This is a strange life: Repetitive comparisons

Original Strange La river life is a bit of a modern classic, loved by many enthusiasts for its fun time rewinding concept and grounded story. Life is Strange: Remastered not all that is needed, as the original game is already pretty well organized. That said, this new version offers some undeniably improvements that make the game look more modern than before. However, it may not be enough that original owners are necessarily scrambling to upgrade. Before the storm also received a remake, but since there are more changes in the original (and it’s an older game), I think it’s better to focus on the first one.

As for what’s different about the picture in Life is Strange: Remastered, the biggest difference is that the facial animations have been removed to make things less stilted. The faces now animate differently, but they’re still somewhat constrained by the character models, so this doesn’t make the biggest difference in the world. Going back and forth between the two versions, it’s not the most obvious thing in the world and which one you prefer will come down to personal preference. I like things that have been shaved off, but I can easily do without them all at once.

One immediately noticeable difference is that the textures have received a massive overhaul. The original game’s textures had an almost watercolor look to them, which I couldn’t help but feel was a focused art-oriented decision. In Life is Strange: Remastered, these watercolor-like textures have been replaced with more realistic textures. The game looks more realistic on a large scale, really, but that goes completely in the direction of the original game’s art, so again, it’s down to preference. Suffice it to say, if you liked the simpler, more dreamy look of the original, this remake doesn’t look like much of an improvement to you in terms of the look and feel of the world.

Life Is Strange Remastered 5

Honey, what do you have? done with your hair?

One way the original game is most outdated when viewed with modern eyes is by the hair. In the same way that general textures with watercolors look like, so does hair. It’s awkward to look at and makes the characters look more like dolls. Life is Strange: Remastered gives most models new, more lifelike hair. This is one way that the game completely improves on the original. This extends to characters with facial hair. In the original, Mr. Jefferson’s beard was just a flat color on his face. Here, he actually wears his facial hair. On another note, FXAA is the only anti-aliasing program available here, while the original has FXAA and MSAA. Freak.

Life is Strange: Remastered It also looks a lot better when you’re outdoors. The original game doesn’t have much grass because it has a grass texture. But looking at the grassy areas now clearly shows that these formerly barren parts are now adorned with actual blades of grass. Again, this is notably a different art direction, but I can’t see it as anything more than an improvement. In addition, the light is more realistic, as are the reflections. This is simply a game that looks more realistic. Here are some direct comparisons between the two to give you a better idea.

Life Is Strange Remastered 2

Life Is Strange Remastered 3

Life Is Strange Remastered 4 This is a strange life: Repetitive comparisons


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