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Just like in Fire Emblem: Three HousesClaude von Riegan has a unique class separate from the Wyvern Rider and Wyvern Lord classes Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. Once players get close to Part 2 of Golden Wildfire, they will unlock Barbarossa, a masterclass. Like other Master Classes, Barbarossa requires the use of a Master Seal, which players can only obtain later in the story.

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes The Barbarossa class are not able to use axes or lances. Instead, the main weapon is a bow, and since it’s a unique class, only Claude can learn the Barbarossa class. While arguably his best class, players will want to learn other skills to make Claude a fast and powerful fighter.


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Barbarossa: unlocking, building and class skills

As a unit, Claude’s best stats are his Speed ​​and Dexterity. He’s also no loser in terms of strength and charm, which is something to keep in mind if players want to use battalions. On the other hand, he has bad res and even worse magic, which means players should do their best to keep him away from Gremories and Dark Bishops. Since the Barbarossa class is a flying unit, Claude takes additional damage from archers. However, since the Barbarossa’s primary weapon is a bow, it can also counter Pegasus Knights and Wyvern Riders. If players equip him with the right ability or accessory, they won’t have to worry about Claude’s weakness in flight.

In order for Claude to learn the Barbarossa class, he must have a Seal of Mastery and have maxed out the following classes:

  1. Wyvern Master or Archer (Advanced)
  2. Sniper (Advanced)

Claude’s recommended classes are Wyvern Master, Sniper, and Barbarossa. Players will find that if they take the time to master other classes with Claude, he has everything he needs to excel in combat.

The Barbarossa class has the following class abilities:

  • Charm: Restores some HP to nearby allies when an enemy commander is defeated.
  • Glove Buster Lv 5: Increases damage done to enemies wearing gauntlets by 100%.

Players should keep in mind that the above class abilities can not be learned. The effects disappear once Claude changes classes. On the other hand, the class abilities listed in the table below are added to the set abilities menu each time Claude achieves a milestone/rank for Barbarossa:

Capability unlocked at description
glove breaker Rank 1 Deals 50% more damage to enemies wearing gauntlets.
Ward Arrow Rank 1 Martial art that temporarily reduces a target’s magic (debuff effect).
Experienced Tactics rank 2 Claude’s assigned battalion regains stamina when defeating an enemy commander.
wind god rank 2 Martial art effective against all enemies. Inflicts the Windtorn status effect, doubling damage taken by airborne enemies. Wind God also has the Guard Pierce effect, which deals damage when the opponent is guarding.
viewfinder of size rank 3 Critical hit rate increases proportionally to how much lower an enemy’s Dexterity is compared to Claude’s Dexterity.

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The best skills for Barbarossa

Claude’s high Dexterity means he’s ideal for critical hits and critical charges. in the three hopes, Dexterity determines damage output during a critical charge. Equipping Claude with a nimble ring of dexterity increases his dexterity by ten points. He also benefits from wearing a lightning speed ring, which increases speed by ten instead.

If players have a fully built Tactics Academy (or at least upgrade the right branch), Claude can equip up to ten abilities. Aside from equippable abilities are unique abilities. Claude’s is dust cloud that will imbue his attacks with devastating wind. Players should combine this with one or two of the abilities below to take full advantage of this unique ability:

Capability How to open description
Essence of the Wind Complete the Dark Bishop class Doubles the power of wind-based martial arts, magic, class actions, and strong attacks.
Devilish Strike Rank 1 of the Warlock class Doubles the power of elemental effects.
absorb skill Complete the Dark Bishop class Claude’s Dexterity is increased slightly each time he defeats an enemy Commander. This boost lasts for the duration of the battle and disappears once the level is complete.
The Leader’s Trick Rank 2 Wyvern Master An additional fireball is given to the Wyvern Master and the Barbarossa class action (X button).
viewfinder of size Complete the Barbarossa class Critical Hit Rate is increased in proportion to how much lower an enemy’s Dexterity is compared to Claude’s Dexterity.
glove breaker Rank 1 of the Barbarossa class Deals 50% more damage to enemies wearing gauntlets.
apex arch Master the sniper class Critical hit damage is increased if the unit is equipped with a bow.
Increase Critical Rank 1 of the Sniper class Increase critical hit rate.
Heaviest thug Master Wyvern Lord Class (Innate Ability) Strong attacks have a high chance to generate enemies’ stun meter.
Cancel flight effects Master the Wyvern Lord class Nullifies effectiveness against fliers.

Essence of the Wind and Devilish Strike On the same skill setup it might seem redundant, but where Essence of Wind creates a stronger version of a wind-based martial art, Fiendish Blow will double the elemental effects. When this happens, Fiendish Blow doubles the Windtorn status ailment inflicted on enemies by Claude’s attacks. Also, Essence of Wind is perfect for one of Claude’s Combat Arts: Wind God.

It is highly recommended that Claude master the Wyvern Lord Class. Cancel flight effects saves the accessory slot in exchange for an ability slot. Equipping Nullify Flying Effects prevents Claude from taking double damage from bows. If players don’t want to use up a skill slot, they can forgo flight effects by equipping Claude with an Aurora Shield instead.

Claude’s best martial arts are as Barbarossa wind god and Ward Arrow. Wind God is effective against all enemies, inflicts the Windtorn status effect and deals damage even to protecting enemies. Ward Arrow weakens the opponent and reduces their magic. Alternatively, Ward Arrow can be exchanged for something like this Decreasing shot or Hunter’s Volley. However, players will definitely want to keep Wind God for its amazing power and effects. As bow-based martial arts, they are all effective against fliers.

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes is now available on Nintendo Switch.

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