These are the best gifts for ‘Halo’ fans

For two decades, Bungie’s military sci-fi franchise Halo remains one of Xbox’s most popular and lucrative games. The popular first-person shooter⏤ led by game developer 343 Industries⏤ centers on a super soldier named Master Chief as he battles the age-old star wars between humanity and an alien race known as the Covenant. Halo Still considered one of the best Xbox stories of all time, with five separate installments bringing the franchise over $3.4 billion. Halo became so popular that it even created several movies and animations outside of the game to further tell the story of Master Chief’s ongoing battle with the Covenant.

Now the franchise is back with their latest installment, Halo: Infinite, a multiplayer version was recently on sale earlier this month to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the franchise. The official release of the game’s single-player campaign is set for December 8, 2021.

Even Paramount Plus is preparing to release its live-action series Halo, inspired by the hit series, circa 2022. With the critically-acclaimed video game series returning in 2021 and new shows coming, now is the perfect time to start thinking about Halo collectibles as possible gift ideas for loved ones that just can’t seem to get enough games. Here is an interesting list Halo Toys and collectibles are sure to make great gifts this holiday season.

Energy Sword Replica


If you are an OG Halo gamers, then you know all too well about the popularity of this weapon. Although several different replicas of the energy sword have been released before, the most beautiful is this 27″ Covenant replica from Toynk Toys. Based on the Covenant energy sword from the game, it includes two dual mill-edge 440 stainless steel prongs that are heat-treated and coated with a titanium finish to replicate the original’s transparent look. It also comes with a wooden wall mount so you can proudly display it in your living room. Currently, Toynk Toys charges $65.99 for the copy, but you can find it cheaper on eBay or Amazon.

Halo Boomco Needler blaster


Based on the concept of one of the most effective and popular guns in the game, this Needler Blaster from Boomco is what IGN is now calling “the ultimate Nerf gun for Halo fan. “The toy gun uses a design quite similar to the famous one Halo weapons and includes a light at the top where pink darts stick out like needles. The BOOMco Covenant Needler also comes with a Smart Stick Target so the 16 darts will actually stick to a surface just like in the game. The toy also has a reasonable range of 60 feet, so you’ll have a lot of fun practicing your aim from a distance. For $41, it certainly won’t be a bad choice if you shop online at the Mattel store.

Halo Approach the Brute Chieftain action figure


If you’re really a Halo fan, then you’ll love this creepy Brute Chieftain action figure from McFarlane Toys’ Halo Reach series. Second largest Halo MacFarlane toy ever released and largest in Reach to series, this Brute Chieftain action figure comes with 29 match points and a heavy hammer from the series of games. Finely detailed and painted, this massive toy can cost you around $400 on Amazon, so make sure you’re fully invested before shelling out any money. any.

WETA Cortana Statue


Standing 7.8 inches tall and weighing just 1.3 lbs, this 0.85 weight Cortana from WETA is an artistic interpretation of the game’s relationship between its two main characters. It gives off a transparent look when she is seen from her chip in Master Chief’s hand. This piece is very delicate and artistic and only 1000 of them have ever been built. Although you can’t find stock on the official WETA website, you can still buy one if you can find one on eBay or Amazon. Just be aware that you can pay up to $1500 for just one. A lovely collectible for a hefty price tag, here’s another gift idea you really need to invest if you’re going to spend more than $500.

Remote control Halo vehicle


One of the main ingredients of By Halo The game is a variety of unique designed military vehicles. The vehicles themselves have become so popular that you can even get add-ons for other games like Forza to combine and access your inventory. So instead of getting a drone or a mundane RC car, why not change it up with an RC Halo car from NKOK Racing? Not too long ago, NKOK Racing released a bunch of remote control vehicles from the franchise, including popular land vehicles like Falcon, Warthog, Scorpion, Banshee and Mongoose. By far, the Laser Scorpion Battle Tank is the most popular thanks to its rotating turret with integrated infrared sensor and 90mm high velocity cannon. Thankfully, many of these numbers are pretty cheap and can range from $30 to $50 depending on what you’re buying.

