This classic sci-fi remains one of John Carpenter’s finest works

John Carpenter is a legend in the horror community. With a career spanning more than 50 years, he has brought to the world Halloween Franchising, The Thing, and Fog as well as creating great music to accompany his films. To this day, with its 74th birthday just celebrated, Carpenter continues to create new features, expand on existing cinematic mythology, and tour with new music.

While his contribute to the horror genre His prowess in the action and sci-fi genres should not be overlooked. In fact, it could be argued that one of his most distinctive features is in the latter category. They live debuted in 1988 and has since become an icon of cinematic history not only because of its interesting plot and visual effects, but also because of its scathing political commentary on capitalism and capitalism. consumption.


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“Rowdy” Roddy Piper Starring They live as Nada, a construction worker on the fringes of society. He meets Frank (Keith David), a co-worker, who takes him to a soup kitchen/homeless camp for food. Both are opposed to the state of the world, Frank is bitter and angry at the inequality between the rich and the poor and the battle to live, while Nada believe in hard work and finally get what’s due.


In the camp is a television that is periodically interrupted by pirate signals warning of the evil lords controlling humanity. During one of the broadcasts, Nada notices a priest speaking along with the hacker’s speech and observes him and the de facto leader of the Gilbert prison entering the church on the way. The next day, Nada investigated the church, finding “They Live We Sleep” scrawled on the wall and a tape recorder recording choir rehearsals. It turned out that the church was the headquarters of the resistance, and they are producing Sunglasses can see through lies.

The church was immediately raided by a group of armed police, who also brought a bulldozer to destroy the temple. The police brutality and carelessness continued, demonstrating their extreme lack of empathy as they straightened and beat people up in a protracted string of violence. The next morning, Nada returned to the church and was confused as to why they were hiding the boxes of sunglasses. Confused until he puts on a briefcase and finds that the world is indeed filled with sublime messages tell people to sleep peacefully, obey and consume.

With the glasses on Nada can see the creatures that have entered the human race, and they are ugly. Skull monsters with bulging eyes looked at him from all angles and soon enough they realized he could see. What follows is Nada on the run, trying to simultaneously evade and take down our evil lords. Along the way, he roped in Frank after they had a force the tough guy to fight lasted just over 5 minutes (definitely a way to take advantage of Piper’s wrestling background). Piper utters incredible lines throughout, the most famous being “I came here to chew bubblegum and kick my ass… and I’m out of bubbles.” but we cannot ignore the equally classic story “Brother life’s a bitch, and she back up”. Piper’s character even loose Duke Nukem with the game including a version of the bubblegum line.

Nada and Frank finally arrive at the alien headquarters, seeing their true influence. Human elite forces have joined forces with the aliens to help them expand their power over the planet. While there, they find an old friend who has joined forces with the aliens and pretends they have to to get a tour of the facility. Of course, they take advantage of this to find the source of the signal that is controlling people. They live ending in mixed emotions. Nada stopped the signal, allowing the people of the city representing LA to see what was hidden. However, in the process, neither he nor Frank can die see what the future will be Now the secret is out.

They live was a timely commentary on society when it was released and continues to resonate to this day. Some will say more than ever that the film highlights the growing divide between the ruling and working classes as the distribution of wealth continues to determine who thrives. With increasing access to technology and constant pressure to be connected, people are constantly being bombarded by promoting from in-video ads and games to never-ending shopping apps and next-day delivery. Now even our homes have no respite as work and life increasingly merge causing people to work longer hours without extra pay. When it comes to the legacy of They liveno need to rework as it is still detected before present day in 2022 as well as in 1988.

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