‘The View’ Melts After Whoopi Goldberg Claims ‘The Holocaust Has Nothing To Do With Race’

ABC’s See took a nasty turn on Monday when moderators Whoopi Goldberg repeatedly asserted the Holocaust had nothing to do with race, sparking a heated discussion among the show’s roundtables.

Dedicate one of the talk show’s “Hot Topics” to recent controversy about Mausthe Pulitzer Prize-winning graphic novel about the Holocaust, its hosts largely agreed that the Tennessee school board banned the book due to profanity and nudity as silly because of content issues.

“I’m surprised that’s what makes you uncomfortable, the fact that there’s some nudity. I mean, it was about the Holocaust, which killed 6 million people, but doesn’t that bother you? ‘ Goldberg said confused.

“I’m not sure they don’t use nudity as a nail to take you away from the fact that history makes white people look bad,” replied freelance co-host Joy Behar.

“Possibly,” the Oscar-winning actress replied. “Well, here is the white man doing it to the white man. All of you, let’s fight together. “

While those remarks didn’t initially anger her co-hosts, a few minutes later in the discussion, Goldberg reconsidered her suggestion that there was nothing racist about the Holocaust—due Nazi Germany kicks in. about their belief in the “master race” Aryan and desire racial “cleanliness”.

After some homeowners agreed that the recent conservative push to ban the so-called “important racial theory“From schools that are creating ‘confusion’ and leaving kids unprepared for the ‘real world,'” Goldberg counters: “If you’re going to do this, be honest about it because the Holocaust isn’t is about race. Is not. It’s not about race! ”

Although Behar immediately noted that the Nazis considered the Jews “another race,” Goldberg went on to assert that Adolf Hitler’s “Final Solution” was not race.

“What is it about?” Behar asked at one point.

“It is about the inhumanity of man to man. That’s the content of it,” Goldberg replied.

“But it’s white supremacy,” retorted co-host Ana Navarro. “It’s about hunting down Jews and gypsies.”

Goldberg, meanwhile, claimed that “here are two groups of white people,” prompting co-host Sara Haines to point out that “they don’t consider them white” while Behar notes that the Nazis also targeting Blacks.

“But you are missing points! You’re missing the point,” Goldberg exclaims. “As soon as you turn it into a race, it goes down this alley. Let’s talk about it for what it is. That’s how people treat each other. That is the problem.”

She continued: “It doesn’t matter if you’re Black or white because black, white, Jew, Italian, everyone eats each other. It’s the same – if you’re uncomfortable if you hear about Maus, should you be concerned — should your child say, ‘Oh my God, is that me?’ Is not. That’s not what they would say. They will say, ‘I don’t want that.’

As the segment ended, the panel seemed to agree on the view that most children “don’t want to be cruel” and that learning about the Holocaust is necessary.

“To learn about the inhumanity of man to man, yet that reveals itself,” Goldberg announced when the show went commercial.

https://www.thedailybeast.com/the-view-melts-down-after-whoopi-goldberg-claims-the-holocaust-isnt-about-race?source=articles&via=rss ‘The View’ Melts After Whoopi Goldberg Claims ‘The Holocaust Has Nothing To Do With Race’


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