Time for ‘Succession’ to dig deep with Connor Roy

It’s always a losing game to try and predict where a TV series might go — and given how many Beautiful twists and emotional punches that Sunday Heir final’s night reduced for fans, even the most intuitive tooth brush can only understand so much about the location of the fourth season.

But… what if we conjecture? Just for fun? As someone who passes this program for a living and also just loves a losing game, it is my sacred duty to try.

Logan Roy’s eldest son

Sunday is a big night for Conman, who both claim to be real Logan Roy’s eldest son and was eventually engaged to Willa. (She seems to pity him after he walks towards her upset because his whole family hates him—but you know what, an unfortunate engagement is still an engagement!)

At this point, Connor is the least explored of the four Roy siblings – in part because we know the least about his mother and Logan’s first marriage, other than the fact that Connor is the child. its only child. But this part colorizes a bit more about Con’s relationship with his half-brothers, who treat him like trash even though it increasingly seems like he’s the only one emotionally related to him. them when they were little. Consider the prologue, in which Connor crawls toward his siblings in a family photo only to have their father turn away from all of them.

Several times this season, we hear about Connor hanging out with his siblings when Logan “can’t be bothered”. Roman told a reporter that Logan took him fly-fishing to Montana, which we later learned he actually posed with Connor and Kendall’s tabloid poster of Connor at his 10th birthday party. His 40 refers to a time when he “pocketed” on a camping trip.

“I caught two assholes on a camping trip…and I had some lousy fish,” Connor yelled at his siblings as they taunted him. “That’s ridiculous!”

You can feel the same intense energy in Sunday’s finale, when Connor swings a butter knife in his sibling’s face. Logan could have essentially made him their mother, as if he was reminding them — but make no mistake, “I am the eldest son.” Methinks it’s time to hear a little more about his mother, her marriage to Logan, and why Connor hasn’t seen her father in years – even if it’s just passed.

How long has Tom been a factory?

If I were Shiv right now, I would try to figure out exactly when my husband started selling me to my father.

Was it just this time, when he warned Logan that the kids were planning to overthrow him? Or does it go back further — like when a mysterious box of donuts showed up at Kendall’s house right after Shiv told him where she was? Anyway, did she meet Tom? What fateful arrangement (or intervention) put him in her path? Given that we end Season 3 with Shiv trying not to look terrified with Tom’s hand on her shoulder, it seems like at least some of these questions are running through Pinkie’s brain.

Another question Season 4 will probably answer: What deal did Tom make with the devil for himself and Greg? All I know is, I want to be a Sporus more than a shiv right now.

So, Uh… Where do Roman and Gerri stand now?

Each of the Roy children must face their own unique blend of horrors when they realize on Sunday night that Logan conspired with their mother to sell the company out of their hands. Roman vanished into a small child when he realized what was happening, a wide eyed terror turned betrayal as he realized Gerri wouldn’t do anything about it.

Over the course of two seasons, Roman has begun to make himself vulnerable — sexually and professionally — to Gerri, who is operated as something between a dominance matrix and a mentor. He also, as we recently discovered, sent her dick pictures—A discovery that Logan wasn’t too emotional about when his son accidentally hit his path a few weeks ago.

Roman seems to have come to believe that he and Gerri are building a real alliance, but in the end, she responds to his pleas for help with a frosty question: “It serves my interests. how?”

Gerri really can would like to help Roman — according to actress J. Smith-Cameron, she does—But in the end, she didn’t want to stick her neck out too far.

Will Gerri find a way to help the pup who loves making slimes? Perhaps – but based on all we’ve seen, it’s unlikely she’ll intervene unless she finds a way to do so without endangering herself even the slightest. Either way, between this and her ready to ban the Roy kids from taking over Waystar, it looks like Gerri will have some work to do next as she and Roman have a quiet minute alone.

Is it finally time for Roy Kids to act in harmony?

Over the course of three seasons, we’ve seen what happens when Logan’s kids compete against each other: they all lose, because that’s exactly what he wants them to do. Their unexpected union in Sunday’s finale may have been the most seismic turn of the episode on Season 4 — assuming it didn’t fall apart after one upset.

Tom’s betrayal of Shiv may have been the biggest shock of the season, but Kendall’s incident in the parking lot – and the siblings’ choice to favor him – remains a game-changer. . Logan knows that his children will carry his legacy with him after his death. But as long as he keeps them unstable and powerless, they can’t exercise that control while he’s alive—so he won’t have to face the music.

“Tom’s betrayal of Shiv may have been the biggest shock of the season, but Kendall’s incident in the parking lot – and the siblings’ choice to favor him – remains a game-changer. .”

But what if Kendall, Roman, Shiv, and even Connor all started to act? How long can Logan, whose health is rapidly declining, really keep them all under his thumb? Just say, as an idea, an alliance? So great! At the very least, let’s just hope people don’t immediately turn their backs on Kendall.

Come back, Justin Kirk!

There’s no reason we’ve seen this midseason episode of Pick a President, which guest-starred the downright vile Justin Kirk as right-wing provocateur Jeryd Mencken, for no reason. . The election looks like it’s sure to be big next season(s) — and it’s just conjecture, but I think we may not have seen the last of Roman and Jeryd’s bathroom chemistry. (What is it with Rome, powerful men and baths?)

Is GoJo a Go?

Speaking of Roman’s bathroom friends, it looks like we’ll also see more of Alexander Skarsgård’s Lukas Matsson, the tech mogul whose company GoJo will soon own Waystar Royco.

Things have gone awry at Waystar for a while, but will the company’s GoJo acquisition turn into a “peer merger” and then an all-out acquisition? It was like an embarrassment to pull back the curtain of the Wizard of Oz only to find a little old man with his pants down.

Aside from the inevitable personal controversies next season, the biggest existential question Logan faces now is a legacy. Here’s hoping his kids are ready, because Daddy doesn’t seem like the type to go lightly on that good night — and if he’s going to lose control of anyone, they’ll be the one. first line up. Time for ‘Succession’ to dig deep with Connor Roy


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