Those who close Trump’s election won’t say who wrote the coup plan down

In end of 2020, a collective of Donald TrumpBest radical election supportersdo Lawyer MAGA Sidney Powell and Trump’s former national security adviser, Michael Flynn, loudly told anyone who would listen — the media, the judges, local Republican politicians and (of course) Trump himself — about their ludicrous plot to deploy the military, seize US voting machines and keep then-President Trump in power.

If there is an extravagant, baseless conspiracy theory about the 2020 presidential election that is provoking Trump at the time and fueling his crusade, these MAGA hardliners are ready to go. , prepare to publicly acknowledge these written ideas and proposals to the highest levels of government and bring it to Trump’s ears. And they were prepared to take down anyone in the Trump administration who stood in their way.

But a year later, like Investigations and lawsuits continue to intensifyWith subpoenas issued and legal bills skyrocketing, the Trumpist gang is taking a curious approach to a newly released draft of Trump’s Executive Order outline their brazen dictatorial blueprint.

Now they want absolutely nothing to do with it.

In fact, they claim, they didn’t even recognize the document, even though it reflected (almost a T) the schemes they had openly championed.

“I didn’t realize it and neither did the General [Michael] Flynn,” former Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne, who worked on the small team of Trump confidants and associates advising the then-president on machine seizures, told The Daily Beast.

Things that Sidney [Powell] and Rudy [Giuliani] and other people pushed it back then, you can’t tell if they wrote it or they took it off some weird website somewhere. I told [then-]President that many of these documents look as if they were written by a ten-year-old child. As far as I know, they probably have.

– a former senior Trump aide

“It is not what we have brought [to Trump] on December 18, year [2020]Byrne added.

A source close to Flynn attests that Trump’s former national security adviser is privately telling people that he doesn’t endorse the order, a document that is now striking about the US House of Representatives’ investigation into the matter. deadly riots on January 6 and the lead incident. with it. Flynn’s brother, Joseph, who acts as a in fact A spokesman for Trump’s former top lieutenant, also said he “agrees.”[s] with Mike and Pat,” and claims to not recognize the text of the order.

Hot potato game going on draft EO, with coup participants to be invited Shaggy’s defensehighlights a nagging mystery that investigators on the January 6 congressional committee and lawmakers on Capitol Hill have been trying to solve: Who, exactly, wrote Trump’s orders, and the tones What other related conspiracy did the then president, along with his aides and henchmen, work to bring to fruition?

“I am not surprised in the slightest that the author of this memo will not continue. Ultimately, that person will buy themselves expensive legal bills, potential embarrassment, and a lot of unwanted attention from government agencies,” said Renato Mariotti, a former federal prosecutor. know. “If you are engaging in suspicious activities, it is more important to stay within sight. The more strange things you say, the more you will draw attention to issues that the authorities would never have known about before. “

The identity of the memo’s real author remains an unsolved mystery even in the upper echelons of Trumpland, and in its influence. Peripheral.

In December 2020, Lin Wood, another MAGA attorney who worked closely with Powell and at times Summary of President Trump at that timealso urge Trump to “exercise his executive power to direct the Marshals of the United States to detain voting machines used in [the] Election 11/3. ”

Last week, when asked if he had written the draft order, or if he knew who did, Wood replied tersely: “I have nothing to do with it,” adding that he could just “” speculate” who – but refuses to do so.

On Monday, Politico report that Bernie Kerikwho on Trump’s legal team tried to steal the election from Joe Biden, told the committee January 6 that “former Army colonel Phil Waldron first floated the idea of ​​Trump issuing an executive order.” method to seize the voting machine,” but the author could not be identified.

Four sources directly involved with the Trump team during the tumultuous presidential transition told The Daily Beast they were unable to independently confirm who wrote it.

“I often don’t know who wrote what, or where each crazy document came from,” said a former senior Trump aide. “Things that Sidney and Rudy [Giuliani] and other people pushed it back then, you can’t tell if they wrote it or they took it off some weird website somewhere. I told [then-]president that many of the these documents look as if they were written by a ten-year-old. As far as I know, they probably have. “

However, each of the four sources said they had assumption it was from Powell at the time, as she was the main driving force behind ideas like manipulating machines and getting Trump to appoint her to his new White House.”special advisor“On the electoral fraud conspiracy theory.

“The President knows this election was stolen, but he’s not getting the support he, the Constitution, and the republic deserve,” Powell said. told the Judge Washington in December 2020 — and at the same time declare recognition for unfounded theories that China and Iran hacked the election in favor of Biden. “It is his people who are misleading and undermining him while defending their cause and agenda.”

“I have been blocked from meeting or speaking with the president by White House counsel and others since I made the official findings publicly available,” Powell also noted. The infamous December 18 White House gathering. At that meeting, Flynn, Powell, Byrne, and former Trump administration attorney Emily Newman chatted with Trump specifically to discuss ideas based on their conspiracy theories to “investigate” the 2020 election results, round up the voting machines by force, and illegally hold the 45th president of the United States.

Today, Powell – like her former teammates – is abandoning her plan and her “official findings”. The tough lawyer MAGA, as well as her own attorney, did not respond to repeated questions by The Daily Beast about whether she wrote the draft executive order. Currently, Powell is still dealing with the legal setbacks from her efforts, including potentially damaging lawsuits and lawsuits. the heat of a federal investigation.

If released, the order, reported first by Politico last week, instructed his Secretary of Defense to seize voting machines in an attempt to stay in power after losing the 2020 presidential race to Biden. The document, which will also designate a White House “Special advisor” to probe baseless election claimsare among the files that former President Trump and his attorneys tried unsuccessfully to prevent the National Archives from turning over to the committee on January 6 in Washington, DC.

Assuming that Powell wrote blatantly anti-democratic articles for Trump — or at least she did some included in its distribution during final administration — could end up being false, of course. But independent Researchers have shownthe document reported by Politico shares some similarities with that published to Powell’s PDF archive account on Scribd in December, which was subsequently deleted.

The memo stored on Powell’s Scribd account was labeled a summary that had “established ‘foreign interference’ in the 2020 US election as defined in [Executive Order] 13848” and dated December 22—one week after the draft executive order obtained by Politico was dated.

Both memos cite similar passages about a Georgia judge’s ruling in a lawsuit about Dominion Voting Systems’ ballot-marking software, a “forensic report” released by the Company. Allied Security Operations Group (ASOG), falsely claiming that the Domination Vote System was intentional designed their voting machine to miscalculate votes.

Elsewhere, the two documents have the exact same language while attempting to paint the Dominant Voting System as a stalking horse for foreign opponents. In a passage that appears verbatim in both the draft executive order and Scribd’s memo, the authors attempt to use Dominion’s sale of intellectual property to HSBC, a British bank with a branch in China. – in an attempt to establish a non-existent link between solid voting technology and Chinese government.

Whether anyone on the Powell-Flynn crew authored the draft order or not, the document clearly bears the stamp of their coup plans. But when the individual members of this group deny involvement or are explicitly silent on the subject, they do so not as brothers and sisters at hand, but as a rift and hostile group. enemy.

In the period since December 2020, Wood, Byrne, Flynn and Powell – once devoted teammates in some of the conservative MAGA movement’s most extreme efforts and excesses – have become a blitz of the high school melodrama genre—Replete with backstabbing words, dirty accusations, and destroy close friendship. Those who close Trump’s election won’t say who wrote the coup plan down


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