Three hopes – ways to increase support

Supports have always been a great mechanic for the fire sign games. Similar to the first Fire Emblem Warrior, Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes has a brand new set of supports for each character. Completing the support log on each route is not required to complete the campaign, but is required to collect some of the awards at the Rewards Master.

The support system mirrors that of fire sign:Three houses. This means that support for some characters has restrictions and some support ranks are only unlocked in part 2 of each route Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. These are indicated by a yellow lock in the Supports menu. As such, it’s important for players to build strong bonds between their units before reaching Chapter 10. Luckily, there are more ways to increase support between characters than in Three houses.

Any character can get C-support among themselves, but not everyone has a support scene. If a support letter has three dots above it, it means there is a unique interaction.

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8th gift giving

When shopping at the Item Shopkeeper in the camp, players can buy gifts. These are consumable items that can be passed on to other units. Each gift has its own description indicating who might appreciate it. For example, floral decorations are appreciated by someone who likes flowers, so characters like Dedue and Marianne will be more likely to receive them than those who dislike flowers. Characters receiving a Liked Gift give Shez two support points, while Declined and Neutral Gifts give only one support point.

More gifts will be available from the Item Shopkeeper as long as players remember to upgrade the facility. Shez can buy a maximum of five of each gift in the store. They are refilled at the beginning of each chapter.

7 Sharing a meal

Once the kitchen master facility is unlocked, Shez can cook a meal for two more units. This increases the support points between all three characters. Cooking is rated on a 3 point system: BEAUTIFUL, GREAT and PERFECT. Luckily, units receive the effects of a meal regardless of how good Shez’s cooking is.

  • When Shez cooks a meal that rates NICE, characters get a small boost in support points.

  • If they are BIG, they get a moderate amount of support points.

  • A PERFECT meal increases support points significantly.

Shez can increase the chances of a successful meal by upgrading the kitchen master facility. Characters also have favorite foods, so keep that in mind when choosing. Choosing to cook will consume one activity point.

6 to finish tasks

Similar to the kitchen master, the caretaker raises supports between three characters instead of two. There are some tasks that characters are better at than others, which affects the success rate. When using the Chore Master to boost supports, avoid selecting quests that have a red arrow next to a character’s profile. This reduces the chance of getting a Perfect or Great rank. Since this is an activity, completing chores will take one activity point.

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Characters cannot complete a task after work. To “refresh” this, complete a battle/quest, then return to camp. After that they should be able to work.

5 Train together

Players receive activity and training points once they unlock the camp in Chapter 4. These increase based on the overall rank of the camp. At S rank, players have a total of 8 activity and training points per chapter. Unlike the Chore Master and Kitchen Master, the Training Instructor uses Training Points.

When using the Training Instructor, players start with 4 different training pitches. By expanding the facility, the number of training places can be doubled. Only two units can train together (per slot), and their support growth is graded using the Chore/Kitchen Master’s Nice Great Perfect system. Units can also be swapped out, allowing players to set up supports for multiple characters at the same time. Additionally, unlike Activity Point facilities, units can train over and over again until all training points are used up.

4 Go on expeditions

Expeditions are the last of the three activities around the camp. An Activity Point is required to join an Expedition, but sometimes players will be notified of a character wishing to join an Expedition. Choosing to spend time with them will double the support points you get, so take advantage of this whenever you want. Additional areas can be unlocked with the Facility Master.

During an Expedition, players must choose an area to visit with their chosen character. Then they have the opportunity to speak or ask a question. Choosing the right answers leads to a perfect conversation. This gives players the opportunity to give a gift. Finally, Expeditions will add a point or two to both Shez and the Expedition character’s Charm, which is a stat that affects Battalion effectiveness.

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3 equip skills

If a character has the kinship ability equipped, it will be easier for them to get support points in battle. This is learned by grasping Rank 1 of priest class, which can be unlocked with one intermediate seal after master the monk class. Unfortunately, only the following units can learn kinship:

  • Black Eagles:
    Edelgard, Hubert, Ferdinand, Linhardt

  • Blue Lions:
    Dimitri, Felix, Sylvain, Annette, Ingrid

  • Golden Deer:
    Marianne, Lysithea

2 Surveying the war map

Those who take the time to clear all sections of the war map per chapter may be rewarded. Some areas have a green/white star icon under their reward area, such as B. the sea icon. By inspecting this territory in a cleared area, players have the opportunity to increase the support level of two units.

Selecting a unit will show you which characters they are compatible with and how far along they are in their current rank. Once the area has been explored, players will no longer be able to visit it, so choose wisely. Also keep in mind that the more areas cleared on the war map, the less renown players will receive for completing the main quest of the chapter.

1 Assign as Adjutant

Similar to Three houses‘ Adjutant Mechanic & Fire Emblem Warriors (2017) Pair-up, the Adjutants option in three hopes will remove that unit from the map and “assign” it to another unit. This allows the paired units to perform a duo warrior special unit which also increases their support points. There are some unique abilities (e.g. Defense) that heal or give experience to the inactive unit.

To assign an aide in combat, pause on (+) and hover over the unit. Players should then select them with A and then drag the arrow to another unit. click ZR, and a window will appear with several options (Heal, Assign as Adjutant, Defend, etc.). Choose Assign as Adjutant. To unassign/change the active unit, hover over the duo and select ZR again, and then Pick up Adjutant or change adjutant.

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes is now available on Nintendo Switch.

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