Things we want to see in future expansions

The world of Sims is, most players would think, full to the brim. And even with so many expansions, there are still a lot of things missing that can be filled in and built on in the future material.

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Since its release The Sims 4 way back in 2015, players regretted the lack of some content. So taking all of that into account, this list will bring together certain things from previous games, as well as things fans have always wanted to add to the series. Hopefully players will explore these paths in the future Sim 4 extension.

ten Agriculture

Features of The Sims 4 Birds and Rabbits

Since Small living in the countryside pack is out, Simmers worldwide are craving more rustic content. Many people have been create more mods that helps ease the need for farming, but many fans are still looking for more farming content.

Huge farming simulation game – just look at it Story of Seasons and Stardew Valley reputation. Even Mule saved and added selectable cells. If an agricultural expansion pack is released, it will surely be glorious and was well received by the fans. Sims can grow their own food and live sustainably, create a business, etc. Plus, if the player doesn’t want to turn their thumbs green, they don’t have to!


9 Threats

sims 4 thieves

It’s unlikely Maxis will choose to release this software as a bundle, but what players have missed from previous games is crime, theft, and other threats. Gone are the days of heart attack when a treacherous thief sneaks into one’s property. Many players miss the thrill this feature adds to the game.

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There is no emergency service in Sim 4, unless one counts the doctor’s profession in NS Start doing expansion. Half the game used to involve keeping Sims safe and good, avoiding crime and house fires, but now there’s nothing nefarious except for Don Lothario (and the occasional install of the right pack, vampire) . Many players are begging EA to bring back the threat level for NS Sims.

8 Transportation Options

sim 4 cars

Yes, Sims can walk around and run between grounds, or take a taxi. But many players find that boring. Previous games have cars, as well as vacation taxis. Even bicycles! To get a bike in NS Sim 4, the player needs the University package. It seems absurd that in 2021 there are still no cars available for use Sim 4.

Simmers really need more options so Sims can travel around. A bus system or public transport would be great, or even something smaller like a skateboard or rollerblading. There may even be different transportation options for different neighborhoods to create different sensations.

7 Color Wheel & Customization

sims . 4 color wheel

It’s not a secret The Sims 4 has taken a huge step back compared to other games, in terms of content and character creation. An aspect that was overlooked in the middle jump Sims 3 and 4 is true customizability.

A new pack could reintroduce the color wheel and other customization options, to allow players to experience a fully immersive experience. Being locked to less than 15 hair colors can really limit Sim creation creativity and a lot of furniture models don’t currently fit. Despite all the other improvements, this is a major negative that still affects the popularity of Sim 4.

6 Lore

sims 4 the goths

Another cornerstone of the Sims franchise is lore: the story, characters, plot can build and dig into the past of families. Sadly, this is something else a bit thin on the fourth iteration.

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A new pack similar to The Story of Sims Expansion of the old would be great. With new stories, families and characters, the possibilities are endless. A pack like this could bring back key characters from previous games. Maybe they’ll be in a new neighborhood with a story for each household and plot points to complete.

5 Arcades & Games

Sims 4 gaming setup

The Sims 4 very focused on the little things and the smaller things for Sims to spend time doing. With packs like Bust the Dust, Tiny Living, and interwoven themed additions, it’s clear where EA’s priorities lie in terms of game building.

With that in mind, a great addition would be an arcade and game themed expansion! There are a few PCs, game consoles, and cool technologies available, but this could easily be extended. Simmers can create entire video games and gaming rooms, like so many games have in real life.

4 Sandbox Neighborhood


Another missing feature that disappeared as the series went on was the sandbox neighborhood creation mode. Sim 2 has the ability to create as many neighborhoods as the player can imagine, select terrain, map out roads and add decorations. A new expansion featuring a sandbox crafting mode will add a lot to the latest game.

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Players will even settle for placing free lots in existing neighborhoods, as there really aren’t many options for build a new mansion. Previous games have more options Sim 4 can, and should bring back.

Speaking of neighborhood customization, the shopping aspect is a smaller factor that can really speed things up. With Start doing expand, stores can be created and run, but compared to real-life services, it’s all a bit thin.

Many players will enjoy the expansion of the mall or even an outdoor mall like the Old Town in Sims, or downtown in Sim 2. NS Start doing The expansion brought retail into the game, but aside from having a plot of land and a property, there’s not much the player has to adhere to. Revival of Open for business definitely necessary.

2 More pets

The game already has cats, dogs, fish, and frogs that the player can catch outside, even though they don’t do anything. All in all, it’s a pretty boring choice for such a huge game. While dogs can be made to look like foxes, the options are very limited.

A good case for a new expansion would be weird, or just than, pet. Sims 3 have horses, Sim 2 there is depth, and Sims there are parrots that can talk. Many people feel the late game is flawed. Imagine: lizards, gerbils, and more. Small living in the countryside added some farm animals, but they are not exactly the same.

first Outdoor content

The Sims 4 team update

Outdoor expansion pack is the big one. Players want things for activities in the garden, pool, park, picnic – the list is endless. For now, there are trees and bushes and a few fountains, but an outdoor package can really add just as much. So far, the only outdoor pack players that really have are Outdoor retreat expansion.

From skateboards to street lights, road signs to zip lines, Sims need some TLC for their outdoor areas. The renovation of the park and outdoor meeting space is long overdue. Players want fewer smaller content packs and more out-of-home additions.

The Sims 4 be available now.

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