The Whole Truth on Netflix, a scary Thai movie

Not to be confused with 2016 Keanu Reeves . Courtroom Drama The same name is also streaming on Netflix, The whole truth is a suspenseful outing of Thailand with its records of fleshly judgment and the kind of shocking secrets that families are often exposed to with the beauty of domestic harmony. The sun, the moon, and the truth are the only things that are real, an early musing character. But none of that exists through the prism of a mysterious hole in the wall.

Gist: It’s a typical weekday morning at the comfortable suburban home of chief executive Mai (Nicole Theriault) and high school-age children Pim (Sutatta U domainssilp) and Putt (Nattapat Nimnirawat), when Mai Preparing for a big promotion at work, Pim returns to be the captain of her cheerleading squad, and Putt, the dreamer, draws drawings in his sketchbook. Noticeably absent from this domestic scene? A father. Putt, who wears a leg brace, is bullied at school; The beautiful, famous Pim is his fierce protector. But when they collided with a drunk driver who put Mai in the ICU in a coma, Pim and Putt, who had never met, came to take them in. Phong (Sombop Benjatikul) is hot-tempered and overbearing, while his wife Wan (Tarkia Tidatith). aloof, and suffering from dementia. They went to their grandmother’s house, bewildered and wary.

The claustrophobic atmosphere of their grandparents’ home was eerie, but then Putt noticed a hole in the living room wall. He peered over it, only to see an eerie reflection of the room he was in, with the significant difference that it included a creepy child with decaying skin and patchy colored hair. On his face, black blood gushed out from his mouth. He and she denied the loophole existed. “Your kids are wise liars!” Phong’s rage. Gramps also kicked some chairs around the police precinct where he served as captain – he wants answers about whose car hit his daughter’s car and suspects a local car. big gun developer.

Putt and Pim saw more and more as they looked into the hole; in fact, it seems to be showing them a past version of their family. Who is the creepy girl? Why is she holding a baby? And wait, is that a man lounging on a sofa? And why can’t their grandparents admit to seeing the vulnerability in the first place? If and when their mother wakes from her coma, there will be a reckoning for this extended family. But even then, it remains unclear whether the whole truth can really be revealed.


What movies will it remind you of? The whole truth Wisit Sasanatieng’s directorial debut, Western genre mashup of 2000 Tears of the Black Tiger, was the first Thai film to be screened at the Cannes Film Festival. Sasanatieng is also a screenwriter – he writes Netflix titles Deep and and Nang Nak.

Performances worth watching: Pim must manage her bullied younger brother, the cheerleaders who shoot her in the cheerleading squad, the comatose mother’s condition, and the grandparents she never knew who almost deserved it. more scared than anything is going on with the weird hole in the wall, and appropriately, Sutatta U domainsilp keeps Pim’s temper simmering somewhere between the chilling stability and the fear of the story. monstrous ghost.

Memorable dialogue: “I think it’s this house. No wonder mom never brought us here.” Putt and Pim applied teenage reasoning to the horror seeping out of the furniture in their grandparents’ house like ghost blood soaked in linseed oil.

Gender and Skin: There’s a thin subplot about Pim’s cheerleader rival that leaks footage of her taking a shower, but sees nothing.

Our Take: While there are a few scenes from Pim and Putt’s school, a collision scene, and a few more in their mother’s hospital room, what about The whole truth mainly explore is the house, and the indoor scenes and the space within which we are conditioned to call safe. When Mai allows one of Putt’s classmates to come after school, she unwittingly lets her son’s bully and daughter’s abuser roam free in her home. When the children meet their grandparents, Wan sends affection in the wrong place. “You lived there as a child, don’t you remember?” she asked Pim, as if the stereotype of her grandmother’s house was a safe space that would free them from the fact that Wan and Phong could also be complete strangers to their grandchildren. And after being buried beneath their roof, with the old house creaking and banging and holes appearing in the walls along with revelations of a troubled family history, Pim and Putt discover that the house itself is a box containing Pandora’s ugly secrets.

The whole truth Director Wisit Sasanatieng delves into this, his camera crawling up and down dark stairs and always keeping an eye out for overhanging ceilings, just to evoke a suffocating emotion for Pim and Putt. There’s a little more to James Wan and Insidious series about fake space exploration.

Our call: STREAM IT, mainly for suspense. The whole truth gets some miles from the Creepy Kid trope in Horror Movies, but it really shines with the hypocrisy of introspection.

Johnny Loftus is an independent writer and editor living in Chicagoland. His work has appeared on The Village Voice, All Music Guide, Pitchfork Media and Nicki Swift. Follow him on Twitter: @glennganges

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