This sci-fi series blends genre with lighthearted, heartbreaking drama

Nathaniel Halpern’s Tales from the Loop was an odd addition to the sci-fi genre that would have flown under the radar of most audiences. Amazon’s main series, based on paintings by Simon StÃ¥lenhag, is a wonderfully slow-paced sci-fi drama that finds itself comfortably seated in a world a little closer to the world of we. It follows the Strange things not quite the 80s vibe, all the while doing something remarkably unique. The show is a good and real character-centered drama that uses the sci-fi period in a strange and amusing way.


Sci-fi elements feature wandering cyborgs, strange metal relics, and mythical creatures, all of which appear to be the mysterious aftermath of ‘The Loop’, an underground facility in Mersa Ohio, is devoted to the study of a strange artifact – a giant floating rock that appears to have a heartbeat. The mysteries of what this thing is and how it is affecting the small town seem insignificant not only to the inhabitants, eerily complacent at the oddity around them, but also to writers. The weird and fantastic sci-fi serves as an almost impossible setting for what the show is really about: people.

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The show is an anthology, each focusing on a different character, similar in style to Mike Flannagan’s Projects. What’s new about this is that the protagonist of one story is often a supporting character in another, constantly referencing and linking the lives of the townspeople. Such transitions between the main characters, all while keeping the faces audiences already know on the sidelines, keep the show interesting, constantly encouraging people to see beyond the surface of the characters. object. It turns what could have been an angry slow-paced story into a multigenerational tale brimming with life and nuances of secrecy.

Russ Tales From the Loop

The episodes follow the character(s) and their journey(s) as they interact in various ways with the monuments or regions of influence indirectly caused by The Loop, a refreshing anchor point. for the entire program. We hear this from the mouth of Russ (played by enigmatic Johnathan Pryce, also known as High Sparrow). in Game of Thrones) who said right at the beginning of episode one: “everyone in town is connected to the loop in one way or another. You’ll hear all their stories in time.”

A man buys a robot to protect his family, two boys stumble across a rusted shell that can convert their souls, each story seems to focus on these artifacts and their special abilities. However, as each story unfolds it becomes increasingly clear that the audience will never know the reasons behind these relics and devices, and that their mystery and origins are secondary to the human arc. things they facilitate. Halpern is using the genre to tell heartfelt stories from various walks of life that resonate with people, in a way that reminiscent of Netflix’s Black Mirror.

The series begins with a seemingly story about a girl searching for her lost mother, then turns into a self-reflection of the characters who desperately try to hide from it, but in the end. are just like their parents. The audience then gets to hear the story of the two boys swapping bodies, and while the magic – for a better word – of the relic that allows them to do this is important, the real story is. Talk about everyone’s fear of growing up. will not be commensurate with what they strive for. It also addresses economic and privileged differences, and how these affect people’s chances in life, in a similar way to award winning movie Parasites.

May Tales from the Loop

Perhaps the most moving is the story of May falling in love with another guy while still in love, and using a device that can stop time to shirk any responsibility towards those she might hurt. She uses the device to spend time with her lover, in a frozen moment, so she can avoid the heartache of ending her current relationship. She feels trapped; like this moment is the only space she can find to be with the man she loves, where the whole world won’t get in the way. While this sci-fi plays a role in the story, like it does at every stage of this anthology, the story is really about her adverse fear of being alone, as well as her relationship with others. her unhealthy relationship with friends and family. Here is a deeper and arguably more accurate example of time travel than others previously shown on movies like Predestination.

Tales from the Loop is an odd mix of genres audiences are already familiar with, using the narratives of both, but taking it in a different direction. In this era of fast-paced sci-fi horror, or space age thrillers, it’s great when you have time to focus on complex human content and nuances. Though the show sometimes feels like it’s dangling unresolvable things in the audience’s faces to draw them in, creating the facade of a complex and rich world that simply unattainable, the show really shines when it comes to People’s human heart and inner richness.

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