The truth about Batman in the movie that fans need to accept

He’s been there since the very beginning, but for all his worth and legacy, it’s somehow not entirely clear that Batman is one of the few superheroes who can actually do it all by himself. See, while the Justice League and other superhero groups can make Bruce Wayne look like a regular human with just the right tools, in the movie only Spider-Man can challenge. Batman.

That unique superpower is something DC has been flaunting since the heyday and silver of comics, thus leading to its first attempt at adaptation in 1943. Batman into other media in a lesser-known theatrical series. Then, of course, the sixties saw the debut of a pop culture icon when Adam West and Burt Ward teamed up in 1966 to star in the TV series that would define Batman for many decades.


RELATED: Why does Batman’s love interest not workDespite its cynical appearance and a far cry from today’s Batman, the television series from the sixties and the accompanying films proved that whenever there is a new ground to be broken for superheroes. hero, Batman must take the lead. After taking a break and leaving Superman to reinforce the idea that superhero movies can be huge, by Tim Burton Batman changed the game forever by adding a level of art to his Gotham which is simply not possible in Clark Kent’s world.

What makes Batman Formula work

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What is the biggest contribution Burton made in Batman is presenting him as a gritty, capricious, and overall darker superhero, in stark contrast to Superman and practically everything Marvel had to offer at the time. This rotation was not conceived by Burton himself, but was instead inspired by Frank Miller’s work on The Dark Knight Returns comics to create the character Batman most recognized by modern fans, a character burdened by his own sense of responsibility.

See, Miller doesn’t count on Batman calling on his Justice League friends to help save the day because he’s already an interesting enough protagonist, plus a decent collection. Equally impressive set of villains and friends to choose from. As James Gunn recently booked it, The brilliant DC heroes live out their individual stories with the rare crossover finally taking place; whereas in Marvel, characters tend to be more aware of each other’s existence, perhaps due to New York City’s unusually high number of superheroes per capita.

The reason for that is the same as did for Arkham very successful video gameBatman’s world can be immersive enough to forget that he has other superhero friends, a place where Gotham operates as a real living city filled with crime and Bruce struggles with problems. A topic that other god-like heroes rarely have. At the same time, Batman’s only power is still more attainable than any other superhero, he’s just filthy rich, so he’ll always be “more grounded” than most of his peers. himself and that’s part of what makes him so special and almost inimitable. .

If it’s not broken, don’t fix it

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The only event that changed the game for the superhero genre was Tony Stark’s escape from captivity with an arc reactor stuck in his chest, and it wasn’t. Iron Man is a threat to Batman but because of the unprecedented success achieved when The Avengers assembled in 2012 and 2015. Marvel’s MCU was conceived as a Hail Mary plan, which was essentially the only way the studio could save itself without resorting to it. Batman, Okay Spiderman and X Men busy making money for other studios.

Of course, it helps Iron Man is a great entertaining movie, but every other entry before The Avengers generally considered the worse, but they instilled in the DC camps the desire and need to come up with something really good and thus the need for a new one. Batman Successor Christian Bale. So DC Films decided to go against the 50-year precedent that has shown Batman solo as the proven winner to get him to star alongside Superman in Dawn of Justice.

However, even if that clash has a lot of comic source material, the main problem is that it’s about a Batman unknown to audiences, so it’s the same Caped Crusader but without much of it. often makes the franchise hit, including its villains. It’s all proof that the DCEU clearly doesn’t have a smooth path to catching up with Marvel and bringing in Joss Whedon to make some splashes for the MCU in 2017. Alliance justice just rob that movie of whatever identity has been constructed by Snyder.

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It’s a blessing for fans that Matt Reeves’ Batman exists in a world dedicated to himself, because there’s no other movie to nod off, nothing to stage, just good old Bruce Wayne. Like his Batman-only predecessor, Christopher Nolan, Reeves just had to work to tell the best. the long Batman story he could come up withand the fact that he chose the Miller story as First year as one of his main inspirations gave a lot of vibes to Burton.

Reeves’ Gotham was created as an ecosystem of its own, with no Metropolis to compare with nor any other superhero to compare Batman’s fighting skills and his lack of superpowers. Lonely Batman is someone you can rely on his reputation as the world’s greatest detective, and that’s ultimately a winning formula that doesn’t share too much with the rest of superhero movies being made these days, and that’s certainly not a bad thing.

Batman will premiere exclusively in theaters on March 4, 2022.

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