The Witch Queen’s Lost Fields Should Introduce More Horror to Destiny 2

Hive was one of the Fate 2more grotesque enemies since the franchise began. As agents of the Shadows, Hive is ruthless and violent, killing people for their Sword Logic and paying homage to the Hive gods. This, along with their preference for claustrophobic environments that are largely unaffected by light, has also made the Hive one of the more fearsome enemies in the game. Fate 2.

While Scorn can help Hive make money playing in the dark and supernatural, Hive has long been a point of interest for Guardians. Crota is a threat in The darkness below its expansion and raid, Crota’s End; some LifeThe most definitive moments force players to grapple with Hive. Hold the ball where to pick it up? The darkness below leave, and now with the launch of Witch Queen will focus on Hive again. This creates a great opportunity for Witch Queen to reaffirm just how terrifying the Hive is, drawing on the more gruesome aspects of their race and environment.


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The Lost Fields of the Sorceress Queen

Destiny 2 players are using science to decipher the teases in the new The Witch Queen trailer.

There was talk about the focus of Witch Queen expansion that terrified the Guardians. Although often depicted as heroes in Fate 2, The Immortal Guardians instill fear in many people across the universe. Based on this approach, Witch Queen introduces Lucent Brood, forcing players to confront their fear of infiltrating different races, and the fact that they are no longer alone in using their powers.

While this would likely be a great way to tap into the scarier aspects of Hive, more needs to be done to remove fear. Are from Witch Queen will also give players unrestricted access to the world of Savathun’s throne, which it will play into. Latest Witch Queen intro video highlight some of its locations, and while they prescriptive to the general architecture of the Hive, they don’t seem to focus much on scaring the Guardians in an alien location . The Lost Sectors of Savathun throne world could be a great way to emphasize this and force players into the congested, dark pockets for which the Hive is famous.

A good comparison might be the hidden tunnels and hidden locations used on Oryx’s Dreadnaught. The Taken King The expansion, while introducing its own level of horror with Taken, did a good job of creating a winding and claustrophobic environment. While it’s a location that needs to be explored, it feels like a prison to venture through as they grapple with threats aboard the Hive God’s ship. Using these design aspects for inspiration may allow Witch Queen expands to introduce Lost Areas and other areas that feel unique when compared to previous areas used throughout Fate 2, especially when new breed of Lucent are the main invaders.

This can also help the new Lost Zones feel more important. Overall, Lost Zones are a reliable way to fill in a number Fate 2lore using different quests, puzzles or exotic weapons. Hive’s history is dark and violent, so exploring this issue through Lost Sectors in Savathun’s Throne World will allow to bring to light that gritty past. This can also build on The legend of Savathun in Fate 2, which helps to make her character out of the story to be used in Witch Queenof the campaign and informs the player of Goddess Hive’s past.

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Destiny 2’s Dark Future


Introduce more horror elements through Lost Sectors in Witch Queen can also help breathe new life in Fate 2. While Fate 2 As a game about space magic and the incredible use of power, it wouldn’t hurt to reinforce some of the more defined aspects of its sci-fi/fantasy genre. Hive is one of the best ways to do this and can combine great elements of Fate 2 with pretty good horror. This is content that has been explored with Hive related content before, but implementing it as one of the main tasks in Witch Queen can reinforce the difference of some Fate 2plan for 2022 We.

It is clear that the game is changing and players will encounter more threats that can match them in terms of power. Whether this means fighting characters like Xivu Arath, God of War Hive, or end up struggling with other champions of the Shadows. It was clear that the power of Vanguard and its Guardians was just beginning to form.

Using horror to show how powerless Guardians can be in their universe will expose humanity to more terrifying threats. Nightmare in Hold the ball have mentioned this in the past, as a reminder that despite the Guardians’ ability to destroy enemies like Crota, Oryx, and Taniks, evil can never truly die. Witch Queen expansion can do much more. Highlighting Darkness and its inevitability through Lost Sectors and Savathun’s past can show players why the Hive Gods are so devout despite fearing the Darkness. That would be a small start, but giving glimpses into the future by continuing into the past can be the thing. Fate 2 need to prove how scary the real enemies of the game will be.

Fate 2 currently available on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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