TheViper just won the first Major of Age of Empires 4 with a long-term wrist injury

In a tournament that drew attention from the former StarCraft experts as well as fans of RTS games, an Empire legendary – carrying a significant injury – was the eventual winner of the first Major Age of Empires 4 Tournaments.

$20,000 GENESIS Event, run by Elite game channel, was billed as the first “primary” for AoE 4, the latest release in a decade-long historic RTS series. The tournament has attracted a wide range of current and former players from AoE 2, AoE 3, Age of Mythology, WarCraft 3, and StarCraft scene. 512 players for the initial qualifiers, with gamers from Europe, North America, South America, Australia, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Japan all competing in the same event.

The final qualifying round has marked reduced to 8 players, there is a uniform propagation of StarCraft and experienced AoE player. In the end, the finals were reduced to two The age Experts: Themistoklis “TheMista” Bonidis, one head The Age of Myths players from Greece have main ladder account with over 90% plus win rate and rjan “TheViper” Larsen, a Norwegian RTS veteran widely regarded as the best Empire all time player.

Both players entered the GENESIS finals with impressive records, but TheViper had one major drawback. The Norwegian has been dealing with a benign tumor on his wrist that is causing enough inflammation and pain to secure surgery. It was serious enough for TheViper this year to upload footage of him playing AoE 2 with the mouse in his non-dominant hand.

However, the ongoing injury does not affect TheViper’s lead in the GENESIS tournament. Norwegians qualify for the main bracket with 2-0 win over ZertoN, the most successful Age of Empires online player in history and one of the top five AoE 4 players in closed beta. TheViper comfortably advanced to the finals with a 3-1 victory over the former WarCraft 3 and StarCraft master Pedro “LucifroN” Durán and RecoveryN, a member of Age of Empires online balanced team.

Before the GENESIS tournament – and during most of the qualifying period – AoE 4 meta is dominated by players who support French civilization. But the first match of the best of seven finals instead saw TheMista take advantage of an early military advantage against the Abbasid Dynasty, which ultimately overcame more greedy economic play by TheViper’s English.

The GENESIS tournament rules mean that a player cannot use a civilization in a sequence after winning a match, so TheMista cannot use the Abbasid for the rest of the tournament. As a result, the second map features TheMista on the super-popular French, with TheViper supporting the early Mongol invasion.

The Mongols are famous for their strategy of rushing into the town center which has become popular in AoE 4’s beginning of the week. But TheViper instead overwhelmed TheMista’s defenses, first relying on some well-placed turrets to stop TheMista’s army from snowballing and then winning with a combination of crossbows and springs.

Norwegian expert and AoE the content creator then won the next two maps, quickly dominating TheMista’s move to the Mongols and winning the mirror match between France and France on Boulder Bay water center.

The Greek language The Age of Myths veterans recovered in the fifth map, punishing TheViper’s attempt to gain an early economic advantage. That allows TheMista to attack Castle Age much faster than TheViper, allowing TheMista to build a siege army large enough to effectively remove TheViper from the game.

The final match saw TheViper deploying the Abbasid Dynasty against TheMista’s French, with TheViper getting ahead early to thwart any early attacks from TheMista. Both players quickly switched to the economic-heavy strategy, with TheMista building three town centers and multiple layers of walls within the first 10 minutes.

However, the super defensive gameplay from TheMista has allowed TheViper to rapidly advance to the Age of Empires while taking control of the Holy Lands on the map. Sacred sites is one of the alternative win conditions in Age of Empires 4: if the player holds them continuously for 10 minutes, the game will end automatically. Capturing sacred sites also generates additional gold for its owner, an important resource for late-game units.

The use of those sites allowed TheViper to draw their opponents into a disadvantageous skirmish, which they ultimately snowballed to win a map, series, and tournament.

When Age of Empires 4 not as fast StarCraft 2, most of the first weeks of AoE 4 was dominated by a lot of aggressive gameplay. The power of French civilization, who has access to the Royal Knights from the game’s second age, and regenerative technologies that allow French players to raid opponents’ villagers with ease and fast. In defense of this, players have responded by choosing civilizations with strong early units, such as the Mongols or the British, creating intense battles based on multiple missions. service.

Beat a 512-man frame full of tops StarCraft, WarCraft and Age of Empires 2 players – the game is famous for its own high skill ceiling for micromanagement, whether it splits up the marines to avoid baneling or dodge the fire Mangonel – certainly very impressive. But to win with such ease and to do so in the face of the pain of a benign tumor in the wrist is an astonishing feat.

Where AoE 4 who heads from here, however, is not known. Although the GENESIS tournament reveals many views towards French domination, players are eagerly anticipating a balance patch this week. However, Developers Relic and World’s Edge have warned that the patch will just “small”, focusing on a bug related to Mongolia’s town centers and “a few well-known errors”.

The patch is slated to go live on Monday, November 15. A revolving status page notes that a “pending update” bug involves players dodging matches. by forcibly exiting the game:

Alt + F4 & Queue Dodging: We are aware and will have a fix soon. This is an issue that we will continuously monitor and manage once the solution is Live, to ensure that players who are using this tactic to avoid queues do not find new ways to abuse the system. system.

Relic and World’s Edge have also not released a competitive roadmap for 2022. However, if voter turnout and GENESIS participation are any indication, Age of Empires 4 will integrate well into the broader esports calendar. | TheViper just won the first Major of Age of Empires 4 with a long-term wrist injury


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