Things we’d like to see in a sequel

For many years, fans of FromSoftware have looked forward to each entry of their work with great anticipation and excitement. Since demons soulsFromSoftware changed the gaming scene and fueled the genre of “soullike” games. elden ring continues this trend, but with a higher caliber of detail, mechanics, and story.

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Consider that elden ring has been out for a few months now, many are curious to see what it will be like elden ring DLC will be or the next game ever. In view of Dark Souls received a trilogy, many hope that elden ring follows, and a elden ring 2 will be on the table with several improvements.


8th A country behind

As for open world games, elden ring is sprawling with location and diversity in the Lands Between. Upon entering the open world for the first time, players may be overwhelmed by the sheer beauty and ability to go anywhere. However, Dark Souls seemed capable of even more variety than elden ring.

For a sequel to elden ring, the game should take place in an entirely new land that exists beyond earthy or snowy places. Dedicated areas with specific weather could make for great and unique locations in a vast open world, giving players an unfamiliar and dangerous environment that the Lands Between did.

7 Lots of NPCs

Part of the charm of FromSoftware titles are the NPCs. Everyone is unique with a great personality and a mostly menacing laugh that they end their conversations with. What makes the NPCs in these games so great is that apparently no one can just have happy endings. elden ring follows, and many NPCs suffer during their quest lines.

FromSoftware should spend time making the open world seem even more inhabited by more NPCs and even giving players the choice to save or help them get to a HUB world, free from danger and the characteristic misery that the NPCs are exposed after quests.

6 Bosses, bosses and more bosses

Fans are divided on one of the biggest aspects dark souls 2, the superiors. in the dark souls 2, practically every room has a boss waiting for a player. Some enjoy this feature and the challenge it brings to a large, intimidating enemy to test a player’s might. elden ring Has a good number of bosses, but some feel copy and paste.

With a continuation of elden ring, the game should focus as much on the main bosses as the first game, but also give a lot of respect to the side and optional bosses. Those that are on the players’ way to the main course.

5 Sekiro’s parrying system

There will always be one of the most satisfying gaming experiences Sekiro: Shadows die twice. The game is FromSoftware’s attempt at creating a story-driven single-player game, yet one that feels just as free and challenging as their other titles. Sekiro: Shadows die twice features a unique combat system.

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Sekiro: Shadows die twice features a parry system that allows the player to perfectly time a parry, which is an incredibly satisfying feeling. It also allows them to better attack their enemies. This feature should be in all future FromSoftware games because it is so precise and fun.

4 More collaborative writing

When it came to the process elden ring, many fans speculated about the involvement of the famous fantasy author George RR Martin. Martin’s work is prolific and is revered for his work on the books that spawned the HBO show. game of Thronesand its prequel series, house of the dragon. Martin’s involvement in elden ring was intended to help create the characters and world before the Elden Ring broke.

It’s great to see a collaboration between video game developers, creatives and writers. It helps authenticate worlds that audiences might not have expected. There are many opportunities to collaborate in art and hopefully fans will see more of them.

3 Bloodborne Dash

To dark souls 2FromSoftware has partnered with Japan Studio and Sony Entertainment to bring gamers a unique experience for the PlayStation 4. bloodborne was this experience. In a cursed city harboring a deadly secret, the player becomes a hunter forced to fight an endless night of hunting. Armed with blades and lots of blood, the game still has a massive following 7 years later.

One of the best properties there is bloodborne was that of the hyphen. Players could no longer roll, but simply sped forward or backward at high speed. This feature made the gameplay feel faster, with quicker and smoother combat instead of defensive play.

2 PvP arenas

One of the many reasons players love FromSoftware games is their intricate attention to combat, as well as the many different builds players can use. Players enjoy testing each other and testing what they’re capable of in PvP, a feature that’s obviously missing elden ring.

PvP is hot elden ringbut not to the invasive extent of Dark Souls Title. Even in souls In games, players could enter a special arena and fight other players without consequences. A elden ring Sequel should have a similar feature so people can fight each other for fun.

1 Full-fledged co-op

Many players still yearn for a co-op open world experience. elden ring has done its best to accommodate this, as most FromSoftware games can be fully played with a friend, but will reset upon player defeat or boss death. elden ring‘s sequel should make the game fully cooperative with no summoning required.

Although the game can be played in co-op, it is somewhat limited as torrent, the player’s stalwart, is not available in co-op. This means that traveling in an open world is impossible and the game limits players to certain areas when together.

elden ring is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC.

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