The ultimate mod of Super Smash Bros. hilariously gives Sora a Shotgun

One Super Smash Bros. modder replaces Sora’s main Keyblade weapon with a fun shotgun.

Sora Gun

Super Smash Bros. is no stranger to fanmade mods for its character team. Many modders go the route of creating additional characters to the roster and emulating an existing one, while others create entirely new outfits for some of these characters. This can lead to some amazing creative and unique designs, such as Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy 7– themed costumes for Pichu. However, one modder went in a different direction and created a fun mod for the game’s final DLC character, Sora.

Sora from Square Enix’s Heart Kingdom , is an icon for some gamers. One of Sora’s most iconic weapon is the keyblade, a unique key-shaped sword he uses against the Heartless. This allows him to use it as a weapon to hit enemies with its head, or use it to cast spells, which can summon Fire, Lightning, and Ice spells. While this weapon was an integral part of Sora’s personality, a modder replaced it with something more inappropriate and out of place.


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This mod, simply titled “Sora with a Shotgun” was created by modder unbecomingname, and sees Sora’s Keyblade model now swapped with a shotgun. The pistol itself comes from Valve Fortress Team 2, is the standard weapon for most playable mercenaries. The scene where Sora uses a shotgun to cast magic or even hit his enemies as if it were still his key sword is a hilarious sight.

This Sora mod even comes with Super Smash Bros. UI style visuals in the character select screen, have him running and even load pistols. The mod even describes it using custom sounds, where it uses the sound effects of explosions when reloading and guns firing when casting spells. This is more apparent when using his “Firaga” spell, where it is the most similar to him to shoot opponents with a gun.

Since the gun itself is a skin for the Keyblade, there are still some parts of the mod that don’t adjust for it. For example, Sora’s hand is still designed to hold it like the original weapon, so he’s holding the weapon incorrectly. It’s even more apparent when doing his Final Smash, where the shotgun is held upside down, like in the original keyblade. Regardless, it’s still a hilarious scene showing Sora use something completely out of his element and give fans something to laugh about.

Super Smash Bros. Currently only available for Nintendo Switch.

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