These Shows Are As Exciting as ‘BoJack Horseman’

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Show like BoJack Horseman Don’t come here often. Although the show is animated, it is very intended for an adult audience. It was created by none other than Rafael Bob-Waksberg and his amazing creative brain. Some of the great voice actors in the cast include Will Arnett, Amy Sedaris, Alison Brie, and Aaron Paul. Characters in BoJack Horseman all very complicated with lots of interesting layers! There’s nothing simple or basic about this Netflix original TV show. The only regret of the show is that it ended after six seasons when it definitely deserves more seasons than that! Here are some similar shows you can watch if you’re completely lacking BoJack Horseman these days.


There’s a lot of darkness in Amazon Prime’s Undo, which premiered in 2019. Still, it deserves a lot of credit. The show focuses on a 28-year-old young woman named Alma, who is about to die in a car accident. In the end, she survives with new powers she never knew she could have, which allows her to manipulate her relationship with time and uncover the truth about what happened to her father. Miss. One of the main details that attract BoJack Horseman and Undo Finally, the fact that these show each person’s focus on the subject of death and its psychological effects on people.

F is for family

Viewers are currently following five seasons with F is for family, a Netflix original show filled with satire and emotional turmoil. The film is set in the 1970s and tells the story of a father who feels too much pain in his life. He got pregnant when his girlfriend was young, went to war in the war, and now lives in the suburbs with a family he didn’t always get along with. There is a real resonance in the way the main characters in BoJack Horseman and the main character in F is for family spend most of their lives hating who they are and who they are forced to spend time with.

Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty is a show that can be watched on both Adult Swimming and the Animation Network. The film is about a man named Rick who returns to his daughter’s life after going missing for 20 years. While spending time with her family, he is especially close to her son Morty… though her husband is not a huge fan of his arrival in the first place. It turns out that Rick is a savage who wants to use his scientific knowledge to create dangerous devices and go on reckless adventures with Morty. Some of the relationships between the characters here are similar to what you see in episodes of BoJack Horseman, especially having a leader with a gray ethic.

Tuca and Bertie

Universe of Tuca and Bertie related to the same universe in which BoJack Horseman lives so it’s not surprising that these shows are interconnected. Maker BoJack Horseman, Rafael Bob-Waksberg, is one of the executive producers for Tuca and Bertie. The show focuses on two bird women in their 30s who live in the same apartment complex. Even though they are friends, there are many complications in their relationship. The complicated friendships and relationships that can be found here are expressed in quite a few ways BoJack episode.


In spite of Daria is a much older show, which aired from 1987 to 2002, it is still easily comparable to BoJack Horseman. In both shows, the main characters are cynical, a bit depressed, and don’t know how to see the bright side of things. Daria Much more monotonous and straight to the point BoJack Horseman, but if these shows had a crossover episode, it would make a lot of sense.

Good place

One of the biggest reasons Good place is a program comparable to BoJack Horseman is the fact that both shows explore what life after death can be like. The entire premise of A good place Cultivate characters who think they are in heaven but then learn that they are in hell. In BoJack Horseman, he realizes he’s sunk so deeply into his addiction that he’s actually gotten over the other side. He can interact quickly with the people in his life who died before him.

Better to call Saul

Better to call Saul is a quirky prequel to Break and although it has a lot of dark moments mixed in, many episodes are still on the comedic side. This is a big reason why Better to call Saul comparable to BoJack Horseman. Both shows have protagonists who aren’t necessarily “good” people, but they still become people viewers want to be rooted in for some reason.


Change is a Netflix original show that people remember BoJack Horseman because of the aggressive characters who go through a lot of hardships along the way. In BoJack Horseman, he must overcome depression, loneliness and addiction. In Change, the main character is named Princess Bean and she actually fights in physical battles to survive. Both BoJack and Bean share a taste for spirits.

Bob’s Burgers

There is something very charming about Bob’s Burgers since the show tells the story of a tight-knit family struggling to make ends meet. The father of the family runs a run-down restaurant that doesn’t do very well. He has a wife who loves him deeply, but she doesn’t know how to reduce her natural level of discomfort. They have three kids, all very different, but all contributing to the show in their own special ways. Her eldest daughter Tina is in puberty and can barely act. Their middle son, Gene, is a goofy lover who always has the best intentions. The youngest daughter Louise is a bit of a rebellious person. Although there is no family dynamic quite like this shown in BoJack Horseman, the shows are still the same as they both have a lot of heart-stopping moments throughout.

Opposite Sun

Opposite Sun is another animated show aimed at an adult audience, available to stream on Hulu. The show focuses on a family of aliens who escape from their alien planet to take refuge on earth. After landing in Central America, they struggle to decide if life in the United States is better or worse than the planet they escaped from, and this more adult tone suits Bojack perfectly. perfect.

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