Three strategies to use in playing Crazy Time

Crazy Time is seen as one of the top live games from Evolution, and this title has taken over the iGaming scene with its surprising rounds and highly lucrative winning options. This game is highly ideal for players who want to score some bigger winnings in their casino sessions.

Strategies are used as a guide for you to avoid unwanted losses and maximise your winnings at the same time. This means you can enjoy the game well without taking too many risks or even adding more or limiting your bets depending on how well you’re doing in Crazy Time. That is what makes strategies vital to your overall success in the game.

This is why learning how to use any Crazy Time strategy at your disposal is one of the best ways to get a win. Just like any other live game offered by Evolution, you have the option to place various bets in Crazy Time, which makes it easy to start with low stakes if you have doubts about your chances.

Here are three strategies to use in playing Crazy Time:

Probabilistic strategy

This strategy is used by daring players who want to test their mettle and chances against the game. With these calculations, you may spot some certain tendencies for the wheel to land on a set value based on the results of the last 60 rounds. All you need to do is to access the game’s history and check how the past few spins have gone.

You can see that there are some fields that have been hit more than once, which means you should consider looking at how often they are picked after the spin. On top of that, you will need some patience on the Crazy Time wheel since there may be times when the bonus fields need more rounds to get hit.

Low-volatility strategy

For those who want to play it safe, the low-volatility strategy is the best way to go. For this one, you will need to spread your bets in as many areas of the Crazy Time wheel as you can. For example, you will need to bet a set amount per round and place it on five of eight possible options.

Coverage is a big focus here. You need to make sure that you spread your bets well since you need to cover at least a few areas of your choice and at least two or more for bonuses. If you have covered at least 50% of the playing fields, then you should get a strong winning chance.

Martingale strategy

The Martingale strategy is clearly one of the best for most roulette games, and you can say that it is also applicable here in Crazy Time. However, you will need to come up with a bigger budget since you need to cover possible losses with this daring strategy.

The goal is to bet on all four bonus fields with your initial bet. The trick is to double the amount of bets as soon as the fields you wagered on get hit. Play the bonus round and take your winnings before taking it to the next level by starting off again with your initial bet. This is one way to ensure that you can score more wins with fair chances on each of the bonus fields.

Scoring wins in Crazy Time

Winning in Crazy Time is easy especially if you know how to get your game going. On top of that, using any Crazy Time strategy that will suit your betting style is a must. This is why you should learn how each of these works and how well you can win big with them especially if you are keen to enjoy some tricky spins that may lead to a stronger finish and more bonuses.

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