The world’s most loyal dog is still waiting to be adopted after two years: Pup’s tragic background revealed

Dillon, a dog from Cornwall, England, has had a tumultuous past. While many people believe that their dogs are undyingly loyal, Dillon had the chance to prove it by keeping an eye on his owners, even after his owner’s death.

“It was discovered lying with its owner, who has passed away, and was clearly protecting it right away until it couldn’t anymore – which is very sad,” said Amy Hall of the Welfare Foundation. National Animals told SWNS, according to Everyone.

“He came to us about two years ago from that background, which is what Dillon wanted and needed, but we’re trying to find the right person for him, the right home and family.”

Despite his obvious expression of loyal With his former owner, “protecting his body until the last minute”, Dillon has yet to find a new family.


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And there are a number of reasons – although they are nothing a person interested in the right circumstances can not easily accommodate.

Dillon is described as a “snooper”, a term more commonly used in the United Kingdom than the United States. It refers to a hybrid dog it is usually a cross between a pet dog (usually a greyhound or white dog) with a herding or terrier breed.

These dogs come in a wide variety, temperament, and appearance, but some of Dillon’s pedigree is definitely reflected in his personality. He has an incredible amount of energy (especially for a 9-year-old dog), enjoys outdoor activities and some anxiety and possessiveness around other dogs and children.

Staff worked with him, and he was trained in muzzles to avoid any accidents while out and about. He has befriended other stalkers but certainly has a powerful predator thanks to his hound blood.

“The problem at his age is that he attracts people looking for a dog to sit with you more, while Dillon in his heart is still a puppy,” explains Hall. “He will also settle down with you and relax, but he likes to go out in the fields and go for a walk – then he likes to relax.”

“We actually sent him to a foster home a while ago with other dogs, and he was fine there, perfectly fine, but when they were in the house together he wasn’t too happy – he liked it. her master,” she said.

“He’s a bit like Joey from ‘Friends’ – Joey doesn’t share. He feels happier when he walks with other dogs, and he’s happier when friends bring their pups or dogs.


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“He’s a really great dog, but he just needs the right person. We had a few people interested, but for one reason or another, they weren’t completely successful. Lately, however, the response has been absolutely astounding. ”

NAST Cornwell posted on November 20 that the Dillon was once again turned over by a potential customer recently. adopters who find their needs too demanding.

“Poor Dillon can’t believe it,” said post. “His reserves have dropped again. We are completely devastated.

“It was through no fault of my own that the client decided they would wait for a Labrador as they usually don’t own stalking dogs and one that can play with visiting family dogs. Dillon won’t want to share his toys and play with small dogs, so it doesn’t work. We all pinned our hopes on him and really thought he would move into his permanent home.”

Surely there is someone out there who can give Dillon the home he needs where he can be the only one. pet for the last years of his life.

“My ideal home would be somewhere in a quiet area, with a loving family.” adoption page Statuses. “If you could provide cuddles, toys and snacks I would be a very happy boy.”

Hopefully, with all the coverage his story is getting, he’ll be one step closer to finding the perfect family who will love him as much as he will. surname.

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