These are the coldest moments in anime history

Some scenes in anime can be quite gory. If you are looking for such scenes then here are the coldest moments in anime history.

Anime shows are full of romance, action, comedy, drama, thrills and all kinds of emotions. The character transformations we see in anime TV shows are far superior to anything we see in movies and TV shows. You never know when a character portrayed as a weakling will show their new form and surpass all other characters in this anime.

When our favorite anime character reveals her true self, it comes as a surprise and we either start to love or hate that character even more.

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Thermae Romae Novae | Official Trailer | Netflix anime



Thermae Romae Novae | Official Trailer | Netflix anime





The coldest moments in anime history

1. Killua vs. Johness The Dissector

If you watched Hunter X Hunter, you can’t help but love Killua. He’s a cute and the cutest guy in the anime, but only until he doesn’t freak out.

Johness The Dissector is the mass murderer of the city of Zaban, who also does not spare children and women. The moment his fight with Killua begins, the next moment it ends. It is revealed that Killua pierced Johness’ chest with his sharp nails and ripped out his heart, killing him instantly, an act of sheer cold.

2. Light Yagami kills Naomi Misora

We think everyone will agree that Light Yagami is the coldest character in anime history. He’s a guy who even risked the lives of his father, sister and girlfriend to achieve his goal of bringing peace to the world. Bringing peace by killing people, well done, light!

After Ray Penber’s death, his fiancee Naomi Misora ​​comes up with a great theory about the Kira case. In order to eliminate Naomi, Light gains her trust and writes her name on the Death Note after being given her real name. Out of curiosity, when Naomi asks why he keeps checking his watch, Light looks her in the eye with a small smile and says it’s because I’m Kira. Preparing for her death first and then looking her straight in the eyes with a smile is what we call a cold moment.

3. Levi Ackerman vs. Beast Titan

Levi is a tough guy with an always intense expression. We bet you don’t remember a single scene where you see this guy smiling. Still, we all know that Levi has a good heart and is always there to help his buddies.

As the Beast Titan eliminates Erwin and other soldiers, Levi sets out to reach the Beast Titan, and then we see Levi in ​​a whole new form. First, he cuts off the Beast-Titan’s hand, slits both of his eyes open, then grabs his legs, dropping him to the ground, finally performing multiple attacks on his neck and extracting Zeke from the Beast-Titan’s body. We’ve seen Levi fight before, but how he handled Beast Titan was a chilling moment.

4. Shanks scare off Sea King

Shanks is one of the most recognizable characters of One piece. He has a soft heart and a friendly nature. The way he’s portrayed, it’s hard to believe that Skanks can have a cold moment even in anime.

When Luffy is drowning in the sea, the monster known as the Sea King appears and is about to devour Luffy. But Shanks arrives on time and saves the little boy. Shanks loses his arm in the incident and the Sea King attempts to attack again. But then Shanks starts looking all demonic. He stares straight into the Sea King’s eyes, and his devilish eyes full of blood thirst are enough to scare the Sea King away.

5. Zenitsu vs. Spider Demon

There are many characters in it Demon Hunter which gave us some cold moments, but that’s not what you expect from Zenitsu. He’s the guy who’s scared of even the slightest threat. But as soon as he goes to sleep, he comes to his true form.

When Tanjiro and other Demon Slayers are attacked by Spider Demons, Zenitsu is poisoned by the Son Spider Demon. At first he is startled by the demon, but then he falls asleep and the action begins. Several spiders attack Zenitsu at once, but he kills them all and then goes to the Son Spider Demon. And next we know that the demon will be decapitated by Zenitsu.

6. Kurapika and Uvogin

You can’t expect us to forget about the fight between Kurapika and Uvogin Huter X Hunter. Uvogin is super strong and he killed the three big Nen users Porcupine, Rabid Dog and Leech without much effort. On the other hand, Kurapika seems to be the complete opposite of Uvogin.

When Uvogin and Kurapika fight, Kurapika seems to be in big trouble. But then it turns out that Kurapika has put his chain of judgment around Uvogin, which he cannot break at all. Kurapika begins torturing Uvogin, making him spit blood and likely breaking most of his bones. Eventually he catches his heart in the chain of judgment and crushes it.

7. Saitama vs. Carnage Kabuto

Karnage Kabuto is one of the strongest villains in the world A hit anime He quickly knocks out Zenos as Zenos reaches his full potential. After Kabuto defeats Zenos, Saitama steps in to fight him. But it seems like Carnage Kabuto recognizes Saitama’s power just by looking into his eyes. Kabuto mentally says that if I attacked him, I would have been killed instantly.

Kabuto transforms into a new, stronger form and attacks Saitama. But little did poor Kabuto know that whatever he would do against Saitama would be in vain.

Bonus moment: L’s funeral scene

If this scene had been added to the death notice series, this would be the coldest moment in anime history. Light has been portrayed as a heartless person throughout the series, but what he does at L’s funeral is so evil that it even scares Ryuk for a moment.

Everyone on the task force leaves after paying homage to L. Light stays there with Ryuk by his side. Ryuk says that now that L is gone, there’s nothing exciting left. Light starts laughing out loud and Ryuk says how the hell can he laugh at someone’s grave. Light gets on his knees and begins to claim his so-called “perfect victory” while gazing at the grave cross. When you see this scene for the first time, you will definitely get chills. These are the coldest moments in anime history


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