This is what the MTG, the Left and the Metro Shooting Suspect all agree on

In the usual flood of stupid speculation shortly after Monday morning’s subway mass shooting, then again after police identified a “person of interest” Monday night, people from both ends of the political spectrum have converged contract with self-described “damn mental patient” Frank James.

It was the same James suspected of attempting the subway massacre and who had previously released YouTube videos of 9/11 as “the most beautiful”, white people being exterminated. race like, black people like him are “cattle” and homosexuals “Damn Predators.” But James, like a number of politicians on both the left and the right, also insisted that there was no way New York City Mayor Eric Adams could police his way to public safety.

“He couldn’t stop the damn crime in no subway,” James, who Adams designated Tuesday morning as a “suspect in the shooting,” said in February of the train safety plan. subway that the mayor just launched. “He won’t stop,” for all entry and exit points in the system.

“With this program, with all these policemen, I will still be on the streets. I know I can get off the bus because they can’t be everywhere,” laughs James. “Those who continue to commit crimes, like shooting? That means you have to have police at every station, and that’s just not possible.”

Indeed, James allegedly escaped after the shooting, when it seemed like everything could go wrong with the NYPD. At least one officer in the station to which the train pulled up shortly after the shooting was unable to get their radios working underground, and had to tell everyone to call 911. A “malfunction” in the camera system had meaning there is no footage of James for the authorities to pull.

Responding to the shooting and the technological flaws that may have helped James escape before his arrest on Wednesday, the mayor called for more technology to maintain public safety, though he appears to be doing so. appeared exactly what he had in mind. .

But while Adams is at least talking about restoring public safety and holding himself accountable for it, some worrisome lawmakers seem to agree with the suspected shooter’s view that the government government is incapable of protecting citizens and maintaining order.

“[S]The shooter was known to the FBI, who carried out the mass shooting in the NY subway terrorist attack the day after Biden’s gun control speech,” tweeted Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, who added that “the FBI is too busy with conspiracies like setting up guys in Michigan and spying on her MAGA that they set up on J6.”

She also eloquently asked, “With New York’s strict gun control laws, how many innocent people take up guns when bad guys with guns violate existing laws and start shooting people?” She then replied, “Gun control laws only create victims and the bad guys don’t care about the law.”

Somewhere in that mess lies the core argument of a new group of new law and order “Republicans of Rittenhouse,” as my brother Jake called them, who see the state as the basically unreliable (so it’s not just the “swamp”, but the whole thing) and the police are just thug agents of the state, so everyone just needs to be armed at all times, including even on ships, to protect themselves from “the bad guys. ”

What could happen?

“In both parties, senior legislators centered on the idea that the police are fundamentally dangerous, and that a state monopoly on violence is a mistake.”

New York City may soon find out, as the Supreme Court’s new conservative majority is poised to overturn the city’s gun-licensing laws in a decision later this year that could bring back gun rights. publicly or even concealed here – this would make it all but impossible for the NYPD to even try and find illegal guns.

Meanwhile, many local lawmakers seem to share James and Greene’s opinion that there’s really nothing police can or shouldn’t do about guns in New York City, where the number of shootings has more than doubled since 2019.

City Council members and state parliament members representing the county where the shooting took place, Alexa Avilés and Marcela Mitaynes, made a long joint statement begins by saying “we are so grateful to first responders” before stating that “what our community needs now is reassurance that…our pain will not be used as scapegoat for policies that don’t make us safer. We know that a greater police presence on trains or in neighboring areas will not prevent this.”

They concluded by calling for “strong investment in international programs and violence prevention, full employment and secure housing in the future – before more people are injured.”

Good luck in the meantime, everyone!

While Greene is just a slogan, the city government is responding to a lasting dynamism in New York City in which the answer to every question — starting with “Why do things go bad?? ” or “Why does everything get better?? ”- always seems to be more money and grandeur for the police. But the tendency to automatically expand the police force, and make them the answer to all social problems, has created a mindless mantra on the left that sees security control as always. and it’s illegal everywhere – the answer to no problem, not even mass shootings.

In both parties, senior legislators centered on the idea that the police are fundamentally dangerous, and that a state monopoly on violence is a mistake.

With the center out, the idea on the left side is that the state has to fix the root causes, and that the police can’t do anything about the crime in the meantime except ruin the lives of the people. people. And on the far right, it’s people who need to protect themselves rather than outsource that work to the armed functions of a corrupt state.

But the take-out is similar. That’s what the crazy man in these videos said. This is what the MTG, the Left and the Metro Shooting Suspect all agree on

Russell Falcon

Russell Falcon is a Interreviewed U.S. News Reporter based in London. His focus is on U.S. politics and the environment. He has covered climate change extensively, as well as healthcare and crime. Russell Falcon joined Interreviewed in 2023 from the Daily Express and previously worked for Chemist and Druggist and the Jewish Chronicle. He is a graduate of Cambridge University. Languages: English. You can get in touch with me by emailing:

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