Things EA needs to implement in the UFC 4 sequel

After two years without a new entry within EA’s ufc Series, many fans will expect an announcement for the unannounced UFC5. This will not come as a surprise to players as EA’s format is comparable to other titles such as FIFA or battlefield these are often annual publications. But based on the predecessor ufc entries there is a pattern of a two year gap before an inevitable announcement and release.

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As fans await the aftermath of EA’s next step in the release of the new one FIFA 23Fans will expect a new title ufc Series designed to give them the optimal experience they’ve been hoping for.


7 Octagon Interviews

Many UFC fans will be familiar with the famous octagon interviews after Bruce Buffer announces the winner. The inclusion of interviews within the octagon in career mode, exhibition or online play of both players will take the game to a whole new level, allowing fans to immerse themselves in the game even more. It must also be considered when selecting voice lines where voices are actually heard.

This has been a prominent feature in EAs Def Jam Fight for New Yorkin 2004, which gave players the ability to choose what type of voice their created character would use. The addition of this feature would elevate the new title far beyond its predecessors, giving the characters created a new embodiment like never before.

6 Press conferences improved

Similar to recent FIFA titles, EA needs to reinvent press conferences rather than rare cutscenes or ones that don’t seem to offer much control to the player. If EA wants to put fans in the shoes of fighters and allow them to experience realistic cutscenes and scenarios with opponents, that would be one of the most important factors to consider.

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Given the basics already seen UFC3 and 4the only way for developers in these circumstances is through the aspect of a major overhaul to what is already impressive.

5 Detailed career mode

Based on the current titles within the franchise, fans will be aware of the small number of updated features in the transition UFC3 to 4. This ranges from adding a storyline that starts with a trainer to adding some new cutscenes and interactions on players’ social media platforms. In order to overhaul this game mode, EA needs to give fans much more flexibility and have more scenarios that simulate real circumstances.

Unfortunately, options such as moving down a weight class are only dependent on the player losing games and are not a given option if the player continues to win. This means that players who started their career modes in a certain weight class may miss out on fights with other fighters based on their own performance. When creating a simulation as such, there can be very few features that could drastically change the immersion, so this is a prominent change that is required.

4 Similar gameplay to previous entries

Many players will be familiar with the drastic change in controls while jumping UFC3 to UFC4, as the addition of new combos and controls gave players a whole new system to adapt to. It included unusual controls and combinations to perform certain movements along with changing head movement.

If there’s a way for EA to rethink the gameplay of previous titles in any way, it would be incredibly beneficial to the idea of ​​simple controls that players can cherish and remember.

3 contract negotiations

Players need to have full control and flexibility in contract negotiations in the sequel, as just having the ability to add bonuses isn’t very realistic. As the new FIFA 23 As has been revealed, both player and manager career modes are undergoing an overhaul that will give players the flexibility to excel in the midst of negotiations.

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It only makes sense for a ufc Sequel to come and even improve matters, which will add to the level of immersion and realism that EA will surely aim for.

2 Custom soundtrack option

This is another key feature that many of EA’s franchises have been missing. Whether this is due to copyright issues or difficulties in integrating the feature into each game’s system is still unknown. This was in games as possible fifa 15allowing users to upload their favorite music, or even FIFA 13which offered the ability to add audience chants with further audio customization.

In which ufc, Performances play a big part in fans’ love for athletes in the mixed martial arts sport. Players will almost certainly want to fully customize their experience to suit their own playstyle, and access to custom strike themes would be a huge improvement.

The omission of Joe Rogan as a commentator in UFC 4 came as a surprise to most fans as he revealed his lack of enjoyment from it. Without Rogan’s iconic voices and dramatic expressions, fans might feel like there was a crucial piece missing from the posts, as they did UFC4. Hopes remain for his return, but players will have to wait and see if a new game is announced.

Whether or not Joe Rogan can return to the commentary team, EA needs to ensure that the commentary is vastly improved and open to more variety. It can get tedious to hear the same or similar voice lines after each battle, so adding a larger number of voice lines for certain scenarios would greatly benefit the new title and bring it to the level that many have come to expect.

UFC4 is available on Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

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