‘The View’ Wants DOJ To Probe Tucker Carlson And Tulsi Gabbard For ‘Russian Propaganda’

Some servers of To watch on Monday suggested that the Justice Department should investigate Fox News host Tucker Carlson and Former Congressman Tulsi Gabbard for peddling “Russian propaganda”, with one panelist even noting how in the past such violations could lead to arrest.

In recent days, both Gabbard and Carlson have been supporters of the theory that the United States is developing dangerous biological weapons in Ukraine – a focus of a Kremlin disinformation campaign to justify a neighboring country’s invasion and potentially blame a Russian chemical weapons attack as a false flag operation.

Clip of ex-legislator on Carlson’s show discussing biological weapons in Ukraine was introduced in Russian state media, with the Fox News host saying “Russian disinformation” is “the truth”. More, it was reported this weekend that Moscow pushed the state-controlled press to promote Carlson “as much as possible” because he was “strongly critical of the actions of the United States.” [and] NATO. ”

With Republican Senator Mitt Romney call Gabbard on Sunday for “slandering Russian false propaganda” that “most likely cost their lives”, the women of To watch On Monday described the former Democratic presidential candidate and Fox News star as “apologists” for Russian President Vladimir Putin, respectively.

“By the way, I think Mitt Romney is absolutely right. So what is this, are the Russians doing propaganda to try to make up an excuse for potentially using chemical weapons against the Ukrainians?” conservative host Alyssa Farah, a former Trump official, now is a CNN contributor, said. “They’re simulating what the Fox News parrot Tucker Carlson and Tulsi Gabbard are saying — it’s getting them out of their way to act against Ukrainian civilians.”

Co-host Ana Navarro then weighed in, begging the Fox board of directors to “step in” and say “we can’t be Russian state broadcasters,” leaving co-host Sunny Hostin wondering “what’s up?” in it” for Carlson.

“Money,” agreed freelance co-host Joy Behar.

“Is it money?” Hostin replied. “Who paid him that money? I’m not making any accusations, but it’s just – it doesn’t make sense for him to do this. I mean, he also said that the United States helped encourage the Russian invasion.”

After Hostin checked out some of the pro-Russian talking points the Fox host had recently put up for sale, Behar quipped: “I hope he plans to move to Moscow. He won’t be welcome here for long. ”

Affirming that Carlson was not “abandoned by Fox News at all,” Navarro continued to urge the Justice Department to investigate Carlson, Gabbard and others. (By the way, Gabbard, was revealed recently became the only American politician to receive a donation from an accused Russian spy.)

“I think the DOJ, like how they are setting up a task force to investigate Russian oligarchs, should look at people who are Russian propagandists and pro-Putin,” she stated. “If you are the extrinsic property of a dictator, then it should be investigated, and in fact, I remember when Tulsi Gabbard, and I hated that we were discussing it because I thought to myself, woman. Who is this? She’s a, you know, she’s no longer in Congress. She is a failed presidential candidate. “

Navarro continued: “She practically only exists on Twitter, and if that’s accurate, we’re giving her oxygen which is what makes her fit, but we’re talking about her on ‘Hot topic’. But on the other hand, how do you not point out that something is repeating Russian false propaganda and that has been taken down? “

Meanwhile, moderator Whoopi Goldberg took Navarro’s suggestion a few steps further.

“They used to make people do things like this,” she said. “If they think you’re colluding with a Russian agent or giving information or taking information and handing it over to Russia, they’ve been investigating things like this.”

She added: “And I guess now, you know, there doesn’t seem to be a bar. And people are not supposed to hate Putin. Putin doesn’t need a reason to be hated. It’s pretty clear. “

https://www.thedailybeast.com/the-view-wants-doj-to-probe-tucker-carlson-and-tulsi-gabbard-for-russian-propaganda?source=articles&via=rss ‘The View’ Wants DOJ To Probe Tucker Carlson And Tulsi Gabbard For ‘Russian Propaganda’

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