This alien invasion thriller has a good surprise

The alien invasion of the sci-fi and horror genre is a tough fight to master. Not every movie can be as powerful or thought-provoking as Invasion of body hunters or Signal. Usually, viewers hoping for a creepy alien watch end up with something like Fourth type or The invasion and it just didn’t hit the right mark.

There’s not too much Horror new alien invasion movies coming out these days, maybe because it seems so hard to make something good and so easy to fail. There’s also a good chance they’re out of fashion after a bit of a boom in the 1990s and 2000s. Alien Invasion is a subgenre that people would certainly love to be brought back to the spotlight if it did. well done.


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A horror movie about an alien invasion must be creepy. It has to have tension and it has to be a bit confusing and confusing to be effective and engage people. Bonus points if it sounds realistic, as an alien invasion is something a lot of people really fear. Viewers looking for that kind of vibe should check out an underrated subtle movie since the early 2010s capture all these aspects.

dark sky keri russel

In 2013, director Scott Stewart released his own alien invasion thriller titled Dark sky. The film stars Keri Russell and Josh Hamilton as a couple with two sons who begin to notice some strange things around their home and family. After doing some research, they begin to suspect that they are victims of an alien invasion and must come up with a plan to save their family from harm or even death. kidnapped. Although Critically, this was not a huge hit, its user score is still moderately high at 6.3/10 on IMDB, and there’s good reason for that.

Dark sky is a creepy slow burn with lots of twists and turns. It’s very reminiscent of the haunting movies of the time because of how its plot progresses, but the fact that the alien invasion is themed as opposed to a ghost story makes it very interesting. should stand out. Maybe take some clues from Signal, this movie gives a lot of clues to its ending. Unsettling small events play out throughout, making for a grand explanation and an explosive ending.

These little clues are played out really well. The movie made make good use of jump scares, but most of them are actually quite effective, and none are particularly cheap. Whether it’s flocks of birds flying into the window, or the protagonists suddenly finding themselves in the undead like zombies, these scare scenes are truly terrifying. One might also think that since this movie is almost 10 years old, it might look really bad in terms of special effects. Dark sky really made in such a minimalist way with just simple special effects it doesn’t look bad at all.

josh hamilton dark sky

As Dark sky With two children in the lead, it is easy to think that the quality of the performances could suffer. Horror children can just be very annoying, depending on how they are written and acted upon. However, the child actors in this film fully hold their roles. Keri Russell and Josh Hamilton in the lead role of the film are also really good and convincing. Since there’s a huge amount of physical work here, that’s impressive. There is also a highlight in this movie that JK Simmons appears as a supporting character. As usual, he is a phenomenon and in many ways steals the show.

The ending is a very controversial part of this movie. It’s loved and makes a decent movie good, or it’s too cheesy and makes for a lousy movie. Personal preference will come into play as there are cases for both arguments, but no one can deny how explosive it is. While there so many delicate moments throughout the rest of the film, this begged for an explosive ending and that’s what the audience was given. It’s interesting and complex, and every little clue picked up throughout the film serves as a clue to a big reveal that’s about to happen. Some will call it predictable, but some will be off their feet.

Before a major resurgence in the late 2010s, horror was largely dismissed as a genre, to begin with, because film quality wasn’t always there. Because of that and its bare minimum, it’s no surprise that this one didn’t go down as a huge success. Maybe a few years have passed and it can be seen with a fresh set of eyes, there is a chance for Dark sky to find a new fan base who will appreciate it.

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