This 90’s anime is a good fit for Stranger Things fans

Many stranger things Fans are still stunned by everything that happened in season four. Unfortunately, loyal fans will have to wait until season five for more storyline in this universe, meaning they’ll likely be looking for similar shows that hold up in story quality.

What attracts viewers stranger things First up is the visually stunning and immersive world, the unique yet nostalgic concept, and the inspiring yet relatable characters. Fans hoping to discover a new series that could stand up to this structure will look to the 1996 anime series. The Vision of Escaflowne.


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The anime follows a high school girl with unusual powers who finds her own reality interrupted by that of another world. There she meets two young men, the king of Fanelia, Van, and a knight named Allen. She uses her powers to aid them in their war against the Zaibach Empire trying to overthrow their homeland of Gaea, learning more about their powers and even her past in the process.

In many ways, this 90’s series is an anime ahead of its time. It has empowering portrayals of female characters (for the time period), shows a relatively high diversity among characters, and explores man’s impact on the planet. The series even added a film to the franchise to further explore the complex world. Similar to stranger thingsit explores a universe steeped in both science and magic.

The sound of The Vision of Escaflowne is very similar to that of stranger things, as it weaves multiple dark elements with vulnerable human emotions. Also like stranger things, it masterfully blends genres and adds multiple dense layers to the story. While stranger things moves on the border between horror and sci-fi, The Vision of Escaflowne balances elements of sci-fi with fantasy. However, it takes a few episodes for the blending between the two genres to become apparent, as at first it just looks like robots and other futuristic technology in an otherwise Renaissance-looking fantasy setting. While these two genres seem to be at odds with each other, the series does an excellent job of revealing how it all ties together throughout the story.

Another quality that is similar stranger things and likely to appeal to viewers is that it has the structure and aesthetics of another decade. Several elements of the series that originated in the ’90s reflect that decade, such as the characters’ hairstyles, outfits, and concerns. The story itself, on the other hand, seems to defy time as it contains elements from so many different eras ranging from the Renaissance to a technology-based future.

An element of stranger things The legendary fourth season that fans couldn’t get enough of was the soundtrack that complemented the story beautifully. While The Vision of Escaflowne probably won’t reveal any undiscovered hits from another decade, its soundtrack reflects the story well. It mainly consists of dramatic instrumental music that perfectly reflects the tone, plot and emotions in each scene. The music of this series is not necessarily catchy, but certainly arouses the corresponding emotions. The show’s music has even been released as CD soundtracks, although they have not been produced worldwide.

Even the themes of the two shows are similar. Escaflowne focuses on the concept of destiny and themes of stranger things revolve around the possession of one’s own power. in the Escaflowne, Destiny is explored as far more complex than being decided by oneself vs. being decided by omniscient forces. in the The Vision of Escaflowne, a person can determine the direction of his destiny, and if he chooses the right direction (doing good), things will always turn out well. in the stranger things, each of the main characters has some kind of gift or power that makes them a valuable asset for the team, and the strength of these powers depends on how well the owner embraces them. Both themes seem to suggest that life is what you make of your situation.

Beyond what it’s like at eye level stranger things, the show just has a good plot and structure. The plot itself is intellectual, action-packed and full of emotion throughout. The characters are believable and all stand out for their uniqueness, yet complement each other and create an interesting dynamic. The protagonist Hitomi, who as a young girl struggles to understand her powers and use them to help those she cares about, is very similar to Eleven. Surprisingly complex with an interesting backstory, the villain is quite similar to Vecna ​​in his perception, goals, and even his voice.

While The Vision of Escaflowne only in production for a year and with a film addition, it’s a story dense enough to satisfy viewers looking for something new to immerse themselves in. If all similar elements between and stranger things are not enough to talk about the quality EscaflowneYour fans just have to watch it and see for themselves.

The Vision of Escaflowne is currently available to watch on Funimation, Prime Video and other streaming platforms.

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