The View’s Sunny Hostin Slams Co-hosts ‘required’ to support GOP

ABC talk show To watch a bit stressful on friday when co-host Sunny Hostin chastised her fellow panelists for sticking with the Republican Party, uncertainly saying they were “complicit” in sowing division and harming the country.

In a segment ostensibly about former President Donald Trump begging his supporters to buy him a new plane, Trump’s former White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham-Who served as Opinion conservative landlord all week– note that the former president is “doing everything he can to get paid” by his fanatic MAGA base.

“I want those people to know that he laughs at them behind closed doors,” Grisham added. “I want people to know that, and I’ve been there. I believe.”

Instantly repelling Grisham, co-host Ana Navarro– an anti-Trump Republican expert – faced former Trump’s frustration with her apparent willingness to look the other way during her time in the White House.

“For years, you’ve heard him do this, right? Laugh behind closed doors. So why did it take so long to feel offensive?” Navarro wondered, prompting Hostin to exclaim, “I asked the same thing!”

Grisham, who joined a months-long apology tour to restore her public image, asserting that she has repeatedly criticized Trump and his actions since leaving the administration following the January 6 uprising on the Capitol. Additionally, Grisham said as a “single mom” with “bills to pay” she needed the job at the time and knew there would be few opportunities available to her due to her reputation. she was tarnished.

“I believed in him and half the country believed in him,” Grisham continued. “I think when you keep attacking me, you’re attacking a lot of people out there who might want a rampage.”

After Navarro insisted she did not attack Grisham but was merely “responsible to everyone involved with Trump, and Grisham agreed while saying she would do everything she could” to ensure told him not to be re-elected, Hostin questioned both of her fellow GOP loyalty co-hosts.

“If we’re going to talk, let’s have a real talk,” she exclaimed, adding that it was “strange” for her that both Grisham and Navarro were still Republicans.

“Why are you a Latina still part of the Republican Party?” Hostin first asked Navarro, before turning to Grisham. “And why are you, having seen it with your own eyes, still part of the Republican Party?”

When Both Women Try To Tell Hostin That Trump Is Not GOP, Long Time view The host denied them by claiming that 80% of Republicans believe he is the face of the party.

“I think the worst thing that can happen to a minority group is to let one side take you for granted and think that you will vote for them because they have no other choice and have another party openly attack them. against and against you. “, responded Navarro, adding: “And so I hope that one day there will be two sane parties competing for our vote and getting our support. Don’t take one for granted and resist the other. That doesn’t help anyone. “

Quote GOP Representative Liz CheneyLiberal co-organizer Joy Behar supported Navarro’s views, saying “it’s important to fight within the party.”

Hosting, however, remains unmoved.

“You know, I think it’s time to cut the bait,” she said at the end of the segment. “And I think when you have a party that is so sick and divisive, and harmful to this country, I think staying at that party makes you complicit.” The View’s Sunny Hostin Slams Co-hosts ‘required’ to support GOP

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