The top ten advantages of online fax

There are many advantages of online faxing. Whether you’re looking for a more efficient way to send and receive faxes or save money on your costs, online faxing is the way to go. This article will discuss what online fax services are and what the benefits are of using them.

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What is an online fax service?

Are you tired of running to a fax machine whenever you need to send or receive a document? With an online fax service, you can easily send and receive important documents anytime, anywhere. 

Upload the document to the online platform and enter the recipient’s fax number; the service will transmit it just like a traditional fax machine. Meanwhile, incoming faxes will be delivered straight to your email inbox as a PDF file. 

It’s a convenient solution for individuals and businesses looking to streamline their communication processes. Plus, with no need for physical fax machines or extra phone lines, it can save on costs in the long run. 

So why not simplify your faxing needs with an online fax service such as faxburner?

The top ten advantages of online fax

Now that you know what a fax service is, let’s jump into the advantages of online faxing.


With online fax, you can send and receive faxes from any device with an internet connection, such as your computer, smartphone or tablet. This eliminates the need to maintain dedicated hardware and software or be tied to a particular physical location to access your fax messages.

Cost savings

Because there is no need for specialized hardware or software with online faxing, you can save money on subscriptions and equipment costs compared to traditional fax machines. 

Additionally, many services offer unlimited sending and receiving of incoming messages, which can help reduce overall communication costs over time.


Since all communication takes place through the internet, your documents are always available wherever you have an internet connection, even when you are on the go. This makes it easy to access, edit, and send documents from any device – no more waiting for faxes to arrive at your office before you can follow up.


Most online fax services include built-in security measures, such as password protection and encryption tools, that keep your documents safe from unauthorized access or tampering. Thanks to this added layer of security, you can rest assured that all your information will remain confidential throughout its lifecycle.


Because online faxing does not require a dedicated hardware solution, you can easily switch between different devices without needing to purchase new equipment. From desktop computers and laptops to smartphones and tablets, any modern device can function as a fax machine when paired with the right software solution.

Ease of setup

Unlike traditional fax machines, which require dedicated hardware and software, most online fax services are easy to set up and use right out of the box. This means that you can start sending and receiving messages in no time without needing any specialized training or expertise.


With many online fax services, it is possible to automate your outgoing messages fully so they go out on a schedule at predetermined times and dates. This makes it easier to efficiently manage all incoming communication while ensuring that essential documents are noticed in the shuffle of busy schedules.

Mobile access

Since most online fax providers offer apps for smartphones and tablets, you can quickly check and manage your messages from anywhere without needing to lug around a physical fax machine. With one click, you can view the contents of incoming faxes and quickly respond with outgoing communication, so you get all the important messages.

Improved collaboration

Because online faxing offers all the benefits of traditional fax machines while adding new features like mobile access and automation tools, it can boost team productivity across the board. Whether you are working collaboratively on projects or need to send updates to other team members in real-time, online faxing makes it easy to stay connected at all times.

Increased efficiency

All of these advantages combine to create an overall increase in efficiency when using online fax. You can quickly increase your productivity without worrying about unauthorized access or lost messages by eliminating the need for dedicated hardware and software and with built-in security measures like encryption. 

Overall, suppose you want to improve how you communicate quickly and securely over long distances. In that case, online fax is an excellent solution that can help save time and money while improving overall efficiency in any business environment.

The bottom line

There you have it! Ten excellent reasons to use online fax instead of a traditional, physical fax machine. Whether you need to send and receive essential documents on the go or want to improve your overall efficiency in the office, online fax offers a valuable solution that can help boost productivity while keeping costs low.

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