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While most teams in Alchemy Stars share the same basic team composition of two converters, two DPS units, and one support, each element has something that sets it apart from the others.

Water has flexible conversion (and Azure), Fire has the best detonators in the game, Forest has some seriously broken units, and Thunder has some of the best low-rarity Aurorians out there.

Thunder still has its share of powerful high rarity Aurorians, but its low rarity options are surprisingly powerful.

Here are some things to keep in mind for your Thunder team:

  • Tessa, a 4*, is one of Thunder’s strongest detonators
  • Reinhardt is one of Thunder’s strongest Aurorians, but is a Limited unit
  • Nadine, a 4* support, provides both healing and a small conversion effect
  • Thunder is also home to many whale units – which means they have to be MBTs to really shine

Take advantage of Thunder’s four stars!

Despite being a 4*, Tessa is incredibly strong / Alchemy Stars
Despite being a 4*, Tessa is incredibly strong

At first glance, you’ll probably see a difference between Thunder teams and other element teams.

Unlike other elements that typically load with 5* and 6* Aurors, this Thunder team has two 4* on top.

Gronru is Thunder’s 6* Preemptive Converter, which means she’ll be on your team 95% of the time.

Irridon is the flex slot on this team and can be replaced.

It may come as a surprise, but this team is perfectly capable of tackling stages of even greater difficulty – all because Tessa.

While Tessa is a 4* and has the stats to match, her gear is so powerful it doesn’t matter.

Voltaic Gauntlets is probably one of the most powerful gears in the game / Alchemy Stars
Voltaic Gauntlets is probably one of the most powerful gears in the game

Her gear, Voltaic Gauntlets, grants her a stack whenever a Thunder Aurorian uses an active ability.

When Tessa uses her own active ability, she consumes the stacks, dealing additional damage ignores enemy defenses.

Tessa’s ability is strong on its own, but once this effect is attached, it deals her some of the highest burst damage in the game.

Nadine is another notably strong 4* Aurorian.

Nadine combines healing and a mild conversion effect / Alchemy Stars
Nadine combines healing and mild conversion effects

While not as powerful as Tessa, Nadine is another prominent 4* Aurorian.

Her active ability locks a tile on yellow and grants healing to the team when they pass through it.

The tile lock effect is removed when an enemy walks over it, but that’s easily avoided with a little planning.

Even if you have other higher rarity Thunder Aurorians, it’s still a good idea to level up Tessa and Nadine – their lower rarity means it’s cheaper and you can use those resources on other Aurorians.

It’s also worth noting that Roy, a 5 star support, is a very good match for Tessa. If you have him, raise Roy instead of Nadine.

Rare powerhouses for Thunder teams

Thunder still has its share of extremely rare powerhouses. The most notable of them is Michael, a 6* Detonator.

Image courtesy of Alchemy Stars Wiki/Alchemy Stars
Image courtesy of Alchemy Stars Wiki

Michael is designed to handle difficult endgame phases.

Her active ability is a teleport that activates her chain combo, and her gear causes her basic attacks to deal bonus damage equal to the enemy’s max health.

It’s hard to overstate how powerful Michael is. Her damage scales with the enemy’s health, and she has a lot of utility in the form of a teleporter.

Next up is Reinhardt, a 6* Thunder Sniper.

Reinhardt deals damage while increasing Thunder Aurorians / Alchemy Stars Attack
Reinhardt deals damage while increasing Thunder Aurorians Attack

Reinhardt, while powerful, is also a Limited unit, making it more difficult to obtain.

But if you have them use them.

Not only does she deal respectable damage herself, but she also increases the Attack of other Thunder Aurorians.

Over time, this attack buff adds so much damage that it’s hard to think of a case where you wouldn’t want to bring her.

But again, she’s a Limited Aurorian.

If you want them, maybe wait a while.

And last but not least is Irridon, a 6* Support Aurorian.

Irridon creates Prisma Tiles - one of the most powerful mechanics in the game / Alchemy Stars
Irridon creates Prismatic Tiles – one of the most powerful mechanics in the game

Just to be clear, Irridon is a good unit. That’s out of the question.

Unfortunately she has to be MBT (4 dupes) to really shine.

That’s not uncommon – while Michael is strong even without dupes, he also gets exponentially stronger once she hits MBT.

Reinhardt doesn’t suffer as much, but on BT3 (a dupe) she also gets noticeably stronger.

Because of this, Thunder is probably the desired element recently invest heavily. Tessa and Nadine do the work. Other elements don’t really share this property. Thunder Team Build Ideas – FandomSpot


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