space before.

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A timeline template can be defined as a detailed outline for your game’s script where all events are lined up chronologically so that nothing is missed or happens out of order. This outline includes the major events in the game and any minor ones that might be needed for cut scenes or dialogue. The template also gives you an idea of how long each event will take to complete whether it is a short conversation or a multi-part quest.

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