This is why Kamala doesn’t hesitate to trust Jussie Smollett

ONEis the test of Jussie Smollett, before Empire accused actor fake your own hate crime, which began on Monday, a 2019 tweet from Kamala Harris called it “an attempt to dissociate from modern times” and stated that “no one should fear their life because of their gender or the color of their skin.” them” has surfaced on social media.

In case you forgot, Smollett, black and gay, claims two masked men “Bleach him, put a rope around his neck and say, ‘This is MAGA country! “” In Chicago, all over the place.

For many progressives, the story was “too good to test” – so they didn’t.

While Harris is not the only progressive to succeed in his defense, her comments are particularly notable because she says Smollett has been through a “modern era” and because of the prosecution. The former member would soon become Joe Biden’s life partner.

As Smollett’s story unraveled, Harris attempted to undo her earlier claim by creating a longer one, though without directly addressing her original comments. But her updated statement was correct about one thing: When someone “falsified statements to the police,” she wrote, it “made it harder for other crime victims to reach.”

It also erodes the credibility of prominent politicians who support it. And this speaks to a bigger problem for Harris: Her habit of making flippant comments and tending to stick to stories that confirm her preferred political worldview.

About Christine Blasey Ford’s rape allegations against Brett Kavanaugh, then-Sen. Harris bluntly stated, “I believe her“And even walked out of the hearing, calling it”fake. Of women who were annoyed by Joe Biden’s unwanted touch, Harris, then opposing Biden for the party’s nomination, said: “I trust them and I respect that they can be. Tell your story and have the courage to do it.” But when Tara Reade made a more serious allegation of rape, after Harris has turned down her presidential run, she suspects (which speaks to another knock on her door: that her beliefs may be influenced by opportunism).

As was the case with Smollett (“one of the kindest, gentlest people I know”), Harris provided a personal testimonial for Biden. “The Joe Biden that I know is someone who really fought for women and empowered women and equal rights and women’s rights,” she said.

So if she knows you and likes you, is that enough?

Of course, Harris is not the only one guilty of a questionable assessment.

Before Derek Chauvin’s trial began, President Biden consider, say “I’m praying the verdict is the right one, which is—I think it’s overwhelming in my opinion.” This was discouraged from coming from the leaders of the free world, but the jury was split and there really wasn’t (and wasn’t) a major national debate about whether Chauvin, a police officer at the time. At that time, is it a crime to kill George Floyd or not?

A more recent (and troubling) example occurred during the Kyle Rittenhouse test. Although Biden never “explicitly” called Rittenhouse a white supremacist, according to SnopesOn two occasions, Biden made a comment or advertised an advertising campaign that strongly suggested that Rittenhouse was a white supremacist, or at the very least, closely affiliated with fundamentalists. white supremacy and/or militia groups”.

Not so long ago, the term “white supremacist” was reserved for… white supremacists. You know, people like David Duke. Today, the term is unleashed so indiscriminately that it has lost some of its former power. Thanks to derogatory inflation, many consider it a false or inflated charge.

Indiscriminate use of language not only erodes our trust in an individual guilty of using the allegation, it also makes us unpopular. real allegations. When everyone is a white supremacist, nobody is a white supremacist. You can thank the likes of Biden and Harris – who, back when she was against Biden, suggested that he worked with separatists to oppose the sale of dust to promote segregation. treat – because of that plot.

Another problem is politicize everything. At a time when one’s stance on a COVID-19 vaccine is a pretty good predictor of his political partisanship, it’s predictable that celebrity trials will also be caught in the crossfire. However, opponents of tribalism should resist this temptation. What we should start with is due process and rules of law. And to be fair to Biden, his initial response to the ruling — “The jury system works, and we have to follow it” — was right.

But our top leaders say the right things aren’t enough after they have exhausted all other options. When our top elected political leaders have trouble with rhetorical tests and biases (and possibly biases), they contribute to distrust of the world. elites and institutions of the United States.

We should expect more from them. Biden and Harris should do better. This is why Kamala doesn’t hesitate to trust Jussie Smollett


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