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Sunday is for squinting because you forgot the sun and now your forehead hurts. Before you lament your mistake, let’s read this week’s best article about the game.

For Eurogamer, Tom Phillips wrote about his adventures in Pokémon Go. It’s a lovely piece that focuses on the people he meets in his search for the rare Pika Pikas.

These people had left their home – the last house on the edge of town – after seeing a torch pass in the middle of the night. They think I’m a thief. I held up Snorlax on my phone screen. “Oh!” is the reaction. “Really?” After a minute we chatted about the area and swapped names and then I ran off. I remember one of them called Badger. Snorlax was running.

For Wired, Susan Arendt wrote about Profit and why the game needs more mean middle-aged women. Yes, I like this very much.

I bought Returnal, a video game from the developer Housemarque, without knowing anything about it. Well, that’s not entirely true. I know from the trailer that it has something to do with getting out of the time loop and having some futuristic looking tech and monsters or something. It doesn’t matter, because I didn’t buy it for the game, I bought it for its main character, Selene. Selene is a fairly ordinary video game character in most respects: agile, competent, intelligent, facing a seemingly insurmountable challenge. It’s unusual for a playable character to be a woman, but that’s not what makes Selene special. That’s her in middle age. I can finally see myself in a video game.

On the Washington Post, Jordan Oloman wrote about how The game is entering a fashion transition. To be fair, I actually wore that Gunslinger jacket. And hoodies. Capsules and two crates? Probably not for me.

Time means that the vest isn’t actually built outside of the game, but the two studios will continue to develop a “Death Stranding” physical variant of Acronym’s flagship J1A-GT jacket, which will not be out of the question. Shinkawa wore it during his first meeting with Hugh. “He sent us this perfectly rendered Photoshop version of [the jacket],” Hugh told The Post. “It was probably the fastest design collaboration that ever happened. Literally, open the email and type ‘yes.’ “When it launched in April 2020, the jacket retailed for almost $2000 and sold out instantly. “It’s one of the best-selling items we’ve ever made,” says Hugh.

For the Ubisoft blog, Mikel Reparaz wrote about how they made the Assassin’s Creed board mini game Valhalla’s Orlog.

After ideas were sent back and forth for a while, the idea of ​​an Old Norse name was deemed too difficult for a modern audience. “It’s hard to read,” says Henry. “There are all those special characters they have in Old Norse that we don’t have, and so it’s always been a little awkward.” So, instead, an English name was officially used: Luck Bones. The name was given to a historical kenning (a poetic way to describe something, especially favored by Norse people) for the dice, made of bone – but it still doesn’t suit Henry.

For the Guardian, Oliver Holmes wrote a long article on how China censors the video game world. An insightful, powerful read.

The Chinese agency responsible for censorship, the National Bureau of Press and Publication, has some very clear rules – such as no piracy and no sharing of state secrets – but most the agency’s guidelines are less precise. Works that “endanger social morality and national cultural traditions” are prohibited; as well as media that “promote feudal religions and superstitions”. This ambiguity gives censors almost limitless power and flexibility when it comes to deciding what is and isn’t allowed. Lokman Tsui, an expert on Chinese censorship, said many of the rules were related to the “patriarchal ethics” of Beijing’s leadership. “They really see themselves as having moral authority — not just truth authority, but moral authority.”

And here’s a bonus Kotaku article by Leah Williams that really blew my mind. It is about how wrestling fans are waging a silent RPG war on live TV. Apparently “Final Fantasy 8 is trash” and “underrated”. There is nothing to hold back here.

This week’s music is Chaise Longue by Wet Leg. Fun, attractive, invite you to watch the video.

Is me. Have a nice Sunday everyone!


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