Thinking of a Tesla? Here are answers to some common Model 3 questions

This is Tesla

for the masses – as long as they can afford a car that costs more than $40,000. Originally promised as a $35,000 EV, the Tesla Model 3 ended up becoming more expensive as the automaker realized that building a cheap EV was easier said than done. Still, the Model 3 remains the best-selling Tesla, and it continues to perform very well for the company.

How much does Tesla Model 3 cost?

The least expensive Tesla Model 3 is the Standard Range Plus Model 3. Rear-wheel drive. This car has a range of 262 km and has a starting price of 43,990 USD. Although that price could change at any time. Tesla has a habit of raising and lowering Model 3 and Model Y prices without warning. The most recent price hike of $2,000 across the board was on October 24, 2021.

For those looking for four-wheel drive and more range, there’s the Long Range Model 3. It offers 353 miles of range and starts at $49,990. The Performance variant will empty your bankroll at $57,990. It has a range of 315 miles, but it will accelerate from 0-60 mph in 3.1 seconds.

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How to turn off Tesla Model 3

Tesla has introduced a cool trick with its vehicles. When you get out of the car, it will turn itself off. When you get back into the car, it will turn itself back on. After driving a Tesla Model 3 for several weeks, it can be a little frustrating when other vehicles have to manually turn it on and off.

If you need to turn the car off while sitting, put the car in Park and apply the brakes, and via the infotainment touchscreen, navigate to Controls > Safety & Security > Power Off to turn off the Model 3.

How long does it take to charge a Tesla Model 3?

Charging speed depends on many factors. If the vehicle is connected to one of Tesla’s Supercharger stations, Tesla says the station will increase its range by 175 miles in 15 minutes. As with most automakers, this charging rate is typically based on charging to 80% in mild weather. Everything is over and charging will slow down due to the physical nature of the battery.

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A more definite answer is that the Long Range and Performance units can charge at 250 kW through a compatible Supercharger station. The Standard Range Plus version charges a bit slower at 175 kW through a compatible Supercharger station.

Through slower AC charging, (usually the way a car is charged at home), the Long Range and Performance versions support up to 11.5 kW, while the Standard Range Plus version reaches 7.5 kW.

How fast is Tesla Model 3?

With three variants, the speed varies depending on how much you want to spend. That’s the same with traditional gas-powered vehicles. If you want speed, be prepared to pay more.

The Standard Range Plus Model 3 will accelerate from 0-60 mph in 5.3 seconds. There’s nothing to sneeze at, but the Long Range Model 3 drops it by more than a second with a 0-60 time of 4.2 seconds. Meanwhile, for those looking to impress their friends and get from red to red as quickly as possible, the Performance version hits 60 mph in 3.1 seconds.

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How is the sound system in the Tesla Model 3?

While the Standard Range Plus Model 3 has received praise from owners for its sound system, the Long Range and Performance Model 3 variants get an upgraded setup with 14 speakers, a subwoofer and two amps. The result is an impressive audio experience from the EV.

The system supports Bluetooth streaming from Android and Apple

but does not support Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. Luckily, Spotify
+ 1.53%

available as a native app in the Tesla infotainment system so that drivers can log in to their accounts in the vehicle.

Why is Tesla Model 3 so cheap?

A car that starts at around $44,000 certainly doesn’t come cheap, but in the world of electric vehicles, given the Model 3’s range and features, its starting price doesn’t seem to be cheap. How can Tesla sell a car with an impressive range and the latest technology that is a combination of a number of different things.

First, Tesla’s battery engineering and technology is among the best, if not the best in the business. By continuously working to refine the efficiency of the motor and battery, the company is able to offer more range from smaller packages. Smaller packages cost less.

Second, the interior is sparse and most of the hardware buttons have been replaced with features in the infotainment system. Less hardware means less cost. The Model 3 has only a single display in the center of the dashboard and no traditional instrument cluster behind the steering wheel.

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In the end, Tesla got off to a head start over everyone else in the industry. While other automakers are building compliant cars to appease regulators, Tesla has been committed to EVs for more than a decade, and that gives them years of experience ahead of OEMs. traditional.

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