These two RPGs are a great way to spend the Holiday season

As the new year approaches, a lot of us have a bit of extra time. Obviously, one of the best ways to fill these available hours is by playing games. I am not biased. You are on a video game site. What do you think I will talk about? Football flags?

Here are two RPGs that have been around for quite some time but have some notable new content or are available to a whole new audience starting this week. Regardless, both RPGs are a great way to spend countless holiday hours searching, exploring, and working on character builds.

Grim Dawn

Grim Dawn has been on PC for almost six years, but has received two expansions and a battle gauntlet mode to give players that extra awesome ARPG to dive into. This week, the number of people with access to the title is even greater, because The final version of the game launched on Xbox. This version comes with all of the game’s DLC, so a lot of people will experience the game for the first time. Grim Dawn is an ARPG within the framework of Diablo, but with some huge differences. The game begins when your protagonist, who has been possessed by an impenetrable being known as the Aetherial, is about to be hanged for their crimes. But then the Aetherial runs, causing them to lose their memory.

What comes next allows players to let loose on the game’s vast map. Unlike Diablo, nothing is procedurally generated at all. The entire world has always existed and players can go wherever they want, which is underpinned by the way the game handles quests. Most games will give you a large, noticeable mission marker that allows you to easily follow the quests without having to get really familiar with the area. Grim Dawn sure there are some quest markers, but only if you’re nearby. If you want to complete that side quest while hunting down a specific enemy, you’ll have to go to that area and search around until you eventually spot that quest marker.

Grim Dawn (2)

With major plot-free content, along with the game’s two expansions, there’s enough here to keep players busy for a while. There are also a variety of classes to choose from that have wildly different abilities and passives. Plus, one of the expansions allows the player to use a second layer, further expanding the building potential. Grim Dawn is a truly immersive game, engaging no matter what game you’re playing.

Of course, it has full controller support on PC, so even if you’re playing on it, you still have options. It is known that the game was originally designed to be played on mouse and keyboard. However, as far as I’m concerned, it’s also fine on a controller, save for more hotkey options. Also, the PC version has some great mods, including one that lets you play the game in a third-person perspective. Great. If you were looking to spend a few serious hours on an RPG this Holiday Season, and somehow missed Grim Dawn All this time, you can be sure that it remains an extremely worthwhile purchase, whether you’re on PC or Xbox.

Grim Dawn (3)

Scrolls online

TESO launched in 2014, almost eight years ago. Of course, that didn’t stop the expansion from continuing. The game recently received its latest expansion, which brings players to Blackwood, with brand new areas, quests, and more. On Steam, you can buy games, plus all its previous expansions with ease. Scrolls online is an MMO and understandably has hundreds (or thousands) of hours of content for players to let loose. Plus, it’s easily playable solo, so even if you’re not a member of clans when going on a raid, there’s still plenty to like.

Personally, it took me too long to come up with Scrolls online an effort. I played Oblivion and Skyrim to death, but I can’t imagine that an MMO could capture anything I love about the series. Suffice it to say, I was pleasantly surprised when I finally jumped in. It’s definitely not same, but not so, considering the nature of its existence. That said, it’s as close to the main game as possible while still being an MMO, which is quite an impressive feat.

The Elder Scrolls Online Holiday RPG

Sure, there isn’t one huge, interconnected world to traverse, but the game now has a plethora of regions, most of which are so geographically distant from each other that the idea of ​​bringing them into one world opening sounds pretty crazy. Whether you’re staring at the icy peaks of Skyrim, or the towering mushrooms of Morrowind, there are many types. The missions are also completely unlike the missions shown in most MMOs. Instead of a quest giver silently telling you to kill these ten and bring back the other ten, it is handled differently Elder Scrolls Street.

Almost everything is fully voiced with mouth movement, and it’s steeped in lore and story rhythm. True, there’s a lot of “speak to these three characters and come back to me” statements, but a lot of the missions have the same story depth as those in the main games. Whether you’re in disguise to secretly infiltrate the enemy, or trying to help your side fend off attackers, the real mission is more than I imagined. And fight, while MMO-ized, still more Elder Scrolls rather than an MMO, as you can swap between first and third person modes, block, sneak, and use the entire weaponry. This is a really good time to jump into the game if you haven’t already.

The Elder Scrolls Online (2)

Celebrate the Holidays

I love me a good RPG and personally I will be playing the above two games a lot as the new year approaches. However, I won’t think too much about how to build my character. That’s when I’ve crouched in a corner and regretted my actions, not when I’ve just hung around and burned everything. Happy holidays everyone! These two RPGs are a great way to spend the Holiday season


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