These Are The Best Solo Board Games

The best solo board game Scythe

Nothing beats night game. Hanging out with friends and playing board games is always a great and fun experience. But what if you want to play a board game when all your friends are busy? What if you can’t wait until the next board game night?

Do not worry. There are tons of fun and exciting solo board games that allow you to enjoy all the fun of an evening of dice and cards without having to wear pants. Here are the best board games for one’s party.



Gloomhaven is a campaign based tactical combat game. Players play as a roaming adventurer who must travel through a world of monsters, dungeons, and danger as they try to make a name for themselves. This adventure board game also has legacy elements, which means the world still exists and it will change based on the decisions you make as you battle your way through the vast number of monsters. its play. All of this comes together to create a varied and intense game.

Gloomhaven’s Intensive skirmishes work great as a solo game because it lets you spend as long as you like enjoying the world and planning your epic encounters. Cephalofair Games also sells an add-on pack that includes more solo stages, which is a must-buy for single-player fans who want to get the most out of it. Gloomhaven kits.

Sorcerer Knight

Sorcerer Knight

Sorcerer Knight makes you one of the four Sorcerer Knights. You have one goal: Build your army and conquer the land, overthrowing the Atlantean Empire in the process.

This game combines traditional board games, board RPGs, and deck-building strategy titles in a single package. Sorcerer Knight surprisingly deep, with lots of different tactics and strategies. If you are looking for replay value, Sorcerer Knight offers, as you can approach each game differently.

While the core rules only come with a solo scenario, many fans have found it easy to convert multiplayer adventures to activities with the single-player rule set.

Sorcerer Knight obviously the most appealing to larger fans Sorcerer Knight Franchising. But non-fans will still enjoy this game’s distinctive mechanics and quick rules that tell you everything you need to know about the settings to start playing.

A feast for Odin

A feast for Odin

This Viking themed game is correctly described as a storyboard game form. As the leader of a tribe, you must order your people to find new lands so that they can be looted and plundered for material wealth. However, you’ll also have to manage everything back home, including making sure you have enough food to feed everyone.

A feast for Odin quite complex, making it a perfect fit for lovers of heavyweight strategy. In fact, this game is even better when played solo, as you can spend as long as you like plotting moves, allowing you to do in-depth strategies that wouldn’t be feasible with multiplayer. Despite this depth, A feast for Odin is one of the simplest games of its kind to learn, as the rules are well written and very clear, allowing you to get started fairly quickly.

Terraforming Mars

Terraforming Mars

Very popular Terraforming Mars It’s also an equally enjoyable solo with friends. As the title suggests, the game is about making the red planet terrain habitable for humans. Players take on the role of a megacorp that must manage oxygen, establish shelter, and attempt to plant trees as they build a new home for humanity in the stars.

The solo scenario for this game is very similar to its multiplayer, with only a few key differences that set them apart. Like when you play with friends, Terraforming Mars requires quick thinking and decisive strategy to get the most out of your resources on the go. There’s also a lot of variety if you like the base game, with some expansions that make Terraforming Mars even bigger. When it comes to table colony manager, this is a game you’ll come back to again and again.



An alternate history game set in mechanized post-World War I, Scythe You play as a faction leader who wants to bring their group back to power. You do this through intensive resource management, territory control, and engine building to help grow your faction. Like many games of the same genre, Scythe strategy-heavy, forcing you to use your wits to survive.

Of the scythe The solo version uses the Automa deck, which acts like another player. While this player is literally modeled on the cards, it often feels like your opponent has a realistic personality, to the point where a solo game feels a lot like a multiplayer game. This makes Scythe an incredible achievement so far as the single-player board game goes, and well worth the time for fans of strategy alone.

Rurik: Dawn of Kiev

Rurik Dawn of Kiev

This medieval historical epic sees players trying to prove themselves worthy of the throne of Kievan Rus, formerly held by their late father Vladimir the Great. To do this, you’ll need to gather resources and capture territory, all while using the auction system to take actions. Grow your empire and return your land to its former glory.

When playing solo, Rurik befriend a character called Sviatopolk. This character is controlled by a deck of cards. These cards are really well designed, allowing Sviatopolk to react to your play and counter your actions. Although he is not as smart as a human player, he can still give you a run for your money if you are not paying attention.

Arkham Horror: The Card Game

Arkham Horror

Inspired by the works of HP Lovecraft, Arkham Horror: The Card Game offers a fast, fun and exciting horror experience. Like the books that inspired it, you’ll find clues, solve mysteries, and encounter strange and terrible creatures. This is done by creating a deck and going through multiple branching levels that give you a different experience every time you play.

Playing alone can do Arkham Horror a bone-chilling Lovecraft horror game, especially paired with the monstrous single-player difficulty increase. Because the Call of Cthulhu tabletop RPG fans, Arkham Horror Definitely not to be missed.

Black Sonata

Black Sonata

Shakespeare’s sonnets often feature an unnamed woman known as the Dark Lady. Black Sonata takes you to London in the 1600s and your mission is to find her and learn her identity. Of course, this means you need to track down the Dark Lady, which is easier said than done, as she’s constantly on the move.

Black Sonata built around a deck of cards, many of which have holes punched into them. Players must place these cards on top of each other for clues, which is an absolutely fantastic twist to the investigative board game format. The game maintains a good level of challenge: There is always a risk of failure, but it never feels claustrophobic, keeping the chase interesting to the very end. Black Sonata It’s a great combination of inference, strategy and atmosphere that you’ll want to replay over and over again.

The cabbage garden of Mr.

Mr. Cabbageheads Garden

The first thing that catches your eye about The cabbage garden of Mr. its art style. The Victorian-themed anthropomorphic vegetables are both cute and creepy, giving the game a truly unique aesthetic.

As Mr. Cabbage, the player must try to grow an award-winning garden by maintaining a supply of bees and growing vegetables according to specific patterns. They also have to deal with nasty neighbors who come to steal their delicious crops or disturb their garden in some way.

This solitaire style game is a fun mix of luck and strategy where you always have to try and stack the odds in your favor as you plant the perfect garden. The cabbage garden of Mr. is a relaxing and engaging card game that is the best way to relax after a busy day.

Lord of the Rings: Card Game

Lord of the Rings card game

Have you ever wanted to go on an adventure in Middle-earth? If so, Lord of the Rings: Card Game might be the game for you. This solo or co-op card game lets you tell new stories using characters, items, and locations from the popular book series.

Lord of the Rings: Card Game uses three decks of cards: Quests, Encounters, and Players. Once you’ve chosen your scenario, you’ll use these decks to build your army, explore the world, and perform quests related to your chosen scenario. The scenarios are varied and interesting, and although they are original, they capture the feel and style of the book perfectly.

Playing NS Lord of the Rings solo is great fun as it allows you to gauge the story at your own pace and the deck building aspect means you can spend hours tinkering with your cards to try and find perfect way to beat each situation. For Tolkien fans new as well as old, this is a must-play Saturday night. | These Are The Best Solo Board Games


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