This is the hardest boss in the Elden ring

Elden Ring Fans are wondering what is the hardest boss in the game, and there are quite a few contenders vying for the top spot.

From the software, the game design is impeccable, and the sheer effort that the developer puts into the title is evident from the game’s vast yet fascinating world and the wide variety of bosses present. Although these bosses pose a nightmare for players, there is no denying that there are no rivals in terms of their design.

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The high difficulty level is synonymous with the game Souls, and Elden Ring is no exception. The game is downright brutal at times and even though you may have the best gear and perfect attributes, you can still be easily destroyed by bosses.

Elden Rings | Live Action Trailer



Elden Rings | Live Action Trailer





This is the hardest boss in the Elden ring

While there are a lot of bosses in the game that are difficult to take down, when it comes to the hardest of the bunch, there are three contenders for the top spot. First, we have the Starscourge Radahn. This should come as no surprise to those out there, as anyone who has ever raised this monster knows what we’re talking about. The fact that even some veterans of Souls consider this almost broken says a lot about how difficult it is. While the player gets the help of NPCs in this fight, it still barely makes a significant difference and still relies heavily on your skills to be able to read your attacks. Man, this is extremely difficult.

While Radahn is a tough character to break, the next boss is just an angry one. That is none other than the Valiant Gargoyles that you encounter in the city of Nokron, which is unlocked after defeating General Radahn. Don’t get us wrong, Gargoyles is really well designed and it’s a great fight. However, the entire encounter is ruined by an enemy attack, and that is poison. Without it, it could have been one of the best fights in the game, but the poison attack simply makes it nasty and hard to take down. Players can get poisoned that will drop their HP quickly and that takes away all the fun.

This is something everyone will agree on, even if you don’t consider the previous two things difficult. Malenia, Blade of Miquella, is a beautifully designed boss fight that is not only aesthetically appealing, but its moves are also commendable. However, when actually defeating the boss, it is difficult for it to recover on its own. The healing part is what makes it so hard because watching all your hard work go in vain is just upsetting. If this fight probably doesn’t have the healing part, it still makes it onto our list of hardest bosses, which is tough. With healing, however, it makes it worse to a considerable extent. This is the hardest boss in the Elden ring


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