The Wolverine scene was supposed to have the entire movie

Werewolf mutant has existed in the popular consciousness for twelve years as a joke and a habit among fans around the world. The movie failed for so many reasons, but perhaps the real tragedy is that they could have easily remade the project into something much better. Clear intentions behind X-Men Origins in order to launch a series of origin stories for iconic characters from Xavier’s School, starting with an obvious fan favorite. It wasn’t a bad idea, a reasonable attempt to counter Marvel in the early days of the MCU’s rise to dominance, but their first attempt went so poorly that the whole concept fell apart and burned down.


Wolverine is one of the most famous characters in Marvel’s rulebook, are placed at the forefront of nearly every X-Men project and are given solo projects more often than any of his peers. These projects vary widely in quality, improving over time from Source, to the decent action movie Werewolves, to the absolutely brilliant swan song that is Logan. Reason Source Inactivity is multifaceted and complex, its more blatant crime against Deadpool.

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The film tells a story that most fans already know, executes it in a way that never shakes expectations, and stops at every turn to push into pointless cameos or fanservice. So most of the movie’s time is spent on boring re-readings of the same action genre that fans have seen in movies. X Men movies or surprise appearances by Gambit or Blob that don’t have much in the way of Wolverine in his supposed origins. It’s amazing, so much more interesting part of Wolverine’s story, part of which can dive into new situations with the character and explore his burgeoning personality instead of his shiny new weapon, which is carried over in the prologue.

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After a brief opening, the opening scene of Werewolf mutant saw James Howlett and his half-brother Victor Creed flee their Canadian homeland in 1845. Both men were mutants, born with the ability to heal wounds in minimal time, helping them functionally immortal. After leaving home under duress, James and Victor find a new calling in life, fighting as soldiers in the US military. The two brothers fought together in the Civil War, then both World Wars and in vietnam.

As immortals, the pair battle through time, with only each other to lean on. There is no organization of superheroes, no comic book superheroes, no giant green laser to destroy the Earth. Just a pair of superheroes joining the fight to end slavery, fight across the trenches, defeat the Nazis and do what they think is right. Or are they just fighting because that’s all they know? What is the point of risking one’s life when one cannot die? Can James and Victor, violent men who don’t recklessly rush into battle again and again, can really do the right thing? If not, can James grow into a better man? That’s what a Wolverine origin story should be.

Origin stories are overdone, almost every superhero has one, many get more than one. They often become formulaic, in some cases feeling as if they are working from a checklist. One way to break the mold might be to avoid obvious parts of the story, like how heroes get their powers. Perhaps a story can defy expectations and create something special by discovering what made them heroes on an emotional level, rather than what gave them the gift or who gave them their jobs. Most fans know how Wolverine got his claws, but learning how the ailing kid became a tough warrior and how that violent soldier could become a righteous hero is a whirlwind. Personal and engaging story.

This is a matter of image versus impact. This is so hard to recommend a movie about werewolves in that he doesn’t do the one thing that fans associate with the character; Kill people with metal claws. Creators often lean towards fanservice, X-Men Origins is one of the worst culprits in that department. Digging deeper into the character is harder to complete than introducing exciting scenes and hilarious moments. That’s why Source skip over a century to spend two hours on a more marketable character narrative.

Hugh Jackman in X-Men Origins Wolverine

James and Victor’s character interactions are a particularly weak aspect of Source. This dynamic can be extremely interesting if it is explored in the right way. Wolverine has a complicated relationship with violence, often being the saddest of his peers, but he acts as a calming influence on his brother. The pair fight their way through battles where they know they’ll survive, but don’t know they’ll win, which is impending very intriguing. The pair struggle with each other, with Victor becoming more vindictive and vicious as James struggles against his own instincts. This kind of interaction is character building, for a relationship will eventually franchise.

Wolverine has a perfect sent with Logan, but a deeply flawed foundation in Source. If the filmmakers could capture origin stories that focused on building people instead of flexing their muscles, perhaps the crew wouldn’t feel as tired.

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