There’s a Halo Infinite bug that fans hope won’t be fixed

Halo Infinite had a number of bugs and issues, but not all of them were bad, with many players hoping for a particular bug to go unpatched.

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NS Halo Infinite The Multiplayer Beta is a way for 343 Industries to help get rid of the game’s bugs before its full release in December. Bugs are unintended but that doesn’t mean they can’t be funny, namely Halo Infinite players hope not to be patched.

Halo InfiniteThe fan multiplayer has been in the hands of fans for over a week now, and in many ways it looks quite different than it did at launch. One thought spreading from the community is that despite the great gameplay, Halo Infiniteprogression system of need to redo, with the current battle pass does not feel all sense. 343 Industries has implemented some temporary measures to ensure players earn consistent XP from each match, which may still not be enough for some, but is much better than the challenge-only approach first this. Recently, players have been annoyed with Halo Infinite’s Fracture: Tenrai event, which fell into some larger battle-like traps.


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Halo Infinite players wanted a bug related to the match starting lineup not to be fixed due to its consistently hilarious results. Crespo2006 on Reddit documents this phenomenon in a video post titled, “A bug caused Halo Infinite should keep”, it’s simply a montage of the Spartan squad messing up with the out-of-place players. Every clip starts out the same, showing the traditional serious intros of the players. Sparta gestured in tandem before the last player’s focus was reached, but they were out of place.Insanely, the camera flew to where the last player was, leading to some hilarious results, as Spartans stare at the wall, or stand in line but facing the wrong line.

Not all Halo InfiniteTheir mistakes are as funny as this one, though. An annoying thing Halo Infinite support target disable error from special weapons that are detrimental to the player control. When starting the game, even with the gamepad plugged in, it prompts the player to press “Enter” to continue, and if done, the controller will play like a keyboard, with no aim assist. Fortunately, however, as long as the player presses start on their controller instead of the keyboard, their controls stay the same (in most cases)—if it doesn’t work, the player play need to restart the game.

Responses to Crespo2006’s post agree on the hilarious bug that is consistently kept in the game. The biggest impact of bugs on the game is Halo Infiniteof the presentation, it breaks the player’s immersion of these serious Spartans who just need to be oriented in the right way. It can be argued that errors can confer a competitive advantage or disadvantage because players can appear further into a map, closer to power weapons or other enemies. However, the occasional occurrence of this bug should at least help it survive some point in the game.

Halo InfiniteThe Multiplayer Beta is available now on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S, with the full game set to be released on December 8.

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