‘Tiger King 2’ is Netflix’s bizarre exploit

Tiger King 2 did not acknowledge the death of Erik Cowie, a former zookeeper at Joe Exotic’s Oklahoma Zoo who also appeared in the series, until the very end. He gets a brief tribute photo just before the credits roll up after appearing just a few times in previous episodes — including, at one point, calling a joke about Donald Trump intrusive after the show. animal rights activist Carole Baskin “wonderful.”

Cowie became a household name last year, along with others appearing in Netflix original Tiger King. He was found dead in a Brooklyn apartment in September of this year; NS cause of death were later identified as acute and chronic alcohol use. One might imagine that his departure would give the makers pause before its release, but the boundaries of good taste don’t seem to be precise here.

Tiger King created a folk hero out of Oklahoman private zoo owner Joseph Maldonado-Passage and his brand of “weirdness.” Eight episodes outline his rise as a big cat guy and internet self-obsessed personality while shedding light on his downfall. The former owner of GW Zoo still claims that his alleged plot to kill tenants against Big Cat Rescue owner Carole Baskin was a staging, the result of collusion between the Feds and His one-time business partner was Jeff Lowe. He participated in Tiger King 2 while sitting on a trash can in a federal prison.

Joe Exotic is awaiting re-sentence after court order this summer. In its final part, Tiger King 2 false justice charges could raise a 22-year sentence against him — or at least send a few more people to jail. Meanwhile, authorities have captured more than 100 tigers from him, Lowe, and big cat owner Tim Stark – who might actually be the scariest character in the series. Tiger King 2.

Those who find themselves mesmerized by the sight of Tiger KingThe initial release will find even more unbelievable stories and images to admire here. All of our favorite “characters” from the original series are back, although Cameo is a lot more popular than before. (Strip club owner Jeff Garretson even gives an encore of his much remembered jet ski shot from Season 1)

Tiger King 2′the premiere details how different characters from around the world have capitalized on their nascent fame — including Carole Baskin, who joined Dancing with the stars This year comes months after the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office reopened its investigation into the disappearances of Lewis and Dillon Passage, Joe’s husband, who severed ties and is now advertising products including bleach. the anus is named “Tail Brightener”.

The revelations only got wilder from there.

In one episode, we observe lawyers working to pardon Joe Exotic flying to Washington, DC for the January 6 uprising with a banner promoting their cause. “Fly with Me” by Frank Sinatra played as the plane took off; When they read news of the violence that broke out after they left early, one of the men said, “I hope our banner gets noticed.” Joe Exotic’s brother shows up to shoot a target with his face and says he doesn’t want to see his brother after 20 years of being estranged. A “spiritual investigator” roams the base where Don Lewis is said to have been last seen and begins to cry – both because he says he saw Don killed and because after spending the Thinking about chickens, he discovered a crate of roosters near a potty. “Okay, okay,” said one of Lewis’ daughters, stroking his arm. “I’ll take a look at it.”

We also spend a lot of time with Tim Stark, another big cat guy who did business with Jeff Lowe after the demise of Joe Exotic. His appearance culminating with resistance to authority makes it clear how Stark and his fellow big cat owners feel. The series repeatedly reminds us of Stark’s threat to kill the animals before allowing anyone to get rid of them. “God himself said that I could do with them what I chose,” he said.

If all of this sounds a bit one-sided, just know that this is just the tip of a rapidly melting iceberg of chaos. Without much of an organizational philosophy, the series pivots from one topic to the next — several episodes about Don Lewis’ disappearance here, a rushed ending that implies that Joe might one day have a can be vindicated in Part 3 there. To see it all in real time is a serious headache.

This component of the “documentary” actively resists the viewer leaving once it is clear what really happened. A YouTube conspiracy theorist who at one time dragged a pair of divers to an alligator-infested lake in Florida to search for the remains of Don Lewis in vain, along with a reporter’s nonsensical commentary. investigate Jerry Mitchell. Almost every direct source in the series has been compromised in one way or another, but such details are usually only revealed after the sources have given their theories about what happened between Joe and Joe. , Jeff, Carole and others involved in this big cat story.

At the heart of all of this is the question that, in many ways, defines our times: To what extent can these violent, obscenely rich weirdos take up all of their antics. ? How many laws can they make, and how many scams can they do before justice catches up with them — if that’s the case?

“How far can these violent, obscene rich weirdos pull off all their antics? How many laws can they make, and how many scams can they do before justice catches up with them — if that’s the case?”

But Tiger King 2It seems that giving anyone with a point of view a microphone and seeing what happens is a lot more than arranging any kind of commentary. At various times, we heard voicemail recordings of people claiming to be involved in the case without any indication from the filmmakers as to whether their identities or claims were made. verified or not.

Messy reporting and that feverish speed makes it hard to discern the details maybe right from what is almost certainly wrong. But the fact that this series spends most of its time in that gray swamp is a big deal. Perhaps that’s why for most of his commentary, Mitchell focuses on words like “could” and “will”—to avoid getting too deep into the mess.

Go beyond soften the image of Joe Exotic, original Tiger King are also trafficked in the exploitative voyeurism that is increasingly hampering Netflix documentary ticket prices. (See more: Disappearance at Hotel Cecil, Britney vs. Spears, Conversations with a Murderer: Ted Bundy Tapes, Murder among the Mormons, and more.) Like its sequel, the original series revealed conspiracy theories surrounding the disappearance of Carole Baskin’s ex-husband Don Lewis in 1997 and considered the threats of Joe Exotic to her are the scornful and amusingly ridiculous parts. Moments of real tragedy, like Travis Maldonado, Joe Exotic’s 23-year-old husband, accidentally shooting himself, disappear in a morbid mix of anecdotes and episodes designed to hit people. Watch as a horrifying car crash – overwhelmingly terrifying and upsetting.

“This is what he wanted,” former GW zookeeper Saff Saffery said at one point. “Being on every social media platform, on every billboard, being the focal point of town. Joe was famous in his own head forever.”

Carole Baskin in Tiger King 2


Joe Exotic’s own commentary seems to confirm that he likes name recognition Tiger King gave him — and why not? As his personal attorneys note in the documentary, the notoriety will likely help his call for a presidential pardon. “It would be great if I could actually see myself as famous out there, but I mean, I’ve been seeing these four walls for a year and a half,” said Joe.

“I would love to be able to see the documentary,” he added. “Perhaps I can do it later. But, you know, with all the guards – they were singing my music videos and wanted autographs and said they were going to buy my underwear over the internet. It’s fun. It’s great. I would love to be able to walk out of here, but I can’t.”

Tiger King 2 happily accepting the viral legacy of its predecessor but avoid taking on the role of the filmmakers themselves in this story. The series makes a pretty compelling case that all of its main audiences are deplorable attention seekers, but it never explains why we need to bring Joe up. Exotic and his contemporaries the fame they clearly aspired to. A reminder: This is a guy was once said to have run over emus in a four-wheeled vehicle so he can sell the rest of them. Even if he is exonerated, do we need him to be a public figure — the face of another mind-numbing “movement”?

If there is one thing to praise Tiger King 2, I guess we can throw them a bone to finish off Joe Exotic’s tigers when they make their new home in a sanctuary. Even then, though, that always goes back to Joe Exotic, who swore that his time behind bars taught him the evils in his path. “Now I know how my animals feel,” he said. “I feel ashamed of myself. I hope I get a second chance, just like my tigers.”

If there’s one thing Tiger King 2 However, it proves that none of these people seem to know what shame is.

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