The wildest things that doom can be played on

One of the most famous and legendary first person shooter games, Death is an important title in the game scene. This game – together with Wolfenstein 3D – paved the way for a whole new genre of games that have dominated both PC and console games ever since. The legacy of Death so large that the original game remains a major point of discussion to this day.

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A reboot of the series could take the franchise in a new direction, but the original Death still quite relevant in its own right. In fact, it became a joke in the gaming community to try and implement Death run on the most unimaginable platforms. Here are ten of the most remarkable – and weirdest – platforms that can run Death.

Updated July 6, 2022, by Ritwik Mitra: The original Doom is considered one of the most important and influential video game titles to this day. The days of FPS games may have faded with time, but the success of Doom’s reboot shows that such gameplay still holds a soft spot in the hearts of fans around the world. . A big part of what makes Doom such a talking point is that players strive to run the title on the most innovative platforms possible. The best and strangest of the bunch are mentioned below.

15 Minecraft

Ideas to play Death in another video game has somehow become a pretty popular idea. This can be seen in the popular Minecraft also, in which the player created a mod that allows them to emulate an old PC in the game.

Its functionality is really impressive, with the accuracy of this mod actually quite realistic. This mod may even let players try it out Death In Minecraftwhich is simply hilarious.

14 Treadmill

Fitness is something that everyone should follow for a healthy and long life. However, that doesn’t mean running on a treadmill has to be completely devoid of any gaming potential.

This Reddit user took the bold initiative to create Death run on a standard treadmill. The fact that this test was successful proves that Death really will run on anything.

13 Ticket Validator

The mere idea of ​​a running Ticket Validator Death It’s a fun and out-of-the-ordinary concept. Therefore, it is only a matter of time before netizens turn this illusory dream into reality.

If one has to manage the man said Ticket Validator, this is definitely a rather novel way to pass the time. Of course, the controls may not be the best, which is a death sentence in a run and gun title like Death.

twelfth Electronic cigarettes

Vaping has become all the rage right now. The harmful effects of this form of smoking should be noted, although it is an alternative that is still considered by many to be better than smoking.

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Gamers who want their vape to offer some kind of side-scrolling entertainment will be pleased to know that some of the cutting-edge models can actually run. Death! It’s quite interesting that some people actually bother to make a functional copy of Death in a vape.

11 iPod Mini

Before the Apple Revolution, the iPod Mini and Nano were two of Apple’s most popular products. However, the company realized that physical music players were going to be a thing of the past and moved into the mobile phone market, which turned out to be the company’s best move yet.

Even so, the iPod Mini still holds a beautiful place in the hearts of many music lovers. The fact that people recently Death to work on this system shows how love still exists for this music player.

ten Karaoke machine

Using a karaoke machine is a great way for people to vent their frustrations. But these machines can be used in a much less conventional way.

If players ever find themselves getting the urge to shoot some demons from hell while singing karaoke, this TJ Taijin Media Ziller B80 karaoke machine should be right down their alley. While it can run games, getting some input to work can be difficult.

9 Pregnancy test

It goes without saying that playing a computer game while taking a pregnancy test seems like a completely improbable thing to do. But it all seems more likely than thanks to a programmer.

One Twitter user named foone posted the video on the platform where they are playing legally Death on a pregnancy test. Of course, the display isn’t great, but the fact is that such a simple device can run a classic like Death is a sight to behold.

8 Thermostat

Thermostats have become quite advanced in modern times. These devices are fully equipped with powerful processors and screens, so it’s only a matter of time before someone gets up and running. Death on this system.

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Well, that’s exactly what happened. One programmer managed to run a fully functional port of Death on the Honeywell Prestige thermostat, this is definitely a great way to enjoy pleasant temperatures while shooting the bottom hell in the process.

7 MacBook Pro Touch Bar

It doesn’t take an expert to know that a MacBook Pro can run Death. However, a Facebook engineer named Adam Bell took it a step further by allowing Death to play on the new Macbook Pro’s touch bar.

The image is so small that it seems unplayable. However, Bell was apparently aware of this limitation and ran a version of Death instead depicts all of its HUD elements on the touch bar, which is extremely impressive.

6 Siemens S65 / Sony Ericsson K800i

Given the fact that both the Siemens S65 and the Sony Ericsson K800i are mobile phones mired in the past, it is only fitting to group the two together. The fact that both of these ancient devices can run Death is an achievement in itself.

Of course, the fact that both mobiles are extremely small means play Death can pose a significant challenge. However, that’s what’s new about these phones even capable of running Death that makes them a notable mention on this list.

5 Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is one of the most powerful technologies available today. The fact that everything from calls to physical activity can be tracked with a wristwatch is no wonder.

So for someone to take this unique technology and create Death run on it. This ingenuity was the result of a 10-hour hackathon at Facebook’s Tel Aviv office.

4 Saw machine

The chainsaw is one of the most iconic weapons in Deathhistory of. So obviously it would be very poetic to play a version of Death runs on a saw of its own!

Of course, there are some techniques here to keep in mind. This chainsaw is actually an Echo Junior Chainsaw toy that replaces the internal material with a portable power supply, Raspberry Pi Zero, 2.2 inch 320×240 LCD display and wireless receiver for the controller. control.

3 Classic NES

The NES Classic has surprisingly become one of the most coveted consoles available today. Its limited release means that players are trying to find this unique console, with some being too keen on tinkering with the console.

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This has resulted in various modifiers and hacks, some of which allow Death played on the console. If that’s still not great enough, modders have tinkered with more, permission Brutal Doom – a popular conversion mod of the original – also playable on the NES classic.

2 Sonic Mania

Despite its age, there are aspects of Death still impress fans, such as the version of the game running in Sonic Mania. This mod was created during the Sonic Hacking 2020 competition and it is an achievement indeed.

Of course, without any mouse support in the game, it can be quite a challenge to play Death in the game. However, the fact that such a mod exists is quite remarkable in its own right.

One of the most legendary games of all time, The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind set the stage for a franchise that would dominate the gaming industry for years to come. The game itself is now a bit outdated, though still good enough to run Death.

Of course, there are a few holes needed to make this happen. For starters, players need to use the OpenMW Linux reimplementation tool for their copy Morrowind. The mod only works for this version and install a Dwemer computer south of Seyda Neen that can run pretty much any DOS game including Death.

Deathwas originally released in December 1993 for multiple platforms and has been ported to multiple systems over the years.

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