Timezone powercard for convenient payment for games and facilities

During the covid-19 pandemic most people in the Philippines were confined to their homes. Now that the number of covid-19 infections have reduced, people are interested in enjoying themselves outdoors. Timezone is one of the most popular entertainment venues in the Philippines, offering a wide range of arcade games especially shooting and car games. Visitors who enjoy physical activity can play different games like bowling, billiards, and basketball. They use the karaoke for singing and also take photos at the photo-booth. Visitors usually have to pay a small fee for each game or other facility they enjoy at Timezone.

Payment option

The decision to play a game or use a facility at Timezone is often impulsive. Visitors do not want to waste their time purchasing a ticket at each game. So for the convenience of customers, Timezone has a powercard, which allows users to make payment for each game or facility electronically. Hence customers planning a Timezone trip would like to find the Timezone powercard price in Philippines, so that they can choose a suitable card. The customer has to swipe the card at the entrance of the game, and the amount due will be debited from his card balance immediately.

Card purchase

Customers who are purchasing the power card for the first time, the VIP card will have to pay one hundred pesos, though they can load it with a larger amount. They can then recharge the card with any amount they wish based on the games which they wish to use, games they and their associates want to play. After swiping the card, the balance remaining on the card will also be displayed so that the user can recharge it if required. The customer can link the card with his email id to get details of the promotional offers. This will also help if the power card is damaged, as the balance can be retrieved easily. Any tickets and other promos which the customer is eligible for will also be notified through the card. There is a provision for checking the card balance online


The power card helps in quickly and accurately monitoring the amount which the customer has spent at Timezone. Customers who have cumulatively spent five thousand pesos at any timezone venue are eligible for a gold card. Regular customers spending 25000 pesos or more cumulatively are entitled to a platinum card, which includes exclusive promotional deals, offers which are not available to other customers. So based on how often the family or business is using the facilities they are eligible for a suitable card.


To get the best value for money, customers should check the various promotional offers and packages offered. For example for bowling and virtual reality games, loading the power card with 400 pesos makes the customer eligible for a total 550 pesos credit. Additionally the customer is also eligible for a free virtual reality game. Similar package offers are available for billiards and trampoline air. So customers should decide the games they wish to play well in advance, so that they can load their power card accordingly with the right amount to get the best deal.

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