The Supreme Court justices appear to signal an impending life victory in the Massive Roe v. Wade

On Wednesday, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the potentially overturning Roe v. Wade case.

Mississippi law prohibits nearly all abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy, and the case is heard today, Dobbs sues Jackson Women’s Health Organization, defy that rule.

Oral debates begin at 10 a.m. Eastern time, and now have report said that the Court appeared ready to uphold the Mississippi law.

In abortion cases, the Court’s main precedent is Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood sued Casey, saying women have the right to an abortion when they’re about 24 weeks pregnant.

After 24 weeks, a fetus is usually considered to be alive (which can exist outside of the uterus), so it can no longer be aborted.


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On behalf of the state of Mississippi, the state’s attorney general, Scott Stewart, has argued that there are other good alternatives to abortion, such as safe haven laws, that still allows parents to waive responsibility for their children, Axios reported.

Julie Rikelman argues on behalf of the Jackson Women’s Health Foundation, this is the last abortion clinic in Mississippi. Rikelman is senior director at the Center for Reproductive Rights.

The judges asked Rikelman about the viability.

“Why is 15 weeks an inappropriate line? For me, viability has nothing to do with choice, but if it really is a matter of choice, then why is 15 weeks not enough time? ” Chief Justice John Roberts asked, according to NPR.

Do you think the court will overturn Roe v. Wade?

“If the Courts push back the deadline substantially – and 15 weeks is nine weeks before your viability, your honor – then there may be a need to review the rules around regulations because if cutting half the time to get an abortion, the Rikelmans replied.

The Supreme Court has leaned conservatively after the former President Donald Trump nominated three new judges during his presidency. The court has now balanced six to three support conservatives.

As NPR reports, at least three of the newest judges — Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett — appear to have leaned toward upholding the Mississippi law.

Justice Clarence Thomas is also expected to side with the Mississippi law, especially due to his comments during Casey’s time, SCOTUS Blog reported.

Thomas was the only current justice also present on the Courthouse during Casey’s time and he joined the opinion of previous Chief Justice William Rehnquist that, “Roe made the wrong decision, and it can and should be rejected.”


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However, Mississippi is specifically looking for court to overturn Roe v. Wade. While the judges appear to be in favor of upholding the rule of law, there seems to be disagreement within the Court over whether to formally overturn the precedents.

“But the judges are once again deeply divided over whether to formally overturn those precedents, as Mississippi and its supporters are seeking,” the SCOTUS Blog reported.

But Judges Samuel Alito, Thomas, and Kavanaugh seem to be in favor of appreciating Roe and Casey altogether.

“The Constitution is neither for life nor for choice… and leaving matters to the people to be resolved in the democratic process,” Kavanaugh said more specifically, according to the UK newspaper. Guardians.

The judges questioned the viability of the fetus, as well as the basics of constitutional rights.

Alito was quite outspoken at one point during the interrogation. Axios reports that he says that “the fetus is interested in having a life, and that doesn’t change from the point before the viability to the point after the viability.”

However, Justice Sonia Sotomayor sternly questioned Stewart, after his argument that abortion rights were not explicitly listed in the structure, “What are your interests outside of a religious perspective?”

“The question of when life begins has been hotly debated by philosophers from the very beginning. It is still debated in religions. So when you say this is the only right that incapacitates the state, that’s a religious point of view, isn’t it? ” she asked, as Axios reported.

The more liberal judges also commented that overturning Roe v. Wade could make the Court too political and undermine the legitimacy of the nation’s highest court.

“If people really believed that it was all politics, how would we survive?” Sotomayor continued, like yahoo news reported. “How will the Court survive?”

Based on The Texas Tribune, a decision on the case from the Supreme Court is expected this summer.

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