The Weirdest Spider-Man Villains That Will Never Appear in Movies

Spider-Man’s game gallery has been explored more thoroughly on film than any other superhero. From iconic villains like Doctor Octopus, Venom, and the Green Goblin to more obscure villains like Prowler, Tinkerer, and Shriek, much of Spidey’s famous foes have hit the big screen in form. this or that form.

But as with any comic book hero that has been around for nearly 60 years, not every villain resonates with fans. For every villain who becomes a beloved fixture of the franchise, there are countless others who have been turned into inside jokes by fans – or worse, completely faded. These are just some of Spider-Man’s quirky enemies that are unlikely to happen to get into the MCU anytime soon.


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By far the oldest villain on this list – and the only one honored to have been created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko – The Living Brain first appeared in 1964. Ultimate Spiderman #8, predating it to Electro, Mysterio, Kraven the Hunter, and even the Green Goblin. Ironically, neither living nor brain (Don’t all brains live?), Living Brain is a robotic supercomputer with the bad habit of being stolen and reprogrammed by criminals. . Most famously, Otto Octavius ​​even made the Living Brain his lab assistant in the plot “Super Spider-Man”. There’s not much to it, but Living Brain’s lovely quirky design gives it a lot of vintage charm.


In what is perhaps the most comical premise for a villain ever, Swarm is essentially a Nazi name made up of bees. Yes really. Born Fritz von Meyer, Swarm’s entire body devoted to his skeleton was made up of a swarm of killer bees, which he could command with spirit. He may not be the most famous villain, but Swarm’s strangely amusing gimmick has earned him a cameo in numerous film adaptations, from Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends famous cartoon Spider-Man: Turn off the darkness music.


Originally a scientist work for Kingpin, Dr. Johnathon Ohnn (Get it? Johnny Ohnn, The Spot?) Transformed by a lab accident into Spot, a creature capable of creating portals through space at will. Despite his truly impressive power, Spot’s unusual design, confusing name, and lack of ambition have made him an eternal joke. He even teamed up with other quirky villains Kangaroo, Gibbon and Grizzly to form the Legion of Losers.


A character that could only have been created in the ’70s, Hypno-Hustler is, as his name suggests, a disco-themed villain with mind control powers. In his first appearance, he played at a nightclub with his backup singers, Mercy Killers, just to hypnotize the crowd. while he robbed them blind. Predictably, this character doesn’t have much staying power, giving him a role as an eternal background character.


A lot of comic book villains have their own names – Doctor Octopus is a mad scientist with tentacles, Sandman is a sand man, Boomerang uses a donkey boomerang, etc. Ringer, naturally, is a villain who uses rings as a weapon. No, the rings don’t give him special powers like the Mandarin, his gimmick is that he shoots giant rings at his enemies. Some of them exploded, some of them froze people, but all of them were literally giant ring-shaped bullets. It’s not the most imposing possibility, and Spider-Man mocked him mercilessly for it for many years.

Spider-Man-White Rabbit

Lorina Dosdon is a wealthy young woman who grew up obsessed with Lewis Carroll Alice in Wonderland — so obsessed, in fact, that she created her own sublime character based on the book when the privileged idle life began to haunt her. A cross between a playboy and BatmanMad Hatter, the White Rabbit, has used a variety of quirky weapons over the years, from a carrot-shaped ballistic umbrella to a group of minions dressed as playing cards to a giant robotic bunny.


Unlike most of the villains on this list, Delilah doesn’t have a reputation as a Z-list loser, mainly because she too obscure to have a lot of fame at all. Introduced in 1996, Delilah was a prominent villain for several years as the right-hand man of the assassin dubbed Rose. Unlike many comic book villains, she’s not just a manipulative heroine, but a super-powerful brawler in her own right – though she’s still very erotic, as typical for female characters at the time. But despite her potential to be one of Spider-Man’s few standout female characters, Delilah has no backstory or personality to speak of. The most memorable thing about her is a speech so bizarre that her words will sometimes be written in a colorful, flowery font for unknown reasons.


One of the many villains in the infamous “Clone Saga” storyline, the original Spidercide was introduced as a third Spider-Man – appears to be a real person, leading both Peter Parker and Ben Reilly to question their claims to be the original Peter. However, the third Peter quickly transforms into a madman, mutating into a shape-shifting monster with complete control over his molecular structure. What that has to do with being Spider-Man is anyone’s guess. Originating as a strange hybrid between Spider-Man and Carnage, Spidercide is a veritable relic of the ’90s that has been left to obscure with the rest of the Clone Saga.

Spider-Man-The Big Wheel

The Big Wheel, aka Jackson Weele, is a villain who commits crimes using a large wheel. A giant mechanical wheel armed with high-tech weapons, to be exact. It’s about as deep as the Great Wheel. His gimmick is confusing in its specifics, but there’s something about how weird and ridiculous he is that made Big Wheel a favorite among Spider-Man followers. He may not be making his cinematic debut anytime soon, but Big Wheel will certainly live on in fans’ hearts forever.

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