There must be a middle ground with the Resident Evil movie

Resident Evil possibly the most adapted franchise in the decade-long history of video game movies. There have been seven live-action films so far, all of which have suffered some pretty catastrophic failures, despite adopting very different approaches to the original material.

Paul WS Anderson directed six Resident Evil movies for 14 years, some of them are better than others, but all received heavy criticism. This year, director Johannes Roberts brought fans Welcome to Raccoon City, a very different film that had nothing to do with the previous series, but the public reaction was less than expected.


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Anderson’s Resident Evil the film stars Milla Jovovich as Alice, a hero created for the film franchise. In the first entries, the movies take place in the game’s world, but Relatively few direct references. The first movie takes place in the Umbrella Corporation lab and features monsters that were detached from the game, but the characters, story, and plot are all brand new. Gradually, ruined versions of beloved characters like the Redfield siblings, Leon Kennedy, and Jill Valentine appeared in the series.

A licker from Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City

Taking the monster design from the games makes a lot of sense, but the popular fourth movie took the entire cutscene and put it into every frame of the movie. These references become meaningless as they are woven into a broad, sloppy, and unfocused new narrative that has completely abandoned what people love about the franchise. These six Resident Evil movie no scary or tense and doesn’t deliver the franchise’s trademark survival-horror energy. Welcome to Raccoon City tried to bring these elements back into the cinema, but tragically found its own monsters to fight against.

Welcome to Raccoon City received some compliments, the film has the highest audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes except for the 2002 original and some pretty positive reviews. In stark contrast to the previous films, this entry is a fairly direct adaptation of the first two games, has a lot of easter eggs and deals with the illustrious history of the franchise. Even more scathing reviews praised the film’s commitment to the source material and Roberts’ apparent love of classic games. It’s clearly a better attempt at capturing the spirit of the game, but still fails when it comes to scares, writing, and character development. Even a live adaptation can’t translate what fans love Resident Evil into the film environment. Perhaps what works for a horror game; one that forces the player to feel the tension thanks to the magic of interactive storytelling, just not translatable to a passive medium.

So, if creating a full-blown mess with mash-up elements from the franchise doesn’t work, and adapting the game directly to a movie doesn’t work, either, what can fix it? Restore this franchise? Get the best Resident Evil the film is probably still the first, and while that movie still received a lot of criticism, it provides a solid example for the future of the franchise. Direct adaptation is not the way but a dynamic horror story set in the same universe could be the biggest hit in the franchise. The trick is to separate the difference between a major disaster and a Resident Evil name and strictly adhere to the source documents. Resident Evil should make intense horror movies, tell new scary stories in their beloved universe.

Video game movies have always been a complicated proposition, many of which are terrible, creating a healthy skepticism that works against each new entry. Translating an interactive experience into a movie has a number of risks, one of which is well illustrated by Resident Evil. A lot of games are inspired by other works of art, like classic movies. This means that making a movie out of a game already inspired by other movies often results in nothing more than an unoriginal movie with a recognizable name. NS Resident Evil The game is inspired by Zombie Horror by George Romero, but has evolved into a very unique story with its own world of characters and concepts. ONE Resident Evil The film needs to find compelling horror stories in the most unique aspects of the universe around it.

Alice Zombie Resident Evil Movie

They are unique some main characters who are still the center of Resident Evil franchise, but events often throw entire worlds into chaos. That implies that hundreds of millions more are hiding, fighting and surviving in a world invaded by one of the different viruses. Umbrella is a global corporation, their influence must be felt everywhere which means people all over the world may be struggling against their unscrupulous reign. NS Resident Evil The franchise leaves endless space for movies to explore, as long as they find a way to bring in the spirit of the game without taking its direct story line. It’s silly to think that fans got to see it for the last time Resident Evil movies, so when the franchise returns, it’s fun to imagine what it’ll be like this time around.

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