McFarlane Halo indenture Hunter


If you’ve purchased McFarlane’s Brute Chieftain action figure and are happy with paying the best for a good collectible, this Covenant hunter from McFarlane will also delight you. The biggest and most expensive of the original McFarlane Halo The Covenant Hunter Deluxe Boxed Figure line is 9 inches tall and comes with 28 different moving parts. Each moving part has a ball joint at the base, allowing them to naturally follow the shape in motion. The Hunter is also complete with a metal shield and an assault cannon integrated into the armor. Since this gift has been sold out for a while, you’ll have to use collector’s intuition to guide you to this impressive gift on Ebay or Amazon and hopefully you can find it cheaper. the average price is from 80 to 160 dollars.

Halo 2 Full Anniversary Edition plasma rifle replica


One of the most beautiful and popular Covenant guns in the game is the Plasma Rifle. Efficient and reliable, it’s the weapon most players use when they run out of ammo and need something quick to keep fighting. Naturally, the masterminds at Triforce had to give this official copy to fans who wanted to display their favorite backup weapon in their home. The Plasma Rifle replica measures 24.5 inches and features active LED lighting effects for a realistic feel. Expertly hand-painted and made of polystone, this $600 collection is even more limited than the Cortana statue, with only 500 ever made. Odds are you’ll be on the internet for a few weeks to find someone selling it for a fair price. While it may be worth every penny, you’ll want to spend at least $1000 on this limited edition collection.

Halo Reaching the action figure Emile


If you are a big fan of Halo Reach , then you’ll really love this fully articulated Emile action figure from ThreeAToys. At 13 ½”, the A239 actually has some fiber optic body armor that actually glows in certain areas. Emile is fully articulated from head to toe and can even move individual joints in each of his fingers. This figure also comes with an M45 tactical pistol, a Kukri knife with a case, a grenade, and a magnetized grenade holster. A top-of-the-line collection, this is another gift you’ll need to build on a budget if you’re going to pay its $200 price tag.

Master Chief 1: 6 scale figure


If you’re really trying to make sure everyone realizes your love for Halo , then you can never go wrong with the game’s protagonist, Master Chief himself. Another ThreeAToys figure, this 1:6 action figure is 13.5 inches tall and has 35 articulating points that also include the same fingers as the Emile action figure. It comes with an ARC-920 Railgun, an M11 combat knife and an M45D assault rifle. The Master Chief’s helmet also comes with four LED lights and is highly detailed to match the rest of the action figure being precisely sculpted. Considered by many fans to be the ultimate Master Chief action figure, this incredible collection is also a great addition to any Halo fan collection as long as you’re prepared to pay the average $215 you’ll find online.

Halo 5 Guardians Stealth UNSC Prowler 6


Most fans are often drawn towards Spartan action figures and Covenant ships when they are looking for collectibles to stand on various surfaces around the house. It’s rare to see a vehicle like Halo 5UNSC Prowler’s Guardian for grabs, that’s why if you see it, it’s helpful advice to grab it before someone else does. This highly detailed replica of the stealthy UNSC Prowler by Toynk Toys is 3 inches tall, 6 inches long and 4 inches wide with a weight of 12.8 ounces. Beautifully detailed, small enough to fit anywhere in the home and reasonably priced at $59.99, this collection is a great gift to consider for you or your loved one. Halo– Dear friends who are looking for a way to add flavor to their home decor.

Halo 5 Action Figure 1 in the Guardians series Spartan Locke


Standing 6 inches tall, this Spartan Jameson Locke’s beautifully detailed silhouette includes a Battle Rifle and Magnum pistol as highly detailed as the action figure itself. Additionally, this number also comes with digital codes for in-game content, so if you haven’t dominated and switched from Halo 5: Guardian, this will provide at least a little more entertainment. Another good collection for a pretty cheap price of $60, this one is catered for in the hands of a more serious collector than your casual player, as most Halo fans have moved from Halo 5 quite a while.

Which one is in this pile? Halo What gift are you most likely to get the fan in your life? Turn off the sound in the comments!

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