There are too many ghost thieves

Ever since it was first released in 2016, the world just can’t seem to have enough Persona 5. Also for good reason: The JRPG makes a lot of bold changes to the traditional genre, both from a mechanical and story perspective, making it like a breath of fresh air for fans of JRPGs looking something new. Atlus clearly saw the success of the game, and it doesn’t seem like the studio is interested in getting rid of it Joker and his crew of Phantom Thieves anytime soon; as expanded as Persona 5 Royal and sequels like Persona 5 strikers continued to grow with the popularity of the series.

If Atlus plans to continue the story of Persona 5, it needed to deal with a problem that began to arise with each sequel: there were simply too many members of the Phantom Thieves. While from a narrative perspective it makes sense why the team can continue to grow as the reach grows wider, for fans the tracking and balance in gameplay becomes too much, resulting in a sometimes overwhelming experience. Everyone seems to love Phantom Thieves, but the reality of the situation is that Altus will need to tone things down if he wants to continue making games about them in the future.


Note: This article contains the main plot sabotage software for Persona 5, Persona 5 Royal, and Persona 5 strikers.

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The ever-expanding cast of phantom thieves

Persona 5 Phantom Thieves main group photo

It’s not a new sentiment that the Phantom Thief can go a bit too far. Even in the initial release of Persona 5, some fans start to feel it as each new palace brings a new member, so at the time Haru Okumura was introduced In what many agree is a lull in the overall plot, it starts to seem like things are going to get too big from then on. Luckily, Akechi was the only addition after that and he didn’t stick around for very long, so the group was closed to a clean eight member count, maybe a few too many, but not enough to make it. completely overwhelming.

Persona 5 Royal and Persona 5 strikers, however, continues to add to the cast; with Sumire joins the crew to the final palace with the return of Akechi, complete Phantom Thieves with a total of 10 members. By the time both characters were added to the party, it was quite possible to feel the boom as many players felt as though they needed to use the latest additions in the final few hours of the game because of the weight. of stories and simply try out the powers each of them has.

In spite of Persona 5 strikers disobeying the law of Royal, meaning that neither Akechi nor Sumire appeared, it also felt very angry. One of the first major plot beats in the game was the addition of Sophia to the group as another member. Persona 5 strikers‘the third act saw Phantom Thieves apply Zenkichi pub staff for it, give it a cast of 10 again.

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‘The ghost thief problem’

Zenkichi The Wolf

Generally speaking, each new character added to Phantom Thieves are interesting in their own way. However, as palace/prison tracing involves them, they’re often less enjoyable once their moment of prominence is over and their character development complete. They then spend the rest of the game occasionally agreeing to group chats, but otherwise becoming background characters in the story to make room for the next character to join the ranks of Phantom Thieves. .

This becomes a problem when making a proper narrative sequel like Striker because most of the characters don’t have much to do. To overcome this problem, Atlus seems content with adding new characters to the party. However, the truth of that was seen in the play of both Royal and Striker, as players struggle to remember which characters are capable and what can do.

If Atlus wants to continue using Phantom Thieves in other spin-off games, then stories need to shrink, not expand. Persona 5The film’s cast is a fan favourite, and most would be pleased if another title focused more on the interpersonal relationships in Phantom Thieves, rather than needing to develop it to be able to meet its full potential. growing strength of the villains in each game. A sequel game about problems and problems that Joker helps solve Persona 5The main cast of will be very interesting like “where are they now?” instead of general conversations about how well people are doing at the start Striker.

At the end of the day, it’s unclear what Atlus has planned for the cast Persona 5 moving forward, and if even there will be another narrative sequel to the game. However, it is hoped that Atlus can see profits dwindling from constantly pushing new members into Phantom Thieves without giving much thought to who is already there.

If the studio decides to visit again Persona 5its story, it will have to overcome the barrier it created for itself by introducing too many characters to the group, even if it continues from Striker or Royal. Even when it’s no more Persona 5 During development, Atlus can still learn from his previous mistakes by correcting them for Upcoming Persona 6 by checking its cast and not adding other characters without good reason.

Persona 5 currently available for PS4.

